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AFL factivity
Arab, Australian, other: stories on race and identity

Abbott, Jane

Abbott, Simon illus.

Abdel-Fattah, Randa
Buzz off!
Friendship matchmaker
Friendship match maker goes undercover
Jodie, this is the book of you
Rania, the book of you
When Michael met Mina

Abdel-Magied, Yassmin
You must be Layla

Abdolah, Kader
House of the mosque

Abdullah, Ian
As I grew older

Abela, Deborah
Remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen
New kid
Haunted school
Transylvanian tale
Jasper Zammit, soccer legend
New City
Teresa : a new Australian
Stupendously spectacular spelling bee
Wolfie, an unlikely hero
Most marvellous spelling bee mystery
Final storm

Abey, Katie
We wear pants
We eat bananas
We catch the bus

Abnett, Dan
Dragon frontier

Abrahams, Peter
Into the dark : an Echo Falls mystery

Acevedo, Elizabeth
Poet X

Acioli, Socorro
Head of the saint

Ackers, Elise K.

Acton, Sara
Hold on tight
Poppy cat
As big as you
Dinosaur day out

Adams, Ivy
International Kissing Club

Adams, Michael
Last girl
Last shot
Last place

Adams, Richard Illus. Smith, Alex T.
Adventures of Eggbox Dragon

Adeyemi, Tomi
Children of virtue and vengeance

Adiga, Aravind

Adlington, Lucy
Red ribbon

Adnyamathanha Community with Liz Thompson
Yulu's coal : a story from Adnyamathanha country

Adornetto, Alexandra
Von Gobstopper's arcade
Ghost house

Adrian Beck Illus. Edgar, Scott
Bust a move

Agard, John
Goldilocks on CCTV : poems

Agee, Jon
Wall in the middle of the book

Ahern, Cecelia

Ahlberg, Allan
Everybody was a baby once : and other poems

Ahlberg, Allan Illus. Ingham, Bruce
Hooray for bread

Aiken, Alastair Scott, Cavan
Ali-A adventures: game on!

Aiken, Joan
Necklace of raindrops and other stories

Ain, Beth
Starring Jules (in drama-rama)
Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl)

Alafaci, Marie
Zelda's big adventure

Albee, Sarah
Poo! : a history of the world from the bottom up
Bugged : how insects changed history

Albers, Josef
Squares and other shapes

Albert, Melissa
Hazel Wood
Night country

Albert, Rosalyn Illus. Moore, Natalia
On a train
On a tractor

Albertalli, Becky
Upside of unrequited
Leah on the off beat

Albertalli, Becky Silvera, Adam
What if it's us

Albin, Gennifer

Albom, Mitch
Next person you meet in Heaven
Finding Chika: a little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family

Alborough, Jez
Look out, Leon!

Alborozo, Gabriel
Let's paint
Let's play

Alderson, Maggie
Evangeline: The Wishkeeper's Helper

Alderson, Sarah
Hunting Lila
Losing Lila

Alexander, Goldie
My holocaust story : Hanna

Alexander, Jed

Alexander, Kwame

Alexander, Marcus
Crow's revenge

Alexander, Melanie
Here kitty, kitty : the case of the missing tiger cub

Alexander, Preeya Illus. Cutler, Annabel
Rainbow plate

Alexandra, Tonya

Allen, Ed
Hide and seek with mum
Hide and seek with grandpa

Allen, Ed Illus. Williams, Simon
Dear Mum, I love you

Allen, Ed Eckstrom, Nathaniel
Shoelaces are impossible!

Allen, Ed Illus.
Santa's busy reindeer

Allen, Ed Illus. Edmonds, Andrea
10 funny sheep
10 smiley crocs

Allen, Ed Illus. Hardy, Sarah
Hokey pokey

Allen, Ed Illus. Shea, Louis
Funniest dad in the world

Allen, Ed Illus. Tortop, Anil
Where's dad hiding?

Allen, Ed Illus. Williams, Simon
10 hooting owls
10 silly wombats
10 hopping bunnies
Dear dad, I want to be just like you

Allen, Elise
Winter's flurry adventure

Allen, Emma
Grandma, the baby and me

Allen, Emma Illus. Blackwood, Freya
Terrible suitcase

Allen, Emma Illus. Ng, Sher Rill
Night of the hiding moon

Allen, Emma Illus. Sommerville, Hannah
My friend Ernest

Allen, Emma Illus. Sommerville, Hannah
Digby & Claude

Allen, Pamela
Mr Archimedes' bath
Little old man who looked up at the moon
Mr McGee and the elephants
Fat Ferdie
One Sunday
Big fish
Bag and a bird

Allen, Sarah
What stars are made of

Allen, Yvonne ed. Noble, Joy
Breaking the boundaries : Australian activists tell their stories

Allum, Margaret
Best kind of kiss

Almond, David
Jackdaw Summer
True tale of the monster Billy Dean, telt by hisself
Song for Ella Grey
Tale of Angelino Brown

Almond, David Illus. Litchfield, David
War is over

Almond, David Illus. McKean, Dave
Joe Quinn's poltergeist

Almond, David Illus. Pinfold, Levi

Almond, David Illus.McKean, Dave
Slog's dad
Mouse bird snake wolf

Alt, Alexandra

Altebrando, Tara

Altschwager, Wendy
Runaway - a young man's search for himself

Alvarez, Beattie ed.
Once upon a Christmas. Volume 1
Christmas menagerie

Alvarez, Lorena

Alward, Amy
Potion diaries

Amato, Mary
Get happy

Ammaniti, Niccolo
Me and you
Let the games begin

Amnesty International United Kingdom
Dreams of freedom in words and pictures
Here I stand : stories that speak for freedom

Amoore, Nat
Secrets of a schoolyard millionaire
Power of positive pranking

Amos, Ruth

Amsterdam, Steven
Things we didn't see coming

Ancona, George
It's our garden : from seeds to harvest in a school garden

Anderson, Gerry
Thunderbirds : the comic collection

Anderson, Laura Ellen
I don't want curly hair
I don't want to be small
I don't want to be quiet!

Anderson, Laurie Halse
Impossible knife of memory

Anderson, Leroy
Sleigh ride

Anderson, M.T.
Symphony for the city of the dead
Yvain : the Knight of the Lion
Landscape with invisible hand
Assassination of Brangwain Spurge

Anderson, Natalie C.
City of saints and thieves

Anderson, Richard

Andreae, Giles
Great Heffalump hunt

Andreae, Giles Illus. Emma Dodd
I love you Father Christmas

Andreae, Giles Illus. Mikhail, Jess
Nat's naughty nits

Andreae, Giles Illus. Parker-Rees, Guy
Giraffes can't dance
Elephant me
Giraffes can't dance

Andreae, Giles Sharrat, Nick
Pants and more pants

Andrew, Sally
Recipes for love and murder : a Tannie Maria mystery
Satanic mechanic : a Tannie Maria mystery

Andrews, Jesse
Me and Earl and the dying girl

Andrews, Kimberly
Puffin the architect

Angel, Libby
Trapeze act

Angelini, Josephine
Dreamless : a starcrossed novel
Trial by fire

Angus, Sam
Horse called Hero
House on Hummingbird Island

Anhar, Nazam
Dragon hunter
Dragon Rebels

Quicksand : a true story of HIV/AIDS in our lives

Antony, Steve
Queen's hat
Please Mr Panda
Green lizards vs. red rectangles
I'll wait, Mr Panda
We love you, Mr Panda

Apel, Kathryn
Bully on the bus
On track
Too many friends

Appelhans, Lenore
Level 2

Appelt, Kathi
True blue scouts of Sugar Man Swamp

Appelt, Kathi McGhee, Alison
Maybe a fox

Applebaum, Kirsty

Applegate, Katherine
One and only Ivan

Aquilina, Jude ed.
Tadpoles in the Torrens : poems for young readers

Arbuthnott, Gill
What makes you you
Beginner's guide to the periodic table
What makes your body work?
Beginner's guide to life on Earth

Archbold, Charlie
Mallee boys

Archer, Mandy
Digger to the rescue
Fire engine is flashing
Racing car is roaring
Tractor saves the day
Peter Rabbit 2: based on the major new movie

Arena, Felice
Andy Roid and the superhuman secret
Andy Roid and the field trip terror
Andy Roid and the avalanche of evil
Boy and the spy
Fearless Frederic
Great escape

Arena, Felice Illus. Jellett, Tom
Besties to the rescue
Besties show and smell
Besties make a splash

Argent, Kerry
One woolly wombat
At the beach
Best of friends
Hide and seek

Armanno, Venero
Black Mountain

Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Don't look back

Armour-Chelu, Francesca
Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero
Fenn Halflin and the Seaborn

Armstrong, Kelley
Sea of shadows

Arnold, David
Strange fascinations of Noah Hypnotik

Arnold, Elana K. Illus. Santose, Charles
Boy called Bat

Arrigan, Mary
Esty's gold

Arshad, Humza Illus. Bitskoff, Aleksei
Little Badman and the invasion of the killer aunties

Asensio, Albert
Blue bench

Ashby, Amanda
Fairy bad day

Asher, Jay
13 reasons why

Asher, Jay Mackler, Carolyn
Future of us

Ashland, Monk
Sky village

Ashley, Bernard

Ashton, Brodi

Hatched : the magnificently secret diary of Martha Grimstone
Mortimer revealed : the second magnificently secret diary of Martha Grimstone
Grimstones collection

Astle, David
David's Astle's 101 weird words (and three fakes): from ambidextrous to zugzawang

Atinuke Illus. Brooksbank, Angela
B is for baby

Atinuke Illus. Feddag, Mouni
Africa: amazing Africa : country by country

Atinuke Illus. Tobia, Lauren
No 1 car spotter and the Firebird
No.1 car spotter and the car thieves

Atkins, Clare
Between us

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
Shapeshifters : the Kiersha'ra of the Den of Shadows
Persistence of memory ; and, Token of darkness

Atwood, Grace
Meet Nancy-Bird Walton

Augarde, Steve
X Isle

Aung Thin, Michelle

Austen, Jenna

Australia. Department of Veterans' Affairs
M is for mates : animals in wartime from Ajax to Zep

Austrian, J.J. Curato, Mike
Worm loves worm

Avery, Lara
Memory book

Avery, Sean E.
All monkeys love bananas

Avery, Tom
In too deep

Aveyard, Victoria
Red queen
Glass sword

Most important thing: stories about sons, fathers and grandfathers

Avison, Brett Dawson, Janine.
Ducks to water

Aw, Tash
Map of the invisible world

Awesome, Elly
How to feel awesome every day

Axelsen, Stephen
Nelly gang

Ayarbe, Heidi

Ayoub, Sarah
Hate is such a strong word
Yearbook committee

Ayres, Eddie Illus. Taher, Ronak
Sonam and the silence

Ayto, Russell
Henry and the yeti
Cats and robbers


Brilliant bites for boys : 4 great stories for boys.
Boat of stars: new poems to inspire and enchant
Bunny trouble

Bachorz, Pam

Bacigalupi, Paolo
Water knife

Bacigalupi, Paolo
Ship breaker
Drowned Cities
Doubt factory

Bacon, Lee
Nameless hero

Baddaley, Liz Illus. Fisher-Johnson, Paul
Finding of Freddy Perkins

Baddiel, David
Boy who could do what he liked
AniMalcolm : life as an animal is wild
Birthday boy
Taylor Turbochaser

Badger, H.
Robot king
State of grace

Badger, Meredith
Birthday girl
Baddies vs. goodies
When robots go bad
Very good idea
Perfect pet
Things I don't know

Badoe, Adwoa
Jigsaw of fire and stars

Baggott, Julianna

Bai, Bing
Free as a cloud

Bail, Murray

Bailey, Diane

Bailey, Em
Special ones

Baillie, Allan
Krakatoa lighthouse
First voyage

Baillie, Kaye
Message in a sock

Baillie, Kaye Illus. Burrows, Fiona
Friendly games

Baker, Candida
Belinda, the ninja ballerina

Baker, E.D.
Wide-awake princess
Fairy wings
Unlocking the spell
Question of magic
Fairy-tale matchmaker
Maggie and the wish fish
Maggie and the flying horse

Baker, Jeannie
Mirror = Mira't
Playing with collage

Baker, Kate
Highest mountain, deepest ocean : a pictorial compendium of natural wonders

Baker, Matthew
If you find this

Baker-Smith, Grahame

Balchin, Lance

Baldacci, David
Day of doom
Minute to midnight
Walk the wire

Balen, Katya Illus. Carlin, Laura
Space we're in

Ball, Duncan
Emily Eyefinger and the secret from the sea
Selby celebrates
Two tengu tales from Japan
This school is driving me nuts! : and other funny plays for kids

Balla, Trace
Thank you dish
Landing with wings

Ballantyne, David
Sydney Bridge upside down

Baltazar, Armand
Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

Bancks, Tristan
I [heart] NY
Two wolves
My life and other stuff I made up
My life : and other stuff that went wrong
My life and other exploding chickens
My life and other weaponised muffins
My life and other failed experiements

Bancroft, Bronwyn
Why I love Australia
Remembering Lionsville
Colours of Australia
Shapes of Australia
Coming home to country

Bancroft, Jack Manning Illus. Brancroft, Bronwyn
Eagle inside

Banghart, Tracy
Grace and fury

Banks, Angelica
Finding Serendipity
Week without Tuesday
Blueberry pancakes forever

Banks, Anna
Of Poseidon

Banyard, Jen
Riddle Gully secrets

Baptiste, Tracey
Minecraft: the crash

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
Twin's daughter

Barber, Celeste Illus. Cosgrove, Matt
Celeste the giraffe loves to laugh

Barclay, Linwood

Bardoe, Cheryl Illus. Marks, Alan
Behold the beautiful dung beetle

Bardugo, Leigh
Gathering dark
Shadow and bone
Siege and storm
Ruin and rising
Six of crows
Crooked kingdom

Barker, Dawn
Let her go

Barker, K.A.
Book of days

Barkla, Charlotte Illus. Flett, Sandy
Eddie's experiments: how to make friends

Barkla, Charlotte Illus. Salcedo, Erica
All bodies are good bodies

Barnaby, Hannah Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Garcia and Colette go exploring

Barnard, Sara
Quiet kind of thunder
Goodbye, perfect
Fierce fragile hearts

Barnard, Simon
A-Z of convicts in Van Diemen's land

Barnes, Emma
Girl from Hard Times Hill

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

Barnes, Jimmy
Recorded poems of Och Aye the G'Nu

Barnes, Julian
Sense of an ending

Barnett, Mac
Magic word

Barnett, Mac Illus. Klassen, Jon
Sam and Dave dig a hole

Barnett, Mac Klassen, Jon
Wolf, the duck and the mouse

Barnhill, Kelly Regan
Girl who drank the moon

Barr, Emily
Truth and lies of Ella Black
Girl who came out of the woods

Barr, Lollie
Adventures of Stunt Boy and his amazing wonder dog Blindfold

Barr, Patricia
Star Wars : the visual encyclopedia

Barraclough, Lindsey
Long Lankin

Where's the elephant?
Where's the starfish

Barrow, David
Big race

Barrows, Annie
Truth according to us

Barry, Frances
Let's save the animals

Barry, Philip
Incredibly boring Monotonous family

Barshaw, Ruth McNally
Ellie McDoodle : have pen, will travel
Have pen, will travel

Bartles, Veronica Illus. Palacios, Sara
Princess and the frog

Bartlett, Myke
Fire in the Sea

Bartok, Mira

Barton, Fiona

Barton, Suzanne
Dawn chorus
Robin's winter song
Butterfly dance
Tinywing fairies

Barton, Suzanne Tortop, Anil

Barwick, John
Averil: the Master of Callus

Barwick, John Atze, Dave
Baaa Baa Black Sheep: the fleeced fleece

Base, Graeme
Legend of the Golden Snail
Jewel fish of Karnak
Little elephants
My first Animalia
Birds fly : a fold-out book of animal actions
Cows say moo : a fold-out book of animal sounds
Pigs have piglets
Last king of Angkor Wat
Amazing monster detectoscope

Bashford, Taryn
Harper effect
Astrid notes

Baskin, Nora Raleigh
All we know of love

Bates, Dianne
Aussie kid heroes
Our home is dirt by sea : Australian poems for Australian kids
Horses : fun facts and amazing stories
To the moon and back

Bates, Sonya Spreen
Marsh Island
Wildcat Run
Thunder Creek Ranch
Off the rim
Running on empty

Bateson, Catherine
Magenta McPhee
Mimi and the blue slave
Lisette's Paris notebook

Battersby, Katherine
Squish Rabbit
Brave squish rabbit
Little wing
Squish rabbit's pet

Battersby, Lee

Battle, Alison Battle, Mike
Untold story of Father Christmas

Bauer, Belinda

Bauer, Catherine Illus. McGrath, Shane
Dreaming soldiers

Bauer, Michael Gerard
Just a dog
Ishmael and the hoops of steel
Eric Vale Epic fail
Eric Vale Super male
Eric Vale : off the rails
Pain, my mother, Sir Tiffy, Cyber Boy and me
Things that will not stand

Bauer, Michael Gerard Illus. Bauer, Joe
Case of the really, really, scary things
Case of the really, really, magnetic magnet

Bauer, Michael Gerard Krebs, Chrissie
Rodney loses it

Bavati, Robyn

Baxter, Stephen
Medusa chronicles

Bayly, Sami
Illustrated encyclopaedia of ugly animals

Beacham, Janine
Black cats and butlers
Hounds and hauntings

Beake, Lesley
Remembering green

Beale, Fleur
Juno of Taris
Lyla: through my eyes

Beashel, Amy
Sky is mine

Beasley, Dion Bell, Joanna
Cheeky dogs: to Lake Nash and back

Beasley, Richard
Me and Rory Macbeath

Beaton, Ben
Mama's song

Beaton, Kate
King Baby

Beattie, Belinda
Alfred Deakin: Prime Minister of Australia

Beaumont, Mandy
Wild, fearless chests

Beauvais, Clementine
Royal babysitters
Royal bake off

Beauvais, Clementine. Illus. Moor, Becka
Royal wedding crashers

Beck, Adrian
Knockout cup

Beck, Adrian Illus. Thomas, Adele K.
Grand finale

Beck, Greig
Black Mountain

Becker, Aaron
Stone for Sascha

Beckett, Bernard
Malcolm and Juliet

Beddoe, Noel
Yalda crossing

Beddor, Frank
Looking glass wars
Seeing Redd

Bedford, David
Bouncy bouncy bedtime

Bedford, David Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
When I love you at Christmas

Bedford, David Illus. James, Ann
Way I love you

Bedford, David Illus. Jellett, Tom
Sylvester and Arnold

Bedford, Martyn
Twenty questions for Gloria

Bee, William
William Bee's wonderful world of trains and boats and planes

Beecroft, Simon
Star Wars character encyclopedia: updated and expanded

Beede, John
They hosed them out

Beer, Sophie
Pup and down
Alpha pups!
Arthur and the tiger

Beikoff, Katrina
May Tang : a new Australian

Bell, Alex
Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Bell, Davina
Meet Alice
Alice of Peppermint Grove
Peacetime for Alice
Lemonade Jones
Lemonade Jones and the great school fete

Bell, Davina Illus. Lovlie, Jenny
All the factors of why I love tractors

Bell, Davina Illus. Acton, Sara
Oh, Albert

Bell, Fiona

Bell, Gary Kershaw, Scott
Beyond reasonable doubt

Bell, Hilari
Last knight

Bell, Jennifer
Operation Honeyhunt

Bell, Johanna
Go home, cheeky animals

Bell, Johanna Beasley, Dion
Too many cheeky dogs

Bell, John Illus. Wood, Ben
Wattle tree

Bell, Krista
Burning of the bails : the story of the Ashes
Bessie's war

Bell, Krista Illus. Elliot, Belinda
Jack's bugle

Bell, Lucy
You can change the world

Bellairs, John
House with a clock in its walls

Belton, Robyn
Herbert : the brave sea dog

Ben-Barak, Idan
Do not lick this book

Ben-Barak, Idan Frost, Julian
Argh! There's a skeleton inside you!

Benedict, A. K.
Beauty of murder

Benedictus, David
Return to the Hundred Acre Wood

Benko, Kamilla
Secret in the stone

Bennett, Bill

Bennett, Elizabeth
Big and small

Bennett, Jenn
Night Owls
Alex, approximately

Bennett, Renee
Imagine we were

Bennett, Vicki Suwannakit, Tull
Little stowaway: a true story

Bentley, Jonathan
Little big

Bently, Peter Illus. Rickerty, Simon
Yoga ogre

Bently, Peter Roberts, David
Tooth Fairy's Christmas

Benway, Robin
Spy society
Emmy & Oliver

Beresford, Elisabeth
Snow Womble

Berger, Carin
Curious menagerie

Bergstrom, Scott

Berk, Sheryl
Let's rock

Bernard, Patricia
Legend of the three moons

Bernard, Patricia Oktober, Tricia
Lost tail

Berquist, Emma
Devils unto dust
Missing, presumed dead

Berran, Susan
Kids' survival guide : avoiding "when I was young " and other brain-exploding lectures

Berry, Julie
All the truth that's in me
Passion of Dolssa

Berry, Martin Illus. Cooper, Stuart
Find Fenton! : can you track down the world's most disobedient dog?

Bertie, Alex
Trans mission: my quest to a beard

Bertini, Anthony Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Things my pa told me

Bestulic, Sonia Illus. Bevington, Nancy
Kisses in your heart

Bettison, Kate
Elephant Ride

Betts, A.J.
Zac and Mia

Bevan, David
Case to answer: the story of Australia's first European war crimes prosecution

Bevington, Nancy
Australian ABC Christmas book

Bhathal, Ragbir Davids, Johanna
Rocket into space

Bianco, Margery Williams Illus. Magisson, Helene
Velveteen rabbit

Bibi, Asia
Blasphemy : the true, heartbreaking story of the woman sentenced to death over a cup of water

Bickford, Tessa Castles, Jennifer
Go Jojo go! : a little penguin on a big swim

Bidyadanga Community with Liz Thompson
Danger seed : Lirrinngkirn dreaming : a story from Karajarri country

Billingsley, Franny
Folk keeper

Billingsley, Lucie
Messy Mother's Day
We [love] school

Billington, Rachel
Poppy's hero
Poppy's Angel

Bin Salleh, Kamsani
At the beach I see
What do you call a baby?

Bin Salleh, Rachel Fry, Samantha
Alfred's war

Binchy, Maeve
Week in winter

Bingbo Illus.Gumi
Busy tailor crab

Bingham, Kelly
Shark girl
Circle, square, Moose

Binks, Alison
Night walk

Binks, Danielle
Year the maps changed

Bird, Carmel
Fabulous Finola Fox

Bishop, James
Iguana Boy saves the world with triple cheese pizza

Blabey, Aaron
Stanley Paste
Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon
Dreadful fluff
Brothers Quibble
Pig the pug
Thelma the unicorn
Pig the fibber
Piranhas don't eat bananas
Bad guys. Episode one
I need a hug
Mission unpluckable
Pig the winner
Furball strikes back
Don't call me bear
Pig the elf
Apocalypse meow
Intergalactic gas
Pig the star
Alien vs bad guy
Pig the grub
Big bad wolf
Pig the tourist
Dawn of the Underlord

Black, Alexandra
Feminism is

Black, Birdie
Just right
Just right for Christmas

Black, Cally
In the dark spaces

Black, Holly
White cat
Red glove
Black heart
Coldest girl in Coldtown

Black, Holly
Darkest part of the forest

Black, Holly
Cruel prince

Black, Holly Clare, Cassandra
Iron trial
Copper gauntlet
Golden tower

Black, Jess
Totally Bindi : access all areas
Year in the life of Bindi
Unexpected arrival
Dog in danger!
Fright night
Welcome home, Harley
Ringo's road trip
Meg's big mystery
Goldie makes the grade
Eve and the rebel fairies
Tales of Mr Walker

Black, Jess Illus. Hulme, Celeste
Eve and the fiery phoenix
Eve and the griffin's gold
Eve and the hidden giant

Black, Jess Illus. Acton, Sara
Mr Walker and the dessert delight
Mr Walker gets the inside scoop
Mr Walker braves the night
Mr Walker and the perfect mess

Black, Jess Illus. Hulme, Celeste
Eve and the runaway unicorn
Eve and the kraken hunt

Black, Kitty Illus. Wood, Laura
Who's afraid of the quite nice wolf?

Black, Peter Jay
Urban outlaws

Black, Yelena
Dance of shadows

Blackadder, Jesse
Paruku : the desert brumby
Dexter : the courageous koala

Blackall, Sophie
Hello lighthouse

Blackbird, Michelle
Wish you were here

Blackford, Jenny
Priestess and the slave
Duties of a cat

Blackwood, Freya
Ivy loves to give
Great rabbit chase

Blade, Adam
Battle for the shadow sword

Blain, Georgia

Blair, Juliet
Lucy's dawn

Blake, Kendare
Anna dressed in blood
Girl of nightmares
Three dark crowns
One dark throne
Two dark reigns
Five dark fates

Blake, Lily
Snow White and the huntsman

Blake, Quentin
Three little monkeys
Roald Dahl's 123
Roald Dahl's opposites
Roald Dahl's colours

Blake, Stephanie
I can't sleep

Blakemore, Megan Frazer
Water castle
Spy catchers of Maple Hill
Firefly code

Blanchard, Tania
Suitcase of dreams

Bland, Nicholas
Aunties three
Some dads
King Pig
Very brave bear
Monster chef
Fabulous friend machine
Very sleepy bear
Unscary book
Three billy goats gruff
Very super bear

Bland, Nicholas Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Magnificent tree

Blankman, Anne
Prisoner of night and fog

Blassnig, Michaela
Duck, duck, goose!

Blatt, Jane Illus. Massini, Sarah
Books always everywhere

Blauvelt, Christian
Use the force!

Bliss, Emily
Sunbeam's shine
Flash's dash

Bloom, Laura
Mika and Max

Bloom, Laura Blackadder, Jesse

Bloom, Steve

Bluey: fruit bat
Bluey, Bob Bilby
Bluey : Easter fun!
Bluey All about Bingo
Bluey All about Bluey

Blumenthal, Karen
Steve Jobs : the man who thought different : a biography
Hillary : a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Blunt, Fred Illus. Cornish, David
Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny

Blythe, Daniel
Shadow runners

Blyton, Enid
Magic Faraway Tree
Famous Five Annual 2015

Bobsien, Gerry
Surf ache
Colour of trouble

Bobsien, Gerry Illus. von Westernhagen, Shane
Vinnie versus bluebottle

Boelts, Maribeth Illus. Castillo, Lauren
Happy like soccer

Bogan, Paulette
Virgil and Owen
Virgil and Owen stick together

Bogle, Eric Illus. Whatley, Bruce
And the band played Waltzing Matilda

Bolden, Tonya
Crossing Ebenezer Creek

Bolten-Boshammer, Frauke Smethurst, Sue
Diamond in the dust

Bolton, Matthew
How to resist : turn protest to power

Bond , Gwenda

Bond, Michael Illus. Alley, R. W.
Paddington at St Paul's

Bondor-Stone, Annabeth
Jaclyn Hyde

Bongers, Christine
Henry Hoey Hobson

Boniface, William
Hero revealed
Return of meteor boy

Boochani, Behrouz
No friend but the mountains: writing from Manus prison

Boorman, Kate

Booth, Anna
Fairiest fairy

Booth, Christina
Welcome home
One careless night
Are these hens eggs?

Borando, Silvia
Now you see me, now you don't
Near, far

Borella, Rosie
One and only Jack Chant

Borin, Margherita
What will I do when I grow up?

Borman, Tracy
Henry VIII and the men who made him

Bos, Samone
Little book of Australia's big things

Bostic, Megan
Never eighteen

Bosworth, Jennifer

Bott, Adrian C.
Grabbem getaway

Boucher, Francoize
Don't worry be happy! Or else! : how to live your life and become completely awesome
How cool are your parents? (or not)

Bouchet, Bruno
Trouble with sauce

Boulle, Pierre
Planet of the apes

Bound, Samantha-Ellen
What the raven saw
And all that jazz
Hit the streets
Dance till you drop
Breaking pointe
Studio showdown

Bow, Erin
Wood angel

Bowe, Steph
Girl saves boy
All this could end

Bowles, Paula
Little Lou and the woolly mammoth

Bowman, Anne
Count them while you can

Bowring, Sam Illus. McLean, Andrew
Sam the cat : a true story

Boyce, Frank Cottrell
Un-forgotten coat

Boyer, Susan
True stories of life at Sydney Cove

Boyle, Josie Illus. Martins, Fern
Bubbay : a Christmas adventure
Spotty dotty lady
Bubbay's desert adventure

Boyle, Josie Illus. Prewett, Maggie
Mrs White and the red desert

Boyne, John
Terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket
Stay where you are and then leave
Boy at the top of the mountain

Brace, Rachel Illus. Perrini, Angela
Max's divorce earthquake

Bracken, Alexandra
Never fade
Princess, the scoundrel, and the farm boy
Through the dark: a Darkest minds collection

Bradby, Doug
Life on the goldfields

Bradford, Chris
Ring of fire

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
War that saved my life
War I finally won

Bradman, Tom
Titanic: death on the water

Bradman, Tony
Revolt against the Romans

Bradman, Tony ed.
Inner City: Stories from the thick of it
How to be a boy

Bradman, Tony Illus. Swain, Holly
Perfect baby

Bradman, Tony. Illus. Cuthbertson, Ollie
ANZAC boys

Bragadottir, Hrefna
Baxter's book

Bragg, Georgia
How they croaked : the awful ends of the awfully famous

Brahmachari, Sita
Where the river runs gold

Brallier, Max Illus. Maguire, Rachel & Kelley,Nichole
Comoe's wiener getaway

Brallier, Max, Illus. Reed, Stephen
BMO's day out

Brand, Jack
Legend or loser
Champ or chicken

Brandi, Mark

Branford, Anna
Neville no-phone

Branford, Anna Illus. Coutts, Lisa
Wishing seed
Elf flute
Jumble sale

Branford, Anna Illus. Catchlove, Linda
Lilli-Pilli's sister

Branford, Anna Illus. Coutts, Lisa

Branford, Anna Illus. Davis, Sarah
Violet Mackerel's remarkable recovery
Violet Mackerel's natural habitat
Violet Mackerel's personal space
How to make small things with Violet Mackerel
Violet Mackerel's helpful suggestion
Violet Mackerel's formal occasion

Brasch, Nicolas
For valour : Australia's Victoria Cross heroes

Brashares, Ann
3 willows : a new sisterhood grows
Here and now
Whole thing together

Brassey, Richard
Story of World War One

Braun, Dieter
Wild animals of the south

Braxton-Smith, Ananda
Plenty : a place to call home

Braxton-Smith, Ananda Illus. Newcomb, Lizzy

Bray, Adam
Star Wars: absolutely everything you need to know

Bray, Libba
Going bovine
Beauty queens

Breach, Jen Holgate, Douglas
Something's amiss at the zoo

Bremer, Stuart
Inventions & innovations: Australian ideas changing the world

Brennan, Net
Australian Federation : one people, one destiny

Brennan, Sarah
Storm whale

Brennan, Sarah Rees

Brereton, Choechoe
House for Donfinkle

Breslin, Theresa
Spy for the Queen of Scots
Prisoner in Alcatraz

Bretherton, Tanya
Suitcase baby

Brett, Peter V.
Daylight war
Painted man

Brewer, Heather
Eighth grade bites
Ninth grade slays
Twelfth grade kills

Brian, Janeen
Eddie Pipper
Meet Ned Kelly
That boy, Jack
Mrs Dog
Yong : The journey of an unworthy son
Eloise and the bucket of stars

Brian, Janeen Anne Spudvilas
Where's Jessie?

Brian, Janeen Illus. James, Ann
I'm a dirty dinosaur
I'm a hungry dinosaur

Brian, Janeen Illus. Snell, Danny
Little chicken chickabee

Brian, Janeen Illus. Stewart, Chantal
I spy dad!

Brian, Janeen lllus. Spudvilas, Anne
Our village in the sky

Brian, Rachel
Respect: consent, boundaries, and being in charge of you

Briggs, Andy
Tarzan : the Greystoke legacy

Briggs, John Illus. Slater, Nicola
Don't leap, Larry!

Bright, Rachel Illus. Field, Jim
Way home for wolf

Brim, Warren
ABC dreaming

Brinsden, Anne
Wearing paper dresses

Brisland, Toni
What now baby bears?
Tree house

Brissenden, Michael

Britain, Kristen
Mirror sight

British Library
Harry Potter: a journey through a history of magic

Britt, Chris
Most perfect snowman

Britt, Fanny Arsenault, Isabelle
Jane, the fox and me

Britt, Fanny Illus. Arsenault, Isabelle
Louis undercover

Brock, Peggy ed.
Colonialism and its aftermath : a history of Aboriginal South Australia

Brocker, Susan
Brave Bess and the ANZAC horses

Brody, Jessica

Brook, Henry

Brooke, Cori
All I want for Christmas is rain

Brooke, Cori DeGennaro, Sue
Max and George

Brooke, Cori Illus. Burrows, Fiona
Twelve days of kindness

Brooke, Cori Illus. Poli, Giuseppe
Fearless with dad

Brooks, Ben
Impossible boy

Brooks, Ben Illus. Winter, Quinton
Stories for boys who dare to be different: true tales of amazing boys who changed the world without killing dragons
Stories for kids who dare to be different: true tales of boys and girls who stood up and stood out

Brooks, Felicity
Usborne junior illustrated English dictionary and thesaurus

Brooks, Felicity Illus. Ferrero, Mar
All about friends

Brooks, Geraldine
Secret Chord

Brooks, Karen

Brooks, Kevin
Killing God

Brooks, Ron
Drawn from the heart : a memoir

Brooksbank, Anne
Big Thursday

Broom, Jenny Illus. Scott, Katie

Broome, Errol
Song of the dove

Brough, Ernest
Dangerous days : the true story of a digger's great escape

Brown, Alan James Illus. Beer, Barbara Vagnozzi
Never lie on a lion

Brown, Alan James Illus. Johnson-Isaacs, Cally
With my daddy

Brown, Amba
Finding your path : a happy start to school

Brown, Helen Illus. Morris, Phoebe
Cleo & Rob

Brown, Honey
Through the cracks

Brown, James
World of information

Brown, Jeff
Stanley's Christmas adventure

Brown, Jeffrey
Return of the Padawan
Phantom bully

Brown, Jennifer
How Lunchbox Jones saved me from robots, traitors, and Missy the Cruel

Brown, Karamo Illus. Syed, Anoosha
I am perfectly designed

Brown, Kerry Illus. Knowles, Isobel
Lest we forget

Brown, Kerry Illus. Robaard, Jedda
All my kisses

Brown, Kerry Illus. Masciullo, Lucia

Brown, Margaret Wise
Christmas in the barn

Brown, Philippa Illus. Brennan, Krista
New baby's bunny

Brown, Pierce
Dark age

Brown, Ruth
Miko's magic number

Brown, Susie Illus. Ciaffaglione, Sebastian
Lone Pine

Brown, Warren
Lasseter's gold

Browne, Anthony
Willy the dreamer
Hansel and Gretel
I like books
Through the magic mirror
My mum
Me and you
Playing the shape game
How do you feel?
One gorilla : a counting book
Willy's stories
Frida and Bear
Willy and the cloud
Little Frida

Browne, Eileen
Handa's noisy night

Browne, Ellie
Snow monkey mischief

Browne, N. M.
Wolf blood

Brownlow, Mike
Ten little dinosaurs

Brugman, Alyssa
Alex as well

Brumfitt, Taryn
Embrace your body

Bruna, Dick
Christmas book

Bruton, Catherine
We can be heroes

Bryant, Bonnie
Hoof beat ; &, Riding camp
Horse wise and Rodeo rider
Team play and Horse games
Horse crazy & Horse shy

Bryce, Celia
Anthem for Jackson Dawes

Bucci, Alley Illus. Mullinder, Lauren
Coolest book in the whole wide world!

Buchanan, Colin
Santa's Aussie mix-up
Great big Aussie Easter egg hunt
Twelve days of Aussie Christmas
Possum's big surprise
Deck the sheds with bits of wattle

Buchanan, Colin Illus. Hardy, Sarah
Australians all love Easter eggs

Buchanan, Colin Illus. Harvey, Roland
We wish you a ripper Christmas
Little Barry Bilby had a fly upon his nose

Buchanan, Kathy
Roman holiday

Buckingham, Matt
Wimpy Shrimpy

Buckley, Catherine Harrison, Amelia
Is this an emergency? Ambulance : the adventures of Toby the teddy

Buckley, Celina
Salmon of Knowledge

Buick, Nikki
Sandy feet

Bujold, Lois McMaster
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
Penric's travels
Penric's progress
Flowers of Vashnoi

Bunting, Eve Illus. Hillenbrand, Will
I'm a duck

Bunting, Laura Bunting, Philip
Another book about bears

Bunting, Laura Illus. Bunting, Philip
Koalas eat gum leaves
Kookaburras love to laugh

Bunting, Philip
How did I get here?
Wonderful wisdom of ants

Burarrwana, Laklak
Songspirals: sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines

Burarrwanga, Laklak
Welcome to my country

Burchett, Janet
Poacher peril
Earthquake escape
Forest fire
Polar meltdown

Burgan, Michael
Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Burgess, Melvin
Nicholas Dane
Kill all enemies

Burgis, Stephanie
Dragon with a chocolate heart
Girl with the dragon heart

Burke, J.C.
Pig boy
Pretty girl
Things we promise

Burkhart, Kiersi
Honor code

Burne, Cristy
Off the track

Burne, Cristy Illus. Siku
Takeshita demons
Filth licker
Monster matsuri

Burnet, Graeme Macrae
His bloody project : documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae

Burningham, John
Way to the zoo

Burningham, John Oxenbury, Helen
There's going to be a baby

Burrows, Fiona
Violet and nothing

Bursztynski, Sue

Bursztynski, Sue ed.
Crime time : Australians behaving badly

Burton, David
How to be happy : a memoir of love, sex and teenage confusion
Man in the water

Burton, Jessie

Burton, Jessie Illus. Barrett, Angela
Restless girls

Burton, Rebecca
Beyond Evie

Busby, Cylin
Blink once

Bushnell, Candace Cotugno, Katie
Rules for being a girl

Bussi, Michel
Black water lilies
Don't let go

Butchart, Pamela
Never tickle a tiger
Pugly bakes a cake
Mystery of the skull

Butchart, Pamela Lloyd, Sam
Yikes, Ticklysaurus
Yikes, Santa-Claws
Yikes, stinkysaurus!

Butchart, Pamela Moor, Becka
Toilet ghost
Shark in the pool

Butcher, Jim
Cold days

Butler, Janet
Kitty's war

Butler, Steven
Nothing To See Here Hotel
You ain't seen nothing yeti!

Butler, Steven Illus. Lenton, Steven
Sea-ing is believing!

Butters, Simon

Butterss, Philip
Unsentimental bloke : the life and work of C.J. Dennis

Butterworth, Chris
Things that I love about trees

Butterworth, Christine
How does my home work?

Butterworth, Jess
Running on the roof of the world
When the mountains roared

Button, Joshua
Steve goes to carnival
At the zoo I see

Buzo, Laura
Good oil
Holier than thou
Love and other perishable items

Byrnes, Kellie Illus. Finn, Ann-Marie
Cloud conductor


Children's illustrated encyclopedia : 25 year anniversary edition
Chronologica : the incredible years that defined history
China through time

Cabot, Meg

Cabot, Meg et al.
Prom nights from hell

Caddy, Meg
Devil's ballast

Cahill, Tim
Soccer superstar
Tiny Timmy makes the grade
Living the dream
Kids' world cup
On tour!
Big break!
New kid
On holiday!

Cahill, Tim Illus. McKenzie, Heath
Next level

Caine, Rachel
Fade out
Last breath
Black Dawn
Prince of shadows : a novel of Romeo and Juliet

Caisley, Raewyn
Hello from nowhere

Caisley, Raewyn Illus. Blair, Karen
Something wonderful
Meet Eve in the Outback

Caisley, Raewyn Illus. James, Ann
Mermaids tail

Calame, Don
Beat the band
Call the shots

Caldecott, Elen
Operation Eiffel Tower
Great ice-cream heist
Crowns and codebreakers
Spooks and scooters
Dogs and doctors

Calder, Charlotte
Ghost at the point
12th dog

Caldicott, Chris
World food alphabet

Cali, Davide Illus. Bloch, Serge

Call, Justin
Master of sorrows

Caltabiano, Anna
Seventh Miss Hatfield

Calvert, Howard
Lots of frogs

Camden, Steven
Nobody real

Cameron, Emma
Cinnamon rain
View from the 32nd floor

Cameron, Miles
Red Knight

Cameron, Sharon
Dark unwinding

Cameron, W Bruce
Dog's way home
Dog's journey
Dog's promise

Camp Quality
1001 Aussie crack-ups

Campbell, James
Funny life of pets

Campbell, L.A.
Cartboy and the time capsule
Cartboy goes to camp

Campisi, Megan
Sin Eater

Canavan, Trudi
Thief's magic
Angel of storms

Canby, Kelly

Canobi, KH.

Canty, John
Heads and tails: underwater

Capetta, Amy Rose
Echo after echo
Once & future

Capin, Hannah
Foul is fair

Cardwell, Colin Illus. Lowe, Tony
Boy who ate himself

Carey, Edward
Heap House

Carey, Gabrielle
Moving among strangers: Randolph Stow and my family

Carey, Gabrielle & Lette, Kathy
Puberty blues

Carey, Lorraine
Cinderella's sister and the big bad wolf

Carey, Mariah
All I want for Christmas is you

Carey, S.
Game over
Hunter and collector
Killer app
Graveyard watch

Carey, Tanith
Girls uninterrupted : steps for building stronger girls in a challenging world

Carle, Eric
Artist who painted a blue horse
What's your favourite animal?
Where is the very hungry caterpillar? : a lift the flap book
Happy Christmas from the very hungry caterpillar
What's your favourite colour?
Very hungry caterpillar's birthday party
Very hungry caterpillar's Australian friends
Very hungry caterpillar's hide & seek: a finger trail lift-the-flap book

Carless, Victoria
Dream walker

Carlile, Molly
Sometimes life sucks : when someone you love dies

Carlton, Michael
First victory : 1914

Carlyon, Patrick
Gallipoli story

Carmichael, Claire
Gotta B

Carmody, Isobelle
Green monkey dreams
Alyzon Whitestarr
Red wind
Wilful eye
Wicked wood
Metro winds
Cloud road

Carmody, Isobelle Illus. Spudvilas, Anne
Night school

Carnavas, Peter
Sarah's heavy heart
Important things
Last tree in the city
Great expedition
Children who loved books
Boy on the page
Oliver and George
Jessica's box
What's in my lunchbox?
Blue whale blues
Quiet girl


Caro, Jane
Just a girl
Just flesh and blood

Caro, Jane ed.
Destroying the joint : why women have to change the world

Carr, Roger Vaughan Illus. James, Ann

Carriger, Gail
Etiquette and Espionage
Curtsies and conspriracies
Waistcoats and weaponry
Manners and mutiny

Carrington, Jim
Inside my head
Drive by
Boy 23

Carroll, Emma
When we were warriors
Somerset tsunami

Carroll, Emma Illus. Narvaez, Julian De
Snow sister

Carroll, Lewis
Alice in wonderland
What would Alice do? Advice for the modern woman

Carson, Rae
Girl of fire and thorns
Crown of embers

Carter, Aimee
Simon Thorn and the Wolf's Den
Simon Thorn and the shark's cave

Carter, Ally
Cross my heart and hope to spy
Only the good spy young
Don't judge a girl by her cover
All fall down
Not if I save you first
Winterborne home for vengeance and valor

Carter, Felicity
Skateboard stars
Prank alert

Carter, Lauren
Family guide to waste-free living

Carter, Lou Allwright, Deborah
There is no dragon in this story

Carter, Lou Illus. Dyson, Nikki
Oscar the hungry unicorn
Oscar the hungry unicorn eats Christmas

Carter, Paul D.
Eleven seasons

Carthew, Mark
Can you keep a secret? : timeless rhymes to share and treasure
Marvin and Marigold : the big sneeze
Great zoo hullabaloo
Marvin and Marigold : A Christmas surprise
Dingle dangle jungle

Carthew, Mark Illus. Prescott, Simon
Stormy night

Carthew, Natasha
Winter damage
Light that gets lost

Cary, Kate

Cary, Toni
Alcheringa snow: a tale about winter
Alcheringa flowers : a tale about spring

Casey, Dawn
Don't wake the Beastie!

Cashore, Kristin

Cason, Sue
Pirate company : on the trail of the golden toucan

Cason, Susan Illus. Wood, Ben
Redcap's Christmas

Cass, Isabella
Star friends

Cass, Kiera

Cassidy, Anne
Birthday blues
Dead Time
Killing Rachel
Butterfly grave
Dead and buried

Cassidy, Cathy
Marshmallow Skye

Cast, P.C. Cast, Kristin
Awakened : a House of Night novel
Lenobia's vow
Neferet's curse : a House of Night novella
Revealed : a House of Night novel
Hidden: a House of Night novel

Cast, P.C.

Castagna, Felicity
Incredible here and now

Castagnoli, Anna llus. Cneut, Carll
Golden cage, or, The true story of the blood princess

Castle, Amber
Sophia, the flame sister

Castle, Jennifer
Wishing wings
Tiger Streak's tale

Castles, Helen Illus. Castro, Beatriz
Scoop McLaren: detective editor

Castles, Jennifer Illus. Seden, Paul
Say yes : a story of friendship, fairness and a vote for hope

Castor, Harriet

Caswell, Brian
Dreams of the chosen

Cathie, Sarah Illus. Jordanovic-Lewis, Jelena
Just the two of us

Catran, Ken
Nina of the dark

Caughlan, Robyn
Waiting at the gate

Cavallo, Francesca
Good night stories for rebel girls

Cawthorne, W. A.
Kangaroo Islanders : a story of South Australia before colonisation 1823

Cece, Adam
Twin spin

Cece, Adam Illus. Streich, Michel
Wesley Booth super sleuth

Cece, Adam Illus. Weldon, Andrew
Extremely weird thing that happened in Huggabie Falls

Cena, John Illus. McWilliam, Howard
Elbow Grease
Elbow Grease vs. Motozilla

Cerami, Vincenzo
Very normal man

Cervantes, Angela
Me, Frida, and the secret of the peacock ring

Cestari, Crystal
Truth about destiny

Chadda, Sarwat
Devil's kiss

Chainani, Soman
Quests for glory

Challinor, Deborah
Girl of shadows

Challoner, Jack
Inventor lab: brilliant builds for super makers

Chambers, Aidan
Kissing game
Dying to Know You

Chambers, Beth

Chambers, Jeremy
Vintage and the gleaning

Chambers, John
Granny Samurai, the Monkey King and I

Chambers, Susannah
Snow wombat

Chambers, Susannah Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
Is it Halloween yet?

Chambers, Susannah Illus. Jackson, Mark
Beach wombat

Chambers, Susannah Illus. Wood, Laura
Easter Bunnyroo

Champion, Tom Niland Niland, Kilmeny Illus. Niland, Deborah
Tall man and the twelve babies

Chan, Aimee Illus. Perrini, Angela
My grandma is 100

Chan, Crystal

Chan, Weng Wai
Lizard's tale

Chancellor, Deborah
Harriet Tubman
John Snow

Chandab, Taghred Illus. Talib, Binny
Perfect flower girl

Chandler, Ben
Beast child

Chandler, Hannah
I don't like cheese

Chandler, Kristen
Girls don't fly
Wolves, boys and other things that might kill me

Chang, Jung
Empress Dowager Cixi: the concubine who launched modern China

Channon, Anne-Louise

Chapman, Lara

Chapman, Linda
Magic spell

Chapman, Marina
Girl with no name : the incredible true story of a child raised by monkeys

Chapman, Simon
Discovering dinosaurs

Charalambous, John
Accidental soldier

Charlwood, Don
All the green year

Charman, Katrina Illus. Sharrat, Nick
Car, car, truck, jeep

Chase, Lil Illus. Docherty, Thomas
Cat who ate Christmas

Chatterton, Martin
By the picking of my nose
Belt around my bum
Mortal combat
Mortified : lost in the sands of time

Chauncy, Nan
They found a cave

Chbosky, Stephen
Imaginary friend

Chebatte, Helen

Cheng, Christopher ed.
Classic Australian poems

Cheng, Christopher Illus. Davis, Sarah
Sounds spooky!

Cheng, Christopher Illus. Whatley, Bruce
One tree

Cheng, Christopher Jackson, Mark

Cheng, Christopher Knight, Linsay
Australia's greatest inventions and innovations

Cheng, Christopher Wu, Di
New Year surprise

Cheshire, Simon

Chessell, Diana
Adelaide's dissenting headmaster : John Lorenzo Young and his premier private school

Chevalier, Tracy
Remarkable creatures
Last runaway
At the edge of the orchard
Single thread

Chiang, Ted

Chichester Clark, Emma
Goldilocks and the three bears
Bears don't read

Child, Lauren
Who wants to be a poodle? I don't
Take your last breath
One thing
Blink and you die
Dog with nice cars : featuring Charlie and Lola
How to raise your grown-ups

Child, Lee

Chim, Wai
Chook chook : Little and Lo in the city
Chook chook : Saving the farm
Freedom swimmer
Surprising power of a good dumpling

Chima, Cinda Williams
Wizard heir
Warrior heir
Dragon heir

Chisholm, Alastair Illus. Tuya, Jez
Prince and the witch and the thief and the bears

Choi, Mary HK.
Emergency contact

Choldenko, Gennifer
No passengers beyond this point
Al Capone does my homework
Monkey's secret

Chomet, Sally
Caleb's cab

Choo, Yangsze
Ghost bride

Chrimes, Penny
Tiger heart

Christian, Claire
Beautiful mess

Christo, Alexandra
To kill a kingdom

Christopher, Lucy
Killing woods

Chuguna, Jukuna Mona
Girl from the Great Sandy Desert

Chun, Matt
Australian sea life

Ciccarelli, Kristen
Last Namsara
Caged queen

Ciddor, Anna
Family with two front doors
52 Mondays

Clare, Cassandra
Clockwork angel
City of fallen angels
Clockwork prince
City of Lost Souls
Clockwork princess
Bane chronicles
Lady Midnight
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Queen of air and darkness

Clare, Cassandra Chu, Wesley
Red scrolls of magic

Clark, Margaret
Fast grandma

Clark, Margaret Illus. Jellett, Tom
Blast off

Clark, Paula
Mummy's kisses

Clark, Sherryl
Pirate X
Meet Rose
Rose on wheels
Rose's challenge
Rose in bloom
Jimmy's war : 1915 : do you dare?

Clark, Sherryl Illus. Jellett, Tom
Littlest pirate

Clark, Sherryl with Ellyse Perry
Pocket rocket
Magic feet

Clark, T.M. Illus. Magisson, Helene
Slowly! slowly!

Clarke, Cat
We are young

Clarke, EJ.
Secret dragon

Clarke, Jane
Gilbert the great

Clarke, Judith
Winds of heaven
Three summers
My lovely Frankie

Clarke, Justine
Gobbledygook is eating a book
Gobbledygook and the Scribbledynoodle

Clarke, Justine Illus. McKenzie, Heath
Banana is a banana

Clarke, Lorin
Our last trip to the market

Clarke, Maxine Beneba
Patchwork bike

Clarke, Maxine Beneba Greenberg, Nicki
Meet Taj at the lighthouse

Clarke, Pat
Elvira and the Pilliga mouse

Clarke, Patricia
Vullah vunnah nah

Clarkson, Kelly
River Rose and the magical lullaby

Claybourne, Anna
Car-sized crabs and other animal giants
Animal atlas
Don't read this book before dinner: revoltingly true tales of foul food, icky animals, horrible history, and more

Clayton, Dhonielle

Clayton, Sally Pomme
Amazons! Women warriors of the world
Greek myths : stories of sun, stone and sea
King with dirty feet

Cleave, Chris
Everyone brave is forgiven

Cleeves, Ann
Long call

Clement, Rod
Top dog

Clement-Moore, Rosemary
Splendour falls

Cleveland-Peck, Patricia Illus. Tazzyman, David
You can't take an elephant on the bus
You can't let an elephant drive a digger

Cleverly, Sophie
Dance in the dark
Lights under the lake
Curse in the candlelight

Clifford, Rohan
Frank Davies and the amazing frog catapult

Climo, Liz
Rory the dinosaur wants a pet
Rory the dinosaur needs a Christmas tree

Climo, Shirley
Cobweb Christmas

Clover, Andrew
Rory Branagan (detective)
Deadly dinner lady

Clyne, Densey
My encounters with minibeasts

Coats, Jillian Anderson
Wicked and the just

Cobb, Vicki Illus. Lavallee, Barbara
This place is cold

Cobby Eckerman, Ali
Ruby moonlight

Coben, Harlan
Shelter : a Mickey Bolitar novel
Don't let go
Run away

Cochrane, Peter
Making of Martin Sparrow

Cocks, Heather

Cocks, Peter
Long reach

Coelho, Joseph Illus. Colpoys, Alison
If all the world were

Coetzee, J.M.
Childhood of Jesus

Coffin, Lorrae
Free diving

Coggan, Helena

Coggin, Linda
Dog, Ray

Cohen, Sharon
Starman and me

Cohen, Sigi. Illus. Foley, James
My dead bunny

Cohen-Scali, Sarah

Cohn, Rachel Levithan, David
Dash and Lily's book of dares
Twelve days of Dash and Lily
Sam and Ilsa's last hurrah

Cole, Babette
Unicorn princess
Curse of the pony vampires

Cole, Kresley
Poison princess

Cole, Steve
Z. Rex
Slime Squad vs The Fearsome Fists

Cole, Steve Illus. Bitskoff, Aleksei
Adventure Duck vs Power Pug

Coleman, Claire G.
Old lie

Colfer, Chris
Grimm warning
Worlds collide
Tale of magic

Colfer, Eoin
Artemis Fowl
Reluctant assassin
Anna Liza and the happy practice
Fowl twins

Colgan, Jenny
Summer seaside kitchen

Collier, Jae-Dee
Jae-Dee survives the home of many mothers

Collins, B.R.
Game runner
Maze cheat
Love in revolution

Collins, Carolyn Eccleston, Roy
Trailblazers : 100 inspiring South Australian women

Collins, Orlagh
No filter
All the invisible things

Collins, Paul
Slightly skewed life of Toby Chrysler
Mole hunt
Dyson's drop
Only game in the galaxy
Iron claw
Rich and rare : a collection of Australian stories, poetry and artwork
Harry Kruize, born to lose
James Gong : the big hit

Collins, Paul McMullen, Sean
Burning sea
Dragonfall mountain

Collins, Paul, ed.
Trust me too

Collins, Ross

Collins, Suzanne
Hunger games
Catching fire

Collodi, Carlo Illus. Ingpen, Robert
Adventures of Pinocchio

Collum, Karen
Samuel's kisses

Collum, Karen Geddes, Serena
Blow me a kiss

Colmer, Kat
Can't beat the chemistry

Columbus, Chris
Clash of the worlds

Combe, Peter
Wash your face in orange juice
Juicy juicy green grass

Combe, Peter Illus. McDonald, Danielle
Toffee apple

Conaghan, Brian
When Mr. Dog bites

Condie, Ally

Condon, Bill
Give me truth
Confessions of a liar, thief and failed sex god
Straight line to my heart
Simple things
One more friend
All of us together
Curly tales : short stories with a twist

Condon, Bill Bates, Diane
Adventures of Jellybean

Conley, Vikki
Ella & Mrs Gooseberry: discovering what love looks like

Conlon, Evelyn
Not the same sky : a novel

Connelly, Nicola Illus. White, Annie
Is it the way you giggle?

Conolan, Emily
Touch the sun
Break your chains
Move the mountains

Conrad, Lauren
L.A. Candy

Constable, Cathryn
Wolf princess

Constable, Kate
Cicada summer
Crow country
New Guinea moon
January stars

Constable, Lee Illus. Hart, James
How to save the whole stinkin' planet

Contraire, Bastien
Undercover : one of these things is almost like the others

Cooke, Kylee
Silly, messy amazing magnificent me

Cookson, Paul
Give us a goal!

Cooling, Wendy
A is amazing : poems about feelings

Coombe, Eleanor
Golden flower

Coombes, Debbie
Going to the footy

Coombs, Patricia
Dorrie and the blue witch

Cooper Smith, Heidi
Kate and the thing

Cooper, Janene
Dog like that

Cooper, Jennifer
There's a hole in my bucket!
Do your ears hang low?
She'll be coming round the mountain

Cooper, Jennifer Sung by Topp Twins
Farmer in the dell

Cooper, Julia Dickson, Daryl Gay
Paddy O'Melon: the Irish kangaroo

Cooper, Michelle
FitzOsbornes in exile
Fitzosbornes at war
Dr Huxley's bequest : a history of medicine in thirteen objects

Cooper, Peter
Ghost of Ping-Ling
Mapmaker's apprentice
Jeweller of Rassylon

Cooper, Susan
King of shadows

Coote, Maree
Animology: look-and-find
Azaria: a true history
Dogography : the amazing world of letter art dogs

Cope, Tim
Tim & Tigon

Copeland, Sam
Charlie turns into a T-rex

Copeland, Sam Illus. Horne, Sarah
Charlie changes into a chicken

Copeland, Sam Illus. Horne, Sarah
Charlie morphs into a mammoth

Corbet, Robert

Corby, Caroline
Lady Jane Grey : queen for sale

Corder, Zizou

Corderoy, Tracey
Whizz pop Granny stop
I want my mummy
I want my daddy!

Corfe, Elizabeth
Hubert Wilkins: forgotten hero

Cormick, Craig
Time vandals
Benji the buccaneer
Valdur the Viking and the ghostly goths

Cornish, David
Tales from the Half-Continent
I don't want to go to bed

Cornwell, Jessica
Serpent Papers

Corpus, Terrizita
Grumpy lighthouse keeper

Corr, Katharine
Witch's kiss
Witch's tears

Correa, Armando Lucas
Daughter's tale

Cosentino Heath, Jack
Missing ace
Rabbit rescue
Lost treasure
Silver thief

Cosgrove, Matt
Snow man and the seven ninjas
Attack of the giant robot zombie mermaid
Macca the alpaca
Little stunt riding hood
Alpacas with maracas
My dad is a robot
Stack of alpacas
Thanks, Mum!
Macca's makeover

Cossins, Jennifer
A - Z of endangered animals
101 collective nouns
A-Z Australian animals
Ultimate animal counting book
Flamboyance of flamingos
Mummy animal book
Daddy animal book

Costain, Meredith
My first day at school
Dreams come true
Pony school showdown
My new best friend
My (almost) perfect puppy
Goal power
Music makers

Costain, Meredith Illus. Hegyes, Nicolette
Grandmas are lovely

Costain, Meredith Illus. McDonald, Danielle
Going green
Total TV drama
Super science stars
Diary disaster
Big chicken mystery
Super secret club
Box car racers
Gym squad tumble
Wildlife rescue

Costain, Meredith McDonald, Danielle
Double dare you
Ballet backflip
Friends not forever
Worst camp ever
Operation Merry Christmas
Amazing acrobats

Cotterill, Colin
Grandad, there's a head on the beach

Cotterill, Jo
Hopewell High : stage fright
Hopewell High : all too much

Cotton, Fearne Illus. Dempsey, Sheena
Yoga babies

Cotton, Katie Illus. Walton, Stephen
Counting lions : portraits from the wild

Cotton, Richie
Giggly times, giggly rhymes
Giggly times, giggly rhymes. No.2
Giggly times, giggly rhymes. No. 3

Cotton, Tilney
Little chef, big curse

Cottrell, Patty Yumi
Sorry to disrupt the peace

Court, Moira

Cousins, Lucy
Maisy's Street: A Maisy Concertina Book
Yummy : my favourite nursery stories
Maisy's book of things that go
I'm the best
Maisy goes to preschool
Maisy goes on holiday
Maisy's wonderful weather book
Learn with Maisy
Hop, skip and jump, Maisy!
Maisy goes on a sleepover
Maisy goes to the city
Maisy goes to the bookshop
Hooray for birds!
Maisy goes swimming
Maisy goes to the bookshop

Cowell, Cressida
How to train your dragon
How to fight a dragon's fury
Wizards of once
Story of Tantrum O'Furrily
Twice magic
Knock three times

Cowell, Cressida Illus. Layton, Neal
Emily Brown and Father Christmas

Cowley, Joy
Snake and lizard
Duck in the gun
Song of the river

Cox, David
Ayu and the perfect moon
Fair dinkum war
Good enough for a sheep station

Cox, Emma
Malkin Moonlight

Cox, Lisa
Media muscle: Body image and the media for guys

Cox, Michael
How to drink from a frog and other things you need to know about food
Fitter, faster, funnier Olympics!
Big swamp beasts - Monstrously muddy swamp beasts facts

Cox, Tania
What makes my dad happy

Cox, Tania Illus. Janine Dawson

Cox, Tania Illus. Jedda Robaard
What's at the end of this piece of rope?

Coyle, Katie
Vivian versus the apocalypse
Vivian versus America

Crabb, Jocelyn Illus. Snell, Danny
Ozzie goes to school

Crabbe, Kay
Pearl-shell diver : a story of adventure from the Torres Strait

Cranna, Andrew
Great blood bank robbery
Monster truck tremor dilemma

Craven, M. W.
Black summer

Craw, Rachael

Crawford, Joanne
I remember

Crawford, Shane
Crawf's kick it to Nick: the cursed cup

Creagh, Lachlan
Dinosaur rocks
Wombat's birthday surprise
Wombat jumped over the moon
Wombat went a' surfing
Over is out

Creatore, Luigi Illus. Devries, Shane
Lion sleeps tonight

Crebbin, June Illus. McEwen, Katharine
Cows in the kitchen

Creech, Sharon
Unfinished angel

Cremer, Andrea R.

Cremer, Andrea R. Levithan, David

Cresswell, Helen
Ordinary Jack

Crew, Gary
Finding home
Voicing the dead

Crew, Gary Illus. Turvey, Naomi

Crew, Gary Illus. Hill, Aaron
Corn field

Crew, Gary Illus. Laffan, Julian
Leaving the lyrebird forest

Crew, Gary Illus. O'Sullivan, Paul
Visions of Ichabod X
Timing the machine
Story of Eva Carmichael: the wreck of the Loch Ard

Crew, Gary Illus. Ottley, Matt
Serpent's tale

Crew, Gary Illus. Scheer, Den
In the beech forest

Crew, Gary Illus. Watkins, Ross
Boy who grew into a tree

Crimi, Carolyn Illus. Luyken, Corrina
Weird little robots

Croggon, Alison
Black spring
River and the book

Cronin, Ali
No such thing as forever
Rumour has it

Cronin, Leonard
Australian animal atlas

Crook, Mackenzie
Windvale sprites

Cross, Gillian

Crossan, Sarah
Weight of water
Apple and Rain

Crossley-Holland, Kevin Illus. Ray, Jane

Croucher, Lex
You're crushing it!

Crow, Kristyn
Zombelina : school days

Crowley, Cath
Graffiti moon
Words in deep blue

Crowley, Cath Howell, Simmone Wood Fiona
Take three girls

Cruddas, Sarah
Do you know about space
Space race

Crumble, P.
If you're happy and you know it!
There was an old lady who swallowed a thong
Sheep on a beach
There was an old lady who swallowed a star!
There was an old bloke who swallowed a bunny!
If you're cheeky and you know it!
There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie
There was an old lady who swallowed a meerkat
There was an old bloke who swallowed a present
Me and moo
Hush, little possum
Witch's britches
There was an old mozzie who swallowed a lady
Cat wants custard
Me and Moo and Roar too
Cat wants cuddles
Santa's gone surfing
Funny thing happened to Simon Sidebottom
On the first day of school
What the fluffy bunny said to the lazy llama

Crumble, P. Illus. Dale, Kim
Lullaby and goodnight

Crumble, P. Bentley, Jonathan
We are all equal

Crumble, P. Gifford, Lucinda
Cat wants kittens

Crumble, P. Illus. Saunders, Chris
What the fluffy bunny said to the hungry hippo

Crumble, P. Rankine, Dean
Too cool for school

Crumble, P. Shea, Louis
Tortoise and the hair

Crumpton, Nick
Amazing animal atlas

Crutcher, Chris

Culbertson, Kim
Wonder of us

Culic, Ned
Our D.I.Y. dad

Cuming, Harriet Illus. Norsa, Sophie
Where else do teachers go at night?

Cummings, Elizabeth Mary Illus. Hughes, Cheri
Forever kid

Cummings, Phil
Chook shed snake
Wang Wang and Funi
Newspaper hats
Be brave, pink piglet
Look out, Pink Piglet!

Cummings, Phil Graham, Amanda
Wilbur Grace and Joe

Cummings, Phil Illus. Acton, Sara
Bridie's boots

Cummings, Phil Illus. Dawson, Janine
Night watch

Cummings, Phil Illus. Devries, Shane
Ride, Riccardo, ride

Cummings, Phil Illus. Lesnie, Phil

Cummings, Phil Illus. Mclean, Andrew
Through the smoke

Cummings, Phil Illus. Tulloch, Coral
Touch the moon

Cummings, Phil Swan, Owen
Anzac biscuits

Cunningham, Sophie Illus. Tortop, Amil
Tippy and Jellybean: the true story of a brave koala who saved her baby from a bushfire

Curato, Mike
Big Family

Curham, Siobhan
Dear Dylan
Moonlight dreamers
Tell it to the Moon
Clementine and Rudy

Curley, Marianne

Currie, Chris
Ottoman Motel

Currie, Christopher
Clancy of the Undertow

Curtin, Judi
Alice next door
Alice in the middle
Alice again
Don't ask Alice

Curtis, Lauren Aimee

Curtis, Vanessa
Zelah Green, Queen of Clean
Zelah Green : one more little problem

Cushman, Karen
Grayling's song

Cusick, John M.
Girl parts


Dogs in disguise
DK children's encyclopedia : the book that explains everything

D'Anthes, Sha'an

D'Ath, Justin
Monkey Mountain
Dolphin rescue
Go goanna
Last elephant
Plague Island
47 degrees

D'Lacey, Chris

Dabos, Christelle
Winter's promise
Missing of Clairdelune

Daddo, Andrew
Ready, steady kaboom!
Leader of the pack
One step
Just breathe
Atticus Van Tasticus

Daddo, Andrew Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Old friends, new friends

Daddo, Andrew Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Map of half maps

Daddo, Andrew Illus. Quay, Emma
Good night, me

Dahl, Michael
Book that ate my brother

Dahl, Roald
Billy and the Minpins
Willy Wonka's everlasting book of fun

Dahl, Roald Illus. Blake, Quentin
How not to be a twit and other wisdom from Roald Dahl
My dad is fantastic

Dahl, Sophie Illus. O'Hara, Lauren
Madame Badobedah

Daisley, Stephen

Dakin, Glenn
Candle Man
Coco: the essential guide

Dale, John

Dale, Penny
Dinosaur dig!

Daley, Megan
Raising readers: how to nurture a child's love of books

Dalton, Trent
Boy swallows universe

Daly, Niki
Herd boy

Daly, Stuart
Scourge of Jericho
Army of the undead

Damico, Gina

Damm, Antje

Danalis, John
Riding the black cockatoo

Dando-Collins, Stephen
Caesar, the war dog
Sir Henry Parkes, the Australian Colossus
Tank boys
Hero maker : a biography of Paul Brickhill

Daniel, Zoe

Daniels, Jill
Counting our country

Daniels, Lucy
Kitten rescue
Puppy in peril

Dann, Elon
Awe of Mercury

Darby, Rhys
Top secret undercover notes of Buttons McGinty

Darkin, Christian

Darling, Kate
Larrikin Lane

Darlison, Aleesah
Puggle's problem
Tropical trouble
Musical Mayhem
Model mania
Quinn's riddles
Willow's challenge
Krystal's choice
Ellabeth's test
I dare you
Birthday bonanza
Little Meerkat
Keeper of the phoenix
Our class tiger
Awesome animal stories for kids
Zoo ball
Stripes in the forest : the story of the last wild thylacine
Running from the tiger
Secrets and spells
Fox and Moonbeam
Haunting and hexes
Yay! it's library day
Dream bird
Golden llama

Darlison, Aleesah Illus. Greiner, Simon
Llama impossible

Darlison, Aleesah Illus. Hinder, Sarah Jane
Spider Iggy

Darvill, Wendy
Puberty book

Dashner, James
Death cure
Mutiny in time
Kill order
Eye of minds
Fever code
Journal of curious letters
Hunt for dark infinity
Blade of shattered hope

Daugherty, C.J.
Night school

Davey, Owen
Foxly's feast
Laika the astronaut
Smart about sharks
Crazy about cats
Bonkers about beetles

David, Hal Mancini, Henry
Baby elephant walk

David, Keren
When I was Joe
Lia's guide to winning the lottery
Another life

David, Stuart
Jackdaw and the Randoms

Davidson, Jessica
Everything left unsaid

Davidson, Leon
Zero hour : the Anzacs on the western front

Davidson, Susanna
Fairy tales for little children
Forgotten fairy tales of brave and brilliant girls

Davidson, Susanna Illus. Joven, John
Ant and the grasshopper
Lion and the mouse
Hare and the tortoise

Davies, Benji
Grandad's island

Davies, Bronwen
My Christmas crackers

Davies, Mardi
Found you

Davies, Nicola
Talk, talk, squawk! : how and why animals communicate
Ariki and the giant shark

Davies, Nicola Illus. Cobb, Rebecca
Day war came

Davies, Nicola Illus. Horacek, Petr
First book of animals

Davies, Nicola Illus. Martin, Marc
Every child a song

Davies, Nicola Illus. Scobie, Lorna
Wonder of trees

Davies, Nicola Illus. Sutton, Emily
First book of the sea

Davis, Damian
Digger Field: World champion (Maybe)

Davis, Delphine Illus. Thomas, Adele K.
Reef rescue

Davis, Delphine Thomas, Adele K.
Talent show
Magic pearl

Davis, Galvin Scott

Davis, Stephen
Hilda and the hidden people

Davis, Tony
Big dry

Davis, Tony Illus. Rogers, Gregory
Roland Wright, brand new page

Davy, Owen
Knight night

Dawson, Gina
So that's where I came from

Dawson, James
This book is gay
Say her name
Under my skin
All of the above

Dawson, Juno

Dax, Eva
You are oh so horrible handsome

Day, Anna

Day, Livia
Trifle dead

Day, Sonny Maroney, Biddy
Sydney : word by word

Daynes, Katie
Questions and answers about science
Why do we need bees?

Daywalt, Drew
Day the crayons came home
Crayons' book of numbers
Legend of rock, paper, scissors

Daywalt, Drew Illus. Jeffers, Oliver
Day the crayons quit
Crayon's Christmas
Love from the crayons

De Becerra, Katya
What the woods keep

De Crespigny, Robin
People smuggler

De Fombelle, Timothee
Toby and the secrets of the tree
Book of pearl

De Goldi, Kate
10 pm question

De Kantzow, Megan
Holiday of a lifetime : disaster diary!

De Kretser, Michelle
Questions of travel

De La Bedoyere, Camilla
Ripley's believe it or not: wild animals
Ripley's believe it or not: human body

De La Cruz, Melissa
Misguided angel : a blue bloods novel
Bloody valentine : a blue bloods novella
Lost in time : a blue bloods novel
Wolf pact
Alex and Eliza

De La Haye, Amy
Clara Button and the magical hat
Clara Button and the wedding day surprise

De la Mare, Walter Illus. Rabei, Carolina

De la Pena, Matt
Superman: Dawnbreaker

De Paola, Tomie
Birds of Bethlehem

De Pierres, Marianne
Burn bright
Angel arias
Shine light
Serious Sass and Messy Magda

De Roo, Elena
Ophelia Wild, secret spy
Ophelia Wild, deadly detective
Name at the end of the ladder

De Santis, Pablo
Paris enigma

De Waal, Kit
Becoming Dinah

Deacon, Alexis
Matter of life and death
Geis: a game without rules

Deacon, Alexis Illus. Schwarz, Viviane
Cheese belongs to you
I am Henry Finch

Deary, Terry
Pirate queen
Pirate prisoner
Fabulous flyer
Last flight
War game
Bike escape
Apple spy
Midsummer night's dream
Romeo and Juliet
Twelfth night
Silver hand

Deas, Stephen
Thief-taker's apprentice

Deaver, Jeffery
Never game
Goodbye man

Deeney Murguia, Bethanie
Cockatoo, too

Deeves, Pauline
Socks, sandbags & leeches: letters to my Anzac dad
All aboard!: true train tales

Deeves, Pauline Illus. Carruthers, Adam

DeGennaro, Sue
Pros and cons of being a frog
Eddie Frogbert
Missing Marvin
We're stuck!
Goldilocks and the three bears

Delaney, Joseph
Witch's warning

Delaney, Kaz
Dead, actually
Reluctant jillaroo

Delevingne, Cara
Mirror mirror

Delijani, Saha
Children of the jacaranda tree

Dellaira, Ava
Love letters to the dead
In search of us

Dellavedova, Matthew Illus. Ortega, Nathalie
Country vs city

Delsol, Wendy

Dempsey, Kristy
Mini racer

Dennard, Susan

Dennis, C.J.
Book for kidz

Dennis, C.J. Illus. Gouldthorpe, Peter

Dent, Nick Illus. Houghton, Suzanne
Goat on a boat

Denton, Graham Illus. Longcroft, Sean
My rhino plays the xylophone

Denton, Terry
Wombat and Fox: the whole story

DePrince, Michaela
Ballerina dreams : a true story

Derting, Kimberly
Last echo

Dessen, Sarah
Someone like you
Along for the ride
Lock and key
What happened to goodbye
Moon and more
Saint anything
Once and for all
Rest of the story

DeStefano, Lauren

Devine, R.E.
Amulet of Athlone

Devlin, Ivy
Low red moon

Dewar, Jim
River riddle

Dhami, Narinder
Bang, bang, you're dead!

Di Fiore, Mariangela
Elephant Man

Diaz, Junot Illus. Espinosa, Leo

DiCamillo, Kate
Magician's elephant
Bink and Gollie
Flora and Ulysses
Raymie Nightingale
La la la : a story of hope
Beverly, right here

DiCamillo, Kate Illus. Bliss, Harry
Good Rosie!

Dick, Philip K.
Total recall

Dickens, Charles
Quentin Blake's A Christmas carol

Dickens, Charles Mitton, Tony Illus. Redman, Mike
Christmas carol

Dickens, Charles Retold by Hilary Burningham
Oliver Twist

Dickens, Charles retold by Hilary Burningham
Great expectations

Dickens, Frank
Fly away Peter

Dickins, Rosie
Greedy dog
Computers and coding

Dickson, John
Norton took something
Under my bed

Dickson, John Emmerichs, Bern
M is for mutiny!: history by alphabet

Dickson, John Illus. Emmerichs, Bern
Good, the bad and the silly: stories of our past

Dieckmann, Sandra

Diesen, Deborah
Pout-pout fish

Dietl, Erhard
Ogglies go to school
Ogglies : a dragon party for Firebottom

Digby, Anne
Naughtiest girl keeps a secret
Naughtiest girl saves the day

Dignen, Sheila
Visual guide to grammar and punctuation

Din, Suma
One day : around the world in 24 hours

DiPucchio, Kelly Illus. Robinson, Christian

Disher, Garry
Bitter Wash Road
Signal loss
Under the cold bright lights
Kill shot

DiTerlizzi, Tony
Hero for WondLa

DiTerlizzi, Tony. Illus. McQuarrie, Ralph
Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight

Divaroren, Demet
Living on hope street

What's the point of maths?

Do, Anh
Happiest refugee
Weir Do 3, extra weird!
Crazy weird!
Mega weird
Really weird!
Spooky weird
From nerd to ninja!
Messy weird!
Game time!
Flying ninja!
Splashy weird!
Ninja switch!
Amazing ninja!
Into the wild
Golden unicorn
Great escape
Mighty minotaur
Secret cave

Do, Anh Do, Suzanne Illus. Whatley, Bruce
Little refugee

Do, Anh Illus. Faber, Jules
Hopping weird
Vote Weirdo!

Do, Anh Illus. McGuiness, Dan
Party time!
Circus time!
Camping time!
Movie time!
Show time!

Do, Anh Illus. McKenzie, Heath
There's a big green frog in the toilet

Do, Anh Illus. Wahl, Chris

Do, Anh Illus. Wood, Laura
What do they do with all the poo from al the animals at the zoo

Dockrill, Laura
Angry cookie

Dodd, Emma
I love dogs

Dodd, Lynley
Scarface Claw, hold tight!

Dodds, Robert
Pitch dark
Haunted mobile
Dead wood

Dolan, Eva
Between two evils

Dolan, Hannah
LEGO Star wars ideas book

Dolan, Penny
Boy called M.O.U.S.E.

Doller, Trish
Something like normal

Doller, Trish
Where the stars still shine

Don, Lari
Drawing a veil
Girls, goddesses & giants : stories of heroines from around the world
Winter's tales: Stories of winter from around the world
Horse of fire : horse stories from around the world

Donald, Trish
Tissywoo and the worry monsters

Donaldson, Julia
What the ladybird heard
Stick Man
What the ladybird heard on holiday

Donaldson, Julia lllus. Ogilvie, Sara
Detective dog

Donaldson, Julia Illus Richards, Lucy
Night Monkey, Day Monkey

Donaldson, Julia Illus. Cobb, Rebecca
Everywhere Bear

Donaldson, Julia Illus. King-Chai, Sharon

Donaldson, Julia Illus. Rayner, Catherine
Go-Away bird

Donaldson, Julia Illus. Roberts, David
Cook and the King

Donaldson, Julia Illus. Scheffler, Axel
Scarecrows' wedding
Zog and the flying doctors
Ugly Five
Gruffalo's child

Donaldson, Julia Illus. Shaw, Hannah
Mr Birdsnest and the house next door
Snake who came to stay

Donaldson, Julia lllus. Oxenbury, Helen
Giant Jumperee

Donbavand, Tommy
Skull of the skeleton
Claw of the werewolf
Flame of the dragon

Donnelly, Anne Helen
Ori's Christmas
Ori the octopus

Donnelly, Jennifer
Waterfire saga: Deep blue
Rogue wave
These shallow graves
Step sister

Donoghue, Emma
Akin: a novel

Doodler, Todd H.
Super fly : the world's smallest superhero
Super Fly vs Furious Flea

Douglas, Helen
After Eden
Chasing stars

Douglas-Home, Mark
Malice of waves

Doust, Jon
Boy on a wire

Dovey, Ceridwen
Only the animals

Dowd, Siobhan
Solace of the road

Dowrick, Stephanie Spudvilas, Anne
Moon shines out of the dark

Dowsett, Elizabeth
Disney ideas book

Dowswell, Paul
Cabinet of curiosities
Sektion 20
Eleven eleven
Red shadow
True stories of polar adventure
Wolf children

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir
Hound of the Baskervilles

Doyle, Catherine
Storm Keeper's island

Doyle, Malachy
Rama and Sita
Run, Jimmy, run

Doyle, Malachy Illus. Brown, Petra

Doyle, Malachy Illus. Uff, Caroline
Happy book

Doyle, Roddy

Doyle, Trinity
Pieces of sky

Drabble, Margaret
Pure gold baby

Draper, Sharon M.

Dreise, Gregg
Silly birds
Kookoo kookaburra
Mad magpie
My culture and me
Cunning crow

Drews, C.G.
Thousand perfect notes
Boy who steals houses

Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
Hey, baby!: a collection of pictures, poems, and stories from nature's nursery
Surprising stories behind everyday stuff

Driver, Sarah

Drummond, Allan
Nellie Melba

Drummond, Ree Illus. De Groat, Diane
Charlie plays ball

Dubosarsky, Ursula
Golden day
Missing Mongoose
Looming lamplight
Dismal daffodil
Quivering quavers
Reindeer's Christmas surprise
Blue cat

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Allan, David
Two tales of twins from Ancient Greece and Rome

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Brooks, Ron
Midnight at the library

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Denton, Terry
Perplexing pineapple
Talkative tombstone

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Golbach, Amy
Boy who could fly and other magical plays for children

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Terrible plop
Too many elephants in this house
Tim and Ed
Ask Hercules quick

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. Vane, Mitch
Fairy bread

Dubosarsky, Ursula Illus. White, Annie
Ava adds
Violet vanishes
Rory rides
Ethan eats

Dubuc, Marianne
Lion and the bird
Here comes Mr Postmouse
Mr Postmouse goes on holiday
Up the mountain path

Ducie, Joe
Crystal force

Ducrou, Daniel
Byron journals

Duddle, Jonny

Dudgeon, Laura Dudgeon, Sabrina
Lilli and Shadow in trouble

Duff, Hilary

Duffy, Jacque
Bear said please

Duggan, Cait
Last Balfour

Dumas, Alexander Francis, Pauline reteller
Three musketeers

Dumbleton, Mike Illus. Cowcher, Robin

Dumbleton, Mike Illus. Green, Snip
Meet . . . Douglas Mawson

Dumbleton, Mike Illus. Jellett, Tom
Santa's secret

Dumbleton, Mike Illus. Perrini, Angela
Santa's high-tech Christmas

Dumbleton, Mike Illus. Wood, Laura
Eve and Elly

Dumont, Adele
No man is an island

Dunant, Sarah
In the name of the family

Dunbar, Polly
Lion is a lion

Duncan, Lois
Twisted window

Dunlap, Shannon
Izzy + Tristan

Dunlap, Susanne Emily
Anastasia's secret

Dunmore, Helen

Dunn, Gaby Raskin, Allison
I hate everyone but you

Dunstan, Kylie
Collecting colour
Because you are with me
This way up
Nannie loves

Durr, Morten

Durrant, S.E.
Running on empty

Durst, Sarah Beth
Drink slay love
Queen of blood
Queen of sorrow

Duthie, Amanda ed.
Kin : an extraordinary Australian filmmaking family

Duyal, Yasar
Paper clips : an anthology of short stories about coming of age in Australia

Dyer, Sarah


Eagar, Kirsty
Saltwater vampires
Night beach
Summer skin

Eagar, Lindsay
Hour of the bees
Race to the bottom of the sea

Eagle, Judith
Pear affair

Earl, Esther
This star won't go out : the life & words of Esther Grace Earl

Earls, Nick
Lost hunters
Analogue men
New boy

Earls, Nick Illus. Whidborne, Terry
Word hunters : top secret files

Easer, Katherine
Vicious little darlings

Eason, Sarah Illus. Collier, Kirsten
Poo at the zoo

Easton, T.S.
Boys don't knit
English boy in New York

Eaton, Jason Carter
Catawampus cat

Echeverri, Catalina
There's a dinosaur in my bathtub
Milo's dog says moo

Eckstrom, Nathaniel
Stubborn Stanley

Eco, Umberto
Prague cemetery

Edeson, Robert
Weaver fish

Edgar, Elsbeth
On Orchard Road
In the wings

Edge, Christopher
Twelve minutes to midnight

Edvardsson, MT.
Nearly normal family

Edwards, Eve
Other countess
Queen's lady

Edwards, Hazel
Flight of the bumblebee
f2m : the boy within
Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop
Professor Fred Hollows
Edith Cowan : a quiet woman of note

Edwards, Hazel Alkan, Ozge Illus. Geddes, Serena
Hijabi Girl

Edwards, Hazel Illus. Niland, Deborah
There's a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake
Hooray! There's a hippopotamus on our roof having a birthday party
Not just a piece of cake being an author
Ho! Ho! Ho! There's a hippopotamus on our roof eating Christmas cake

Edwards, Kim
Memory keeper's daughter

Edwards, Leann J.
Emus under the bed

Edwards, Luke
Be home for Armageddon

Ee, Susan
World after

Egan, Kate
Hunger games. Catching fire : the official illustrated movie companion

Eggers, Dave
Wild things

Eglington, Tara
How to keep a boy from kissing you
How to convince a boy to kiss you
My best friend is a goddess

Egneus, Daniel
These are animals

El-Zein, Abbas
Secret maker of the world

Eland, Eva
When sadness comes to call

Eldridge, Jim
Jungle kill
Death in the desert
Urban Assassin
Invisible assassin
Deadly game
Giant rumble
Thud in trouble
Jack versus Veto
Final showdown

Eliot, T.S.
Old Possum's book of practical cats

Eliot, T.S. Illus. Robbins, Arthur

Elkeles, Simone
Wild cards

Elliott, David
Baabwaa and Wooliam : a tale of literacy, dental hygiene and friendship

Elliott, Joseph
Good hawk

Elliott, Kate
Court of Fives
Buried heart
Poisoned blade

Elliott, Louise
Sam and Albert go to sea

Elliott, Mick
Squidge Dibley destroys the school
Squidge Dibley destroys everything

Elliott, Patricia
Traitor's smile

Elliott, Rebecca
My stinky new school
Pretty funny

Elliott, Rob
Laugh-out-loud Christmas jokes for kids

Elliott, Will

Ellis, Carson
Du iz tak?

Ellis, Deborah
Children of War : Iraqi Children Speak
No safe place
Best day of my life
Parvana's promise
Moon at nine
Parvana: a graphic novel

Ellwood, Nancy

Emerson, Kevin
Blood ties

Emerson, Marcus
Diary of a 6th grade ninja
Pirate invasion
Rise of the red ninjas
Game of chase
Buchanan bandits
Super life of Ben Braver
How to ninja: diary of a 6th grade ninja activity book
Ben Braver and the vortex of doom

Emmett, Jonathan
Pig's knickers

Emmett, Jonathan Illus. Chambers, Mark
Wanda Wallaby finds her bounce

England, Kathryn
Katie and the leprechaun

Engle, Margarita
Silver people : a tale from the Panama Canal

Ephron, Delia
Frannie in pieces

Epstein, Sarah
Small spaces
Deep water

Erasmus, Karen
Twelve days of Christmas
Five little platypuses
Incy wincy spider
Ten Christmas crackers

Erre, J.M.
How to get rid of a vampire

Esbaum, Jill Illus. Gordon, Gus
I am cow, hear me moo!

Estela, Lucy Illus. Hurst, Elise
Girl on wire

Estela, Lucy Ottley, Matt
Suri's wall

Eszterhas, Suzi

Etheridge, M.C.D.
Adventures of Whitebeard

Eulberg, Elizabeth
Lonely Hearts Club
Prom and prejudice
Great Shelby Holmes, girl detective
Great Shelby Holmes meets her match

Eulberg, Elizabeth Illus. Robertson, Matt
Great Shelby Holmes and the coldest case

Evanovich, Janet
Takedown twenty
Tricky twenty-two

Evans, Alison
Highway bodies
Euphoria Kids

Evans, Gabriel
New pet
Mice and the shoemaker
Ollie and Augustus

Evans, Ilsa

Evans, Lissa
Small change for Stuart

Evans, Michael
Poggle and the treasure

Evans, Steve
Children's picture atlas

Evans, Tony Erskine Childers
Riddle of the sands

Eve, Laure
Fearsome dreamer

Everest, D.D.
Archie Greene and the magician's secret
Archie Greene and the alchemist's curse

Ewart, Claire

Ewing, Amy
White rose

Extence, Gavin
Universe versus Alex Woods
Mirror world of Melody Black


Feminists don't wear pink and other lies: amazing women on what the F-word means to them
First children's dictionary
Flights of fancy: stories, pictures and inspiration from ten Children's Laureates
First maths glossary
First science encyclopedia
First how things work encyclopedia
First encyclopedia
Funny bones

Faber, Jules
Quest diaries of Max Crack
Crack up

Faber, Polly Illus. Vulliamy, Clara
Tapir all at sea
Tiny tapir trouble
Superstar tapir

Faille, Chris Illus. Snell, Danny

Fairfield, Lesley

Faizal, Hafsah
We hunt the flame

Falafel, Olaf
Father Christmas heard a fart

Falconer, Ian
Olivia the spy

Falk, Nick
Troggle the troll
Battle for the golden egg

Falk, Nick Flowers, Tony
Tyrannosaurus in the veggie patch
Pterodactyl stole my homework
Very naughty velociraptor
Allosaurus ate my uncle
Diplodocus trampled my teepee
Plesiosaur broke my bathtub
First bite
Werewolves beware!
Shadow shifter
Eaten Alive

Falkner, Brian
Tomorrow code
Maddy West and the tongue taker
That stubborn seed of hope

Fantaskey, Beth
Jessica rules the dark side
Jekel loves Hyde

Farah, Mohammed Gray, Kes
Dinosaur dash

Farley, Brianne
Secret tree fort

Farmer, Lucy
Uncle Eddie and the croc
Uncle Eddie & the hippos

Farmer, Nancy
Lord of Opium

Farmer, Pat
Pole to pole : one man, 20 million steps

Farrant, Natasha
Things we did for love

Farrant, Natasha Illus. Corry, Lydia
Eight princesses and a magic mirror

Farrar, Sean Illus. Kan, Pat
There's a magpie in my soup

Farrelly, Elizabeth
Caro was here

Farrer, Vashti
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Faulks, Ben Tazzyman, David
What makes me a me?

Favilli, Elena
Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women

Favretto, Robert
On the nose
Home of the cuckoo clock

Favretto, Robert Illus. Suwannakit, Tull
Morphing Murphy

Favretto, Robert Illus. Willis, Danny
Gorski's bitemare

Fawcett, Sally
What could it be? : exploring the imaginative world of shapes
Through the gate

Feasey, Steve
Mutant city
Mutant rising

Federle, Tim
Better Nate than ever

Feiner, Beck
Aussie legends alphabet
If I was prime minister

Feiner, Beck Feiner, Robin
My folks grew up in the '80s

Fellowes, Jessica
Mitford murders
Bright young dead

Fennell, Emerald
Shiverton Hall
Shiverton Hall: the creeper

Fensham, Elizabeth
My dog doesn't like me
My dog gets a job

Fenton, Corinne
Hey baby
Chasing shadows
Hey Dad, you're great

Fenton, Corinne Cowcher, Robin
Little Dog and the Christmas wish

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Ciaffaglione, Sebastian
Flame stands waiting

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Cowcher, Robin
You have my heart
Counting on you
Little dog and the summer holiday

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie
One Christmas eve

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Mclean, Andrew
Bob, the railway dog

Fenton, Corinne Illus. McLean, Andrew
To the bridge: the journey of Lennie and Ginger Mick

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Smith, Craig
Cat called Trim

Fenton, Corinne Illus. Swan, Owen
My friend Tertius

Fenton, Peter
Days of in between

Feret-Fleury, Christine
Girl who reads on the metro

Ferrante, Elena
Story of a new name
Lost daughter
Story of the lost child
Beach at night

Ferrari, Alessandro
Star Wars: The original trilogy: A graphic novel

Ferrell, Sean Illus. Santoso, Charles
I don't like Koala

Ferris, Fleur
Nullaboo hullabaloo

Ferry, Beth
Stick and Stone

Fforde, Jasper
Eye of Zoltar
Early riser

Fidel, Future D
Prize fighter: sometimes the greatest battle you can have is with your past

Field, Alex Illus. Carnavas, Peter
Mr Darcy and the Christmas pudding

Field, John Illus. Legge, David
Why is that emu wearing one red shoe?

Field, John Illus. Suwannakit, Tull
Stanley's playing the trumpet

Fielding, Rhiannon
Ten minutes to bed little monster
Ten minutes to bed little unicorn
Ten minutes to bed little mermaid

Fielding, Rhiannon Illus. Chatterton, Chris
Ten minutes to bed little unicorn

Fienberg, Anna
Great big enormous book of Tashi
Louis beside himself
Figaro and Rumba and the crocodile cafe
Once Tashi met a dragon
Tashi and the wicked magician : and other stories
Tashi and the golden jawbone
Tashi and the giant squid
Tashi and the big scoop
Wicked's way
Complete adventures of Figaro and Rumba

Fienberg, Anna Fienberg, Barbara
Tashi and the magic carpet
Tashi storybook

Fienberg, Anna Gamble, Kim
Minton goes

Fienberg, Anna Illus. Kim Gamble Stephen Axelsen

Fienberg, Anna Illus. Simard, Remy
Horrendo's curse

Fine, Anne
Anneli the art hater
Under a silver moon
Out for the count

Finlay, Lizzie
Little Croc's purse

Finn, Maura Illus. Erasmus, Karen
Rose's red boots

Finn, Maura Illus. Parker, Aura
My magnificent jelly bean tree

Finnigan, Judy

Firestone, Carrie
True colour of forever

Firth, Melissa Orsini, Cheryl
Big red tractor saves the day
Come on, let's play

Firth, Rachel
Usborne knights and armour

Firth, Rachel ed.
Usborne illustrated classics : The secret garden and​ other stories

Fischel, Emma

Fisher, Catherine
Crown of acorns
Relic master : The dark city

Fisher, Isla
Marge in charge
Marge and the pirate baby
Marge and the great train rescue
Marge and the secret tunnel

Fison, J.E.
Shark frenzy!
Snake surprise!
Bat attack
How to get to Rio
Counterfeit love

Fitzgerald, Isaac Illus. Barrager, Brigette
How to be a pirate

Fitzgerald, Michael
Pacific room

Fitzpatrick, Becca

Fitzpatrick, Deb
Have you seen Ally Queen?
At my door
Spectacular Spencer Gray

FitzSimons, Peter
Burke and Wills : the triumph and tragedy of Australia's most famous explorers
Monash's masterpiece: the Battle of Le Hamel and the 93 minutes that changed the world
Mutiny on the bounty
Catalpa rescue: the gripping story of the most dramatic and successful prison break in Australian history
James Cook: the story behind the man who mapped the world

Flack, Sophie

Flanagan Willanski, Cassie
Here where we live

Flanagan, John
Kings of Clonmel
Halt's peril
Lost stories
Royal Ranger
Slaves of Socorro
Scorpion mountain
Tournament at Gorlan
Red Fox Clan
Return of the Temujai

Flanagan, Martin
Archie's letter : an Anzac Day story

Fleischman, Paul Illus. Ibatoulline, Bagram
Matchbox diary

Fleming, Melissa
Hope more powerful than the sea : the journey of Doaa al Zamel

Fletcher, Charlie
Boy and his dog at the end of the world

Fletcher, Giovanna
Eve of man

Fletcher, Tom
There's a dragon in your book

Fletcher, Tom Illus. Devries, Shane
Christmasaurus and the winter witch

Flint, Shamini
Diary of a cricket god
Diary of a soccer star
Diary of a rugby champ
Diary of a super swimmer
Diary of a track and field Titan
Diary of a golf pro
Diary of a basketball hero
Life of the party
File name: game changer!,File no. #2

Flint, Shamini Illus. Heinrich, Sally
Happy camper!
Show stopper!

Flood, Ciara
Those pesky rabbits
Perfect picnic

Flora, James
Kangaroo for Christmas

Florian, Douglas Illus. Sanchez, Sonia
Wonderful habits of rabbits

Flory, Isa
When I'm older

Flory, Neil Cleary, Mark
Short giraffe

Flowers, Tony

Flumeri, Elisabetta Giacometti, Gabriella
Margherita's recipes for love

Flynn, Hazel
Ninja bandicoots and turbo-charged wombats: stories from behind the scenes at the zoo

Flynn, Justine Kunz, Chris

Flynn, Justine Yi, J.
Miss Mae's Saturday

Flynn, Pat
Best ballgirl
Don't kiss girls, and other silly stories

Flynn, Pat Illus. Carnavas, Peter
My totally awesome story

Flynn, Rachel Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
Collecting sunshine

Flynn, Rachel Illus. Bell, Jocelyn
Scruffy's day out

Flynn, Rachel Illus. Smith, Craig
Gus dog goes to work

Fogarty, Paula
Slave of the lamp

Foley, James
In the lion

Foot, Mandy
Wheels on the bus
Below deck on the sunken wreck
Knick knack, bushwhack
Captain Kangaroo saves the day
Bums and tums
This little roo went to market
Bush Santa
Joey and Riley

Forbes, Elena
Jigsaw man : a Mark Tartaglia thriller

Ford, Michael Thomas
Poisoned house

Foreman, Michael
Child's garden
Why the animals came to town

Forman, Gayle
If I stay
Where she went
Just one day
I was here
I have lost my way

Fornasier, Kylie
Ugg boot war

Forrestal, Elaine
To see the world
Goldfields girl

Forster, Kate
Unlucky break
Beauty and the beat
Twice upon a time

Forsyth, Kate
Two Selkie stories from Scotland
Dancing on knives
Escape from Wolfhaven Castle
Wolves of Witchwood
Beast of Blackmoor Bog
Drowned kingdom
Battle of the heroes

Forsyth, Kate Illus. Brennan, Krista

Forsyth, Kate Illus. Carrington, Lorena
Vasilisa the wise: and other tales of brave young women

Forsyth, Kate Illus. White, Annie
Grumpy Grandpa

Forward, Megan
Patch from scratch

Forward, Toby

Foster, Elizabeth
Esme's wish

Foster, Evelyn
Elves and the trendy shoes

Foster, Jason K.
Hadamar: the house of shudders

Foster, Sara
All that is lost between us

Foster, Zoe
No one likes a fart

Foti, Rina A. Atze, Dave
Cat spies mouse

Fox, Candice
Gone by midnight

Fox, Diane Illus. Fox, Christyan
Dog called bear

Fox, Helena
How it feels to float

Fox, Lee
10 little hermit crabs

Fox, Mem
Wombat divine
Where the giant sleeps
Goblin and the empty chair
This & that
Nellie Belle

Fox, Mem & Rawson, Olivia Illus. Argent, Kerry
Giraffe in the bath

Fox, Mem Illus. Barton, Jill
Two little monkeys

Fox, Mem Illus. Blackwood, Freya
Tiny star

Fox, Mem Illus. Dyer, Jane
Roly Poly

Fox, Mem Illus. Ghosh, Ronojoy
I'm Australian too

Fox, Mem Illus. Horacek, Judy
Good night, sleep tight
Ducks away
Bonnie and Ben rhyme again

Fox, Mem Illus. Stringer, Lauren
Tell me about your day today

Fox, Mem Mullins, Patricia
Hattie and the fox

Fox, Mem Quay, Emma
Baby bedtime
Yoo-hoo, Ladybird

Fox, Mem Vivas, Julie
Possum magic : numbers
Possum magic animals

Foxlee, Karen
Midnight dress
Ophelia and the marvellous boy
Most magical girl
Lenny's book of everything

Foxley, Janet
Muncle Trogg and the flying donkey : (he's a giant, but a tiny one)

Foxley, Janet Illus. Wells, Steve
Muncle Trogg : (he's a giant, but a tiny one)

Fraillon, Z.
Locked In: Monstrum House

Fraillon, Zana
No stars to wish on

Fraillon, Zana Illus. Baker-Smith, Grahame
Wisp: a story of hope

Frame, Janet
Mijo tree
In the memorial room

France, Adam
Paddy T. and the time-travelling trampoline

Francis, Angela Sangma Illus. Feng, Lisk

Francis, Felix
Triple Crown : a Dick Francis novel

Francis, Joanna
Lucia & Lawrence

Francis, Lorraine Gudesaboos, Pieter
Sammy and the skyscraper sandwich

Francis, Pauline
World away

Frankel, Elizabeth Duncan, Garry
River Boy

Franklin, Ariana
Relics of the dead
Winter siege

Franklin, Emily
Tessa Masterton will go to prom

Frankopan, Peter Illus. Packer, Neil
Silk roads: a new history of the world

Fraser, Janine M.
Sarindi and the lucky Buddha
Sarindi's dragon kite
Sarah's two nativities

Fraser, Sarah
Dinosaur danger

Frayne, Alex
Theatre of life : photographic portraits

Frazee, Marla
Boot and Shoe
Farmer and the clown

Frazier, Charles
Varina: a novel

Freedman, Claire
Spider sandwiches
Scary hairy party!

Freedman, Claire Ben Cort
Pirates love underpants
Monsters love underpants

Freedman, Claire Illus. Hendra, Sue
Dragon Jelly
Monster Max's shark spaghetti

Freedman, Claire Illus. Hindley, Kate
Great snortle hunt

Freedman, Claire Illus. McIntyre, Sarah

Freedman, Claire Illus. Swain, Holly
Mysterious case of the missing honey

Freedman, Emma
Turning pointes

Freeman, Don

Freeman, Hilary
Don't ask

Freeman, Pamela
Ember and Ash
Princess Betony and the unicorn
Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg
Princess Betony and rule of wishing
Mary's Australia
Desert lake : the story of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre
Princess Betony and the hobgoblin
Amazing Australian women: twelve women who shaped history

French, Simon
Change the locks

French, Gillian
Lies they tell

French, Jackie
Rose for the ANZAC boys
Rain stones
Donkey who carried the wounded
Night they stormed Eureka
Baby wombat's week
Rockin', rollin', hair & hippies, 1945-1972
Waltz for Matilda
Nanberry : black brother white
Elephant alert
Gorilla grab
Tiger tangle
Pennies for Hitler
Shark attack
Girl from Snowy River
Road to Gundagai
Hairy-nosed wombats find a new home
Birrung: the secret friend
Wombat wins
Queen Victoria's Christmas
Ghost by the billabong
Barney and the secret of the whales
Ophelia : queen of Denmark
Grandma wombat
Diary of William Shakespeare, gentleman
Secret of the black bushranger
Millie loves ants
Goodbye, Mr Hitler
Third witch
Koala bare
Facing the flame
Miss Lily's lovely ladies
Barney and the secret of the French spies
Lily and the rose
Just a girl
Pirate boy of Sydney town
Lily in the snow
My name is not Peaseblossom
Ghost of Howlers Beach
Schoolmaster's daughter

French, Jackie ed. Illus. McCartney, Tania
This is home: essential Australian poems for children

French, Jackie Illus. Bray, Peter
Horace the baker's horse

French, Jackie Illus. Hackett, Dave
Gold rush

French, Jackie Illus. Rycroft, Nina
Good dog Hank

French, Jackie Illus. Shanks, Matt
Top koala

French, Jackie Illus. Spudvilas, Anne
When the war is over

French, Jackie Illus. Whatley, Bruce
Beach they called Gallipoli
Emily's bush Christmas
Happy birthday wombat
Dippy and the dinosaurs

French, Jackie Illus. Wilson, Mark
Day to remember
Secret of the youngest rebel
All of us

French, Jess
What a waste

French, Simon
Cannily, cannily
Other brother

French, Tana
Wych elm

French, Vivian
Cherry pie princess
Hello, horse

French, Vivian Illus. Read, Nathan
Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

French, Vivian Illus. Reed, Nathan
Lottie Luna and the twilight party

Frick, CJ. Illus. Donnelly, Liza
Be the person your dog thinks you are

Friedman, Laurie B.
Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!

Friend, Peter
What's the matter, Aunty May?

Frost, Adam
Stop! There's a snake in your suitcase
Awesome book of awesomeness
Epic book of epicness
Awesome body book : the world's most incredible human body facts
Awesome book of animals : the world's most awesome facts
Awesome book of space: the world's most awesome facts

Frost, Adam Illus. Correll, Gemma
Splat the fake fact: some fake facts have escaped into the world! How will you stop them?

Frost, Helen
Applesauce weather

Frost, Libby
Princess Snowbelle and the snowstorm

Frost, Mark
Paladin prophecy

Fu, Wenzheng
Ash dresses her friends

Fuge, L.M.
When courage came to call

Fukuda, Andrew

Fuller, Lisa
Ghost bird

Funder, Anna
All that I am

Fung, Rebecca Illus. Creamer, Kathy
Princess Hayley's comet

Funke, Cornelia
Summer gang

Furniss, Clare
Year of the rat
How not to disappear

Furnivall, Kate
Guardian of lies

Furze, Colin
This book isn't safe

Fusillo, Archimede
Dead dog in the still of the night

Fussell, Sandy
Owl ninja
Shaolin tiger
Jaguar warrior
Fire lizard
Golden bat
Red fox
Sad, the dog
Red Day

Fussell, Shelly Metcalfe, Samantha
Carmichael's journey


Guinness world records 2017
Guinness world records 2017 : block busters!
Guinness world records 2018
Guinness world records 2018 : gamer's edition
General knowledge genius!: a quiz encyclopedia to boost your brain
Guinness world records 2020

Gagnon, Michelle
Don't turn around

Gaiman, Neil
Odd and the frost giants
Chu's day
Chu's first day at school
Graveyard book
Graveyard book volume 2
Hansel and Gretel
Chu's day at the beach
Norse mythology

Gaiman, Neil Illus. Riddell, Chris
Fortunately, the milk
Sleeper and the spindle

Galbraith, Robert
Career of evil
Lethal white

Gale, Emily
Steal my sunshine
Other side of Summer
I am out with lanterns

Gall, Jennifer
Looking for Rose Paterson : how family bush life nurtured Banjo the poet

Gallagher, Heather
Ferret on the loose
Happy pants : why is mummy so sad?
Scaredy cat

Gallasch, Carrie

Gallasch, Carrie Illus. Acton, Sara
Stitches and stuffing

Gallenzi, Alessandro
Adventures of Pipi the pink monkey

Gammage, Bill
Biggest estate on Earth : how Aborigines made Australia

Ganeri, Anita
First animal encyclopedia

Gannon, Nicholas
Doldrums and the Helmsley curse

Gantos, Jack
I am not Joey Pigza

Garcia, Kami

Garcia, Kami Stohl, Margaret
Beautiful creatures
Beautiful chaos

Gardiner, Kelly
Act of faith
Sultan's eyes

Gardner, Don
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

Gardner, Felicity
Snowy and Snuffles
My grumpy day

Gardner, Felicity West, David
Complete guide to a dog's best friend

Gardner, Lyn
Olivia's first term

Gardner, Sally
Silver blade
Door that led to where
My side of the diamond
Invisible in a bright light

Gardner, Sally Illus. Cai, Rovina
Wind in the wall

Gardner, Sally Illus. Roberts, David

Gardner, Scot
Bookmark days
Happy as Larry
Dead I know
Way we roll
Changing gear

Garland, Sally Anne
Percy and his amazing box of disguises
Bear was there

Garrett, Camryn
Full disclosure

Garson, Sarah
One, two, cockatoo

Garth, Claire
Grover and Squeak's farm adventure
Grover, Stretch and the broken leg

Garth, Claire Illus. Leak, Johannes
Amazing adventures of Grover McBane, rescue dog

Garward, Rhonda N.
Tilly's reef adventure

Gates, Stefan
Incredible edibles

Gatland-Veness, Meg
I had such friends

Gaughen, A.C.
Lady Thief

Gaughen, A.C.
Imprison the sky

Gavin, Jamila
School for princes : stories from the Panchatantra

Gavin, Rohan
Knightley and son

Gay, Marie-Louise
Any questions?

Geda, Fabio
In the sea there are crocodiles : the story of Enaiatollah Akbari

Gee, Maurice
Access Road
Limping man

Gehl, Laura
I got a chicken for my birthday

Gemeinhart, Dan
Honest truth

Gemmell, N. J.
Kensington reptilarium
Icicle Illuminarium
Luna laboratorium
Coco Banjo has been unfriended

Gemmill, Stef
Home for Luna

Genova, Lisa
Left neglected

George, Angela May
How I didn't straighten my hair (and other life lessons)

George, Angela May Illus. Swan, Owen

George, Denise
Mary Lee : the life and times of a 'turbulent anarchist' and her battle for women's rights

George, Elizabeth
Edge of nowhere
Edge of the water

George, Jessica Day
Sun and moon, ice and snow
Tuesdays at the castle
Wednesdays in the tower
Fridays with the wizards
Silver in the blood
Saturdays at sea

George, Nina
Book of dreams

Georget, Philippe
Summertime, all the cats are bored

Georgia Productions
Amazingly disorganised help dictionary

Georgievski, George
Lunchbox express

Geraerts, Erika
Me, too!

Geras, Adele
Two fearsome fairy tales from France : Beauty and the beast & Bluebeard

Gerlings, Rebecca

Germein, Katrina
My Dad thinks he's funny
Somebody's house

Germein, Katrina Dawson, Janine
Great goal! Marvellous mark! : an Aussie Rules alphabet book

Germein, Katrina Illus. Briggs, Karen
Tell 'em!

Germein, Katrina Illus. Jellett, Tom
My mum says the strangest things

Germein, Katrina Illus. Snell, Danny
Let's go strolling

Germein, Katrina Watson, Judy
Thunderstorm dancing

Gerrard, K. A. Illus. Dodd, Emma
My family is a zoo

Gerry, Lisa M.
100 things to make the world better!

Gervay, Susanne
Always Jack
Being Jack
Elephants have wings

Gervay, Susanne Geddes, Serena
Gracie and Josh

Gervay, Susanne Illus. Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie
Boy in the big blue glasses

Gervay, Susanne Pignataro, Anna
Ships in the field

Gewirtz, Adina
Blue window

Ghislain, Gary
How I stole Johnny Depp's alien girlfriend

Ghosh, Ronojoy
No place like home

Gianassi, Sara
Usborne illustrated traditional stories

Giarratano, Leah
Disharmony : the telling

Gibb, Camilla
Beauty of humanity movement

Gibbes, Lesley
Little Bear's first sleep

Gibbes, Lesley llus. Chang, Doris
Bouncing bouncing little joeys: a bush Christmas

Gibbes, Lesley Illus. Acton, Sara
Quick as a wink, Fairy Pink

Gibbes, Lesley Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Fizz and the dog academy rescue
Fizz and the police dog tryouts
Fizz and the show dog jewel thief
Fizz and the handbag dognapper

Gibbes, Lesley King, Stephen Michael
Scary night

Gibbes, Lesley llus. Dawson, Michelle

Gibbes, Lesley Watson, Judy
Searching for cicadas

Gibbs, Edward
I spy pets

Gibbs, May
Complete adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Meet Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Opposites : explore the world with May Gibbs' gumnut babies
Colours : a bush rainbow with May Gibbs' gumnut babies
First words : say hello with May Gibbs' gumnut babies
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie's underwater adventures
Gumnut babies : celebrating 100 years

Gibbs, May illus.
1 2 3

Gibson, Carlie Ainslie, Tamsin
Sisters Saint-Claire

Gibson, Carlie Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
Sisters Saint-Claire and the Royal Mouse Ball

Gibson, Ricky

Gifford, Clive Illus. Daviz, Paul
Race to space

Gifford, Lucinda
Arthur and the curiosity
Duck duck moose

Gillespie, Haven
Santa Claus is coming to town

Gilman, David
Monkey and me

Gilman, Laura Anne
Silver on the road
Cold eye
Red Waters Rising

Gittins, Chrissie
Stars in jars: New and collected poems

Glasfurd, Guinevere
Words in my hands

Glasgow, Kathleen
Girl in pieces
How to make friends with the dark

Gleeson, Libby
Mahtab's story
Banjo and Ruby Red

Gleeson, Libby Illus. Blackwood, Freya
Look, a book!
Cleo stories : the necklace and the present
Go to sleep, Jessie
Friend and a pet

Gleeson, Libby Illus. Greder, Armin
Great bear
I am Thomas

Gleeson, Libby Pignataro, Anna
Clare's goodbye

Gleeson, Libby Rudge, Leila
Mum goes to work

Gleitzman, Morris
Adults only
Too small to fail
Pizza cake and other funny stories
Loyal creatures
Toad delight
Snot chocolate and other funny stories
Help around the house

Glenday, Craig
Guinness world records 2016

Gliori, Debi
Scariest thing of all
What's the time, Mr Wolf?
Dragon loves Penguin
Alfie in the garden
Alfie in the bath
Little Owl's egg
All the way home

Glynn, Connie
Undercover princess
Princess in practice

Godbersen, Anna
Bright young things

Godwin, Jane
Bear make den
Hattie helps out
Go Go and the silver shoes
As happy as here

Godwin, Jane Illus. Blackwood, Freya
Birthday baby

Godwin, Jane Illus. Walker, Anna
Today we have no plans
Starting school
What do you wish for?

Godwin, Jane Illus. Yi, A.
Ivanhoe Swift left home at six

Godwin, Nicole Illus. Haughton, Demelsa

Godwin, Nicole Illus. Nielsen, Christopher

Goffe, S.
Zero to hero

Golabek, Mona
Children of Willesden Lane : a true story of hope and survival during World War II

Gold, Irma
Megumi and the bear

Goldblatt, David Acton, Johnny
Football book: the teams, the rules, the leagues, the tactics

Goldfarb, Bruce
18 tiny deaths : the untold story of Frances Glessner Lee &​ the invention of modern forensics

Golding, Julia
Diamond of Drury Lane

Golds, Cassandra
Mostly true story of Matthew and Trim
Three loves of Persimmon

Goldsworthy, Anna
Piano lessons
Melting moments

Goldsworthy, Peter

Gonzales, Sophie
Only mostly devastated

Goobie, Beth
Before wings

Goodfellow, Geoff
Waltzing with Jack Dancer: a slow dance with cancer
Opening the windows to catch the sea breeze
People's poet transformed

Goodhart, Pippa
Little Nelly's big book (of knowledge)

Goodman, Alison
Two pearls of wisdom
Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club
Lady Helen and the dark days pact
Lady Helen and the dark days deceit

Goodman, Susan E.
How do you burp in space?

Goodwin, Alex
Guinea pig nutcracker

Goonack, Cathy
Scaly-tailed possum and echidna

Gordon, Domenica More
Archie's holiday

Gordon, Gus
Herman and Rosie
Somewhere else
Last peach

Gordon, Kate
Three things about Daisy Blue
Writing Clementine

Gordon, Kate Illus. Flett, Sandy
Word ninja

Gordon, Maggie May Illus. Levina, Margarita
Polly Profiterole's little town: good enough to eat

Goss, Mini
Too cold for a tutu
Too hot for spots

Gough, Erin
Amelia Westlake

Gould, Sally
Dead certain

Gouldthorpe, Peter
No return : Captain Scott's race to the Pole
Ice, wind, rock : Douglas Mawson in the Antarctic
White mouse : the story of Nancy Wake

Gouldthorpe, Peter Illus Gouldthorpe, Lucy
Our dog knows words

Goundortseva, Irina
Mozzie with a sharp snozzie

Gourlay, Candy
Tall story

Grace, Violet
Girl who fell

Graeme-Evans, Posie
Wild wood
Island house

Graff, Lisa
Thing about Georgie

Graham, Bob
Zoltan : the magnificent
Miracle on Separation Street
April Underhill, tooth fairy
Bus called Heaven
Silver buttons
Vanilla ice cream
Home in the rain
Poesy ring
Underhills: a tooth fairy story

Graham, Linda J. ed.
Inclusive education for the 21st century: theory, policy and practice

Graham, Oakley Illus. Barnes, Kimberley
Sweet as sugar
Chicken Little

Graham, Oakley Illus. Caniac, Nina
Shiver me timbers

Graham, Oakley Illus. Ordas, Emi
Beowulf the brave

Grahame, Kenneth Stanley, Juliet Illus. Ingpen, Robert
Wind in the willows

Grange, Emma

Grant, Helen
Wish me dead

Grant, Jacob
Bear out there

Grant, Michael
Lies : a Gone novel
Plague: a Gone novel
Messenger of fear

Grant, Michael Applegate, Katherine
Eve and Adam

Grant, Mira

Grant, Neil
Ink bridge
Honeyman & the hunter

Grant, Neil ed.
From Kinglake to Kabul

Grant, Vicki
36 questions that changed my mind about you

Grant, Virginia
Australia's greatest landmarks and locations

Gratton, Tessa
Lost sun

Gratz, Alan
Ban this book

Graudin, Ryan
Walled city
Wolf by wolf

Gravas, Mark
Noodle bear

Gravel, Elise
Cranky ballerina
Olga and the smelly thing from nowhere

Gravelle, Karen
What's going on down there?: a boy's guide to growing up

Graves, Keith
Chicken big

Gravett, Emily
Cyril and Pat
Old hat

Gray, C.M.
Zombiefied: Outbreak

Gray, Claudia
Defy the stars

Gray, Keith
Ostrich boys

Gray, Kes Illus. Field, Jim
Oi frog
Oi dog
Oi Cat!
Oi duck-billed platypus

Gray, Kes Illus. Nayler, Sarah
Baby on board : a new baby is coming

Gray, Kes Illus. Sharratt, Nick
Daisy and the trouble with Christmas

Gray, Kes Illus. Wildish, Lee
Mum and dad glue

Gray, Kes Parsons, Garry
Nuddy Ned

Greagg, David
Dougal's Diary

Greaves, Laura
Amazing dogs with amazing jobs

Greder, Armin
Australia to z

Green, Caroline

Green, D.C.
Monster school
Goblin mafia wars
Dragon apocalypse

Green, Hank
Absolutely remarkable thing

Green, Jen
Women in science

Green, John
Fault in our stars

Green, John Levithan, David
Will Grayson Will Grayson

Green, Julia
Bringing the summer

Green, Sally
Half bad
Half wild
Smoke thieves

Green, Sophie
Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club
Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle

Green, Sophie Illus. Mountford, Karl James
Haunting of Peligan City

Green, Susan
Truth about Verity Sparks
Verity Sparks, lost and found
Verity Sparks and the scarlet hand

Greenberg, Imogen
Athena: the story of a goddess

Greenberg, Nicki
BOM! went the bear
Naughtiest reindeer
Teddy took the train
Naughtiest reindeer at the zoo
My dog Dash
Naughtiest reindeer goes south
Cursed first term of Zelda Stitch : bad teacher, worse witch
Meerkat choir
Naughtiest reindeer takes a bow
Morris the mole
Term two: too much witch
Miss Kraken

Greene, Rhonda Gowler
Let's go ABC! : things that go from A to Z

Greenwood, Kerry
Evan's Gallipoli
Murder and Mendelssohn

Greenwood, Kerry White, Annie

Greenwood, Mark
Diamond Jack
Lasseter's gold
Last tiger

Greenwood, Mark Denton, Terry
Boomerang and bat

Greenwood, Mark Illus. Denton, Terry

Greenwood, Mark Illus. Lessac, Frane
Legend of Moondyne Joe
Ned Kelly and the green sash
Greatest liar on earth

Greenwood, Mark Illus. MacLean, Andrew
Happiness box: a wartime book of hope

Greenwood, Mark Illus. Tulloch, Coral
Book of stone

Greenwood, Mark Lessac, Frane

Greer, Catherine
Love, lie, repeat

Gregg, Stacy
Diamond horse
Thunderbolt pony
Prince of ponies

Gregory, Karen

Gregory, Philippa
Women of the Cousins' War. The Duchess, the Queen, and the King's Mother
Lady of the rivers
Taming of the Queen
Three sisters, three queens

Gregory, Philippa Illus. Chatterton, Chris
Princess rules

Gregson, Julia
Jasmine Nights

Grenville, Kate
Searching for the secret river
Sarah Thornhill
One life : my mother's story

Grey, Andrew
Winnie-the-Pooh : Hide and peek
Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas stories

Grey, C. R.
Legacy of the claw

Grey, Emma
Tilly Maguire and the royal wedding mess

Grey, Emma C.

Grey, Melissa
Girl at midnight
Shadow hour

Grey, Mini
Bad bunnies' magic show
Three by the sea

Griffin, Paul
Ten mile river
Stay with me
When friendship followed me home
Saving Marty

Griffiths, Alex G
Bug collector

Griffiths, Andy
Laugh your head off again
52-storey treehouse
Barky the Barking Dog
Ten unlucky pirates
Laugh your head off again and again!

Griffiths, Andy Illus. Terry Denton
65-storey treehouse

Griffiths, Andy Denton, Terry
Just doomed
Cat, the rat and the baseball bat

Griffiths, Andy ed. Illus. Innocent, Andrea
Laugh your head off 4 ever

Griffiths, Andy Illus. Denton, Terry
91-storey treehouse
104-storey treehouse

Griffiths, Elly
Girl called Justice

Grimes, Nikki
Planet middle school

Grindley, Sally
Torn pages
Bitter chocolate
Paw prints in the snow
Feathers in the wind

Grochowicz, Joanna
Into the white : Scott's Antarctic odyssey
Amundsen's way: the race to the South Pole

Grosset and Dunlap
Octonauts creature report

Grossman, David

Grossman, Emily Illus. Bowsher, Alice
Brain-fizzing facts: awesome science questions answered

Groth, Darren
Are you seeing me?
Exchange of heart

Gruen, Sara
Water for elephants

Gruss, Karin Krejtschi, Tobias
One red shoe

Grylls, Bear
Mud, sweat and tears
Strike of the Shark
Claws of the Crocodile
Blizzard challenge
Knots : tips and tricks to survive in the wild
Camping : tips and tricks to survive in the wild
Dangers and emergencies : tips and tricks to survive in the wild
Maps and navigation : tips and tricks to survive in the wild

Guest, Patrick
That's what wings are for

Guest, Patrick Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Second sky

Guillain, Charlotte
My first book of transport

Guille, Derek
Promise : the town that never forgets

Gurley, Jason

Gurr, Brenda
Crumbling castle

Guthrie, Mike
My first book of jokes

Gutman, Colas
Pointless leopard : what good are kids anyway?

Gwynne, Phillip
Catch the Zolt
Yamashita's gold
Little owl
Brothers from a different mother
Lords of Melody

Gwynne, Phillip Illus. Foye, Lloyd
10 green geckos

Gwynne, Phillip Illus. Rogers, Gregory
What's wrong with the wobbegong?

Gwynne, Phillip Illus. Whatley, Bruce
Queen with the wobbly bottom
Yobbos do yoga

Gwynne, Phillip McCann, Eliza Illus. Jellett, Tom
Little piggy's got no moves

Gwyther, Sheryl
Sweet adversity


Hatched : celebrating 20 years of the Tim Winton Award for Young Writers
High five to the boys: a celebration of ace Australian men
Harry Potter : creatures : a paper scene book
Harry Potter: a history of magic

Haas, Abigail
Dangerous girls

Hackett, Dave
Summer of kicks
Time for bed, Daddy

Hacohen, Dean
Tuck me in!

Haddon, Mark

Hadfield, Chris
Darkest dark

Hadlow, Janice
Other Bennet sister

Haeringen, Annemarie van
My mama

Hager, Mandy

Haig, Francesca
Fire sermon

Haines, Kathryn Miller
Girl is murder

Hair, David
Bone tiki

Halberstam, Gaby
Noor Inayat Khan : Muslim pacifist. British spy. National hero

Hale, Eleni
Stone girl

Hale, Nick
Sudden death

Hale, Shannon
Book of a thousand days
Princess Academy
Forest born
Ever After High: Once Upon a Time: A Story Collection
Forgotten sisters

Hale, Shannon Hale, Dean Illus. LeUyen Pham
Princess in black

Hale, Shannon Hale, Dean Illus. LeUyen Pham
Princess in black and the perfect princess party
Princess in Black and the hungry bunny horde
Princess in black and the mysterious playdate
Princess in black and the science fair scare

Hall, Alyce Illus. Fisher, Katrina
Perfect puppy

Hall, Leanne
This is Shyness
Iris and the tiger

Hall, Lincoln
Alive in the death zone

Hall, Michael
Red : a crayon's story
Little i
Monkey time

Hall, Rodney
Love without hope

Hall, Rose Illus. Cosgrove, Lee

Hall, Susan
10 bush babies

Hall, Susan Illus. Westenberg, Cheryl
What's dad doing

Hall, Susan Illus. Zouwer, Naomi
Rescue ark

Hall, Susan llus. Westenberg, Cheryl
I wish I could be a superhero

Hall, Sylvia
Circle of fire

Hall, Tiffiny
White ninja
Red samurai
Black warrior

Hall, Tiffiny Illus. Tortop, Anil
First time for everything

Halliday, Susan Illus. Jellett, Tom
Quiz champs
Award winners
Lost dogs
Thirteen dolphins
Netball challenge

Hallifax, Clare Illus. O'Carrigan, Simon
Never forget

Halligan, Katherine
Her story: 50 women and girls who shook the world

Hamer, Michelle
Meet Daisy
Daisy all alone
Daisy in the mansion

Hamid, Yasmin
Swimming on the lawn

Hamilton, Alwyn
Rebel of the sands
Traitor to the throne

Hamilton, Anne
Many-coloured realm

Hamilton, Peter F.
Hunting of the princes
Salvation lost

Hamlyn, Charlotte Rose
Opposite land

Hammond, Andrew
Gallows curse
Traitor's revenge

Han, Jenny
It's not summer without you

Hand, Cynthia
Afterlife of Holly Chase

Hand, Cynthia Ashton, Brodi Meadows, Jodi.
My lady Jane : the not entirely true story

Handford, Martin
Where's Wally? : the incredible paper chase
Where's Wally? : the totally essential travel collection
Where's Wally? : the great picture hunt!
Where's Wally? : destination: everywhere!

Handicott, Ben
Hello atlas

Handler, Daniel
Why we broke up

Hannah, Sophie
Narrow bed

Hansen, Andrew Roberts, Jessica
Weird beard
Giant moth mummy
Spongy void

Hansen, Andrew Illus. Roberts, Jessica
Prickly battle

Hanson, Faye
Midnight at the zoo

Harding, David
Race to the finish
Chance of a lifetime
Standing tall
Reality check

Harding, Traci
Storyteller's muse

Hardinge, Frances
Cuckoo song
Lie Tree
Skinful of shadows

Hardy, David
Alfie's search for destiny
Alfie's big wish

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood
Deathless girls

Hargreaves, Adam
Mr. Mo

Hargreaves, Adam
My perfect pet

Hargreaves, Adam Hargreaves, Roger
Little Miss Princess

Harkness, Deborah
Discovery of witches
Shadow of night
Time's convert

Harland, Richard

Harmer, Wendy
Pearlie and the big doll
Pearlie and Great Aunt Garnet
I lost my mobile at the mall
Pearlie and the Cherry Blossom Fairy
Pearlie and the silver fern fairy
Pearlie in Paris
Pearlie and the flamenco fairy
I made lattes for a love god
Up and away
Pearlie goes to Rio
Accidental adventurer

Harnett, Katie
Ivy and the lonely raincloud

Harper, Glyn
Gladys goes to war
My grandfather's war

Harper, H. J.
Raising the dead
Curse of the werewolf
Ninja code
Lights, Camera, Action Hero
Robot reboot
Box office smash
Final cut
Monkey business
Bureau of Mysteries and the Mechanomancers

Harper, Jane
Force of nature
Lost man

Harrell, Rob

Harrington, Hannah

Harris, Chloe Jasmine
Maple the brave
Henry Turnip

Harris, Chris Illus. Smith, Lane
I'm just no good at rhyming and other nonsense for mischievous kids and immature grown-ups

Harris, Christine Illus. James, Ann
It's a miroocool!
Dead wrong
Chinese whispers

Harris, Fiona
Musical Markus
Dramatic Dom
Giggling Gertie
Nervous Nellie

Harris, Joanne

Harris, M.G.
Black horizon

Harris, Robie H.
Crash! boom!: a maths tale

Harris, Robie H. Illus. Chatterton, Chris
Now what?: a math tale

Harris, Tayla
More than a kick: footy, the photo and me

Harris, Tim
Painted dogs and doom cakes
Mr Bambuckle's remarkables
Mr Bambuckle's remarkables fight back
Mr Bambuckle's remarkables go wild
Mr Bambuckle's remarkables on the lookout

Harris, Tim Illus. Foley, James
Fully booked
Great river race

Harrison, Cora
I was Jane Austen's best friend

Harrison, Erica
Cautionary tail

Harrison, Jane
Becoming Kirrali Lewis

Harrison, Lisi
Where there's a wolf there's a way

Harrison, Michelle

Harrison, Paula
Secret promise

Harrison, Penny Illus. Barrow, Evie
Bronte: me and my boots

Harrison, Penny Illus. Forward, Megan
Emily Green's garden

Harrison, Penny Illus. Jones, Gwynneth
Dance with me

Harrison, Penny Illus. Pratley, Penelope
Art garden

Harrison, Penny Illus. Wilson, Kate

Harrison, Troon
Horse road
Red river stallion

Harrold, A.F.
Fizzlebert Stump and the bearded boy
Fizzlebert Stump : the boy who cried fish
Fizzlebert Stump and the boy who did P.E. in his pants
Song from somewhere else
Fizzlebert Stump and the great supermarket showdown
Greta Zargo and the death robots from outer space
Greta Zargo and the amoeba monsters from the middle of the Earth

Harrop, Isobel
Isobel journal

Harrower, Elizabeth
Watch tower
In certain circles

Harry, Pip
Head of the river
Because of you
Little wave

Harry, Rebecca
Snow Bunny's Christmas gift

Harstad, Johan
172 hours on the moon

Hart, Caryl
Princess and the presents

Hart, Caryl Lord, Leonie
Whiffy Wilson : the wolf who wouldn't go to school

Hart, Caryl Illus. Woollvin, Bethan
Meet the planets

Hart, Miranda
Girl with the lost smile

Hart, Pamela
Soldier's wife
Letter from Italy

Hart, Rhiannon
Blood song

Hart, Stephen
Lighthouse at Pelican Rock

Hartley, David Illus. Baldwin, Peter
TC and the stinkiest story ever (in the history of the universe)

Hartley, David Illus. Baldwin, Peter
TC and the curse of the exploding doll

Hartley, Elise Illus. Horsfall, Shannon
Dear Santa

Hartman, Rachel
Tess of the road

Hartnett, Sonya
Midnight zoo
Golden boys

Hartnett, Sonya Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Boy and the toy
Come down, cat!
Children of the king
Wild one

Harvey, Alyxandra
Blood feud
Out for blood
Haunting Violet
Bleeding hearts
Stolen away
Blood prophecy
Breath of frost
Whisper the dead

Harvey, Derek
Explanatorium of science

Harvey, Derek Illus. Pepper, Charlotte
Through the animal kingdom

Harvey, Jacqueline
Alice-Miranda at school
Alice-Miranda on Holiday
Alice-Miranda in New York
Alice-Miranda shows the way
Clementine Rose and the surprise visitor
Clementine Rose and the pet day disaster
Alice-Miranda in Paris
Clementine Rose and the perfect present
Clementine Rose and the farm fiasco
Alice-Miranda shines bright
Alice-Miranda in Japan
Clementine Rose and the seaside escape
Clementine Rose and the treasure box
Alice-Miranda at camp
Clementine Rose and the famous friend
Alice-Miranda at the palace
Clementine Rose and the ballet break in
Clementine Rose and the movie magic
Clementine Rose and the birthday emergency
Clementine Rose and the special promise
Alice-Miranda to the rescue
Alice-Miranda holds the key
Clementine Rose and the wedding wobbles
Alice-Miranda in China
Alice-Miranda in Hollywood
Breaking news
Disappearing act
Clementine Rose and the bake-off dilemma
Alice-Miranda keeps the beat
Alice-Miranda 3 in 1
Alice-Miranda friends forever: the official movie script
Out of sight
Clementine Rose and the best news yet
Alice-Miranda at school
Alice-Miranda in the outback

Harvey, Roland
All the way to W.A. : our search for Uncle Kev
On the farm : our holiday with Uncle Kev
Everything we ever saw from the beach to the bush and more
Wombats go on camp
Wombats at the zoo
On the river

Harvey-Smith, Lisa Illus. Mathews, Mel
Under the stars: astrophysics for bedtime

Hasak-Lowy, Todd
Me being me is exactly as insane as you being you

Hashimi, Nadia
One half from the East

Haslam, CJ.
Orla and the serpent's curse

Haston, Meg

Hatcher, Scott
Not like Georgie

Hatfield, Ruth
Book of storms

Hathorn, Libby
Fire song
ABC book of Australian poetry
I love you book
Soldier, a dog and a boy

Hathorn, Libby Hathorn-Jarman, Lisa Illus. Pearce, Mel
No! Never : a cautionary tale

Hathorn, Libby Illus. Lesnie, Phil
Miss Franklin: how Miles Franklin's brilliant career began

Hathorn, Libby Illus. Voutila, Ritva
Butterfly, we're expecting you

Hattie, Ellie Mountford, Karl James
Curious case of the missing mammoth

Haughton, Chris
Bit lost
Goodnight everyone
Don't worry, Little Crab

Hautzig, Deborah
Second star to the right

Hawke, Rosanne
Marrying Ameera
Taj and the great camel trek
Killer ute
Kelsey and the quest of the porcelain doll
Kerenza : a new Australian
Truth about peacock blue
Jehan and the quest of the lost dog
Finding Kerra: beyond borders

Hawkes, Ben
What is a crocodile's favourite thing?

Hawkes, Chris
What's where on Earth atlas

Hawking, Lucy
George's cosmic treasure hunt

Hawkins, Ed
Bookie gambler fixer spy : a journey to the corrupt heart of cricket's underworld

Hawkins, Elizabeth
Ben's birthdays

Hawkins, Paula
Girl on the train

Hawkins, Tracey
Martha's journey
Nancy Bentley : the first Australian female sailor
Canberra : federal capital

Hawkins, Tracey Illus. Tortop, Anil
Leaping Lola

Haworth, Katie Illus. Williamson, Jo
Petunia Paris's parrot

Haworth-Attard, Barbara

Hay, Gay Illus. Tolland, Margaret
Watch out, snail
Go, green gecko

Hay, Gay Tolland, Margaret
Fantail's quilt

Hayes, Felix
Cardboard robot
Doctor Monkey
In the garden

Hayes, Gwen
Falling under

Hayes, Nicole
Whole of my world
One true thing

Hayes, Paula
Lily in the mirror

Hayes, Rosemary
Blue-eyed Aborigine

Haynes, Elizabeth
Into the darkest corner

Haynes, Simon
Secret signal
Missing case

Hazen, Lynn E.

Healey, Jane
Animals at Lockwood Manor

Healey, Karen
Guardian of the dead
When we wake
While we run

Healy, Luke
How to survive in the north

Hearle, M.J.
Winter's light

Hearn, Lian
Emperor of the Eight Islands
Lord of the Darkwood : the tale of Shikanoko
Orphan warriors
Sibling assassins

Heath, Jack
Human flytrap
Spider army
Squid slayer
Cut out
Haunted book
300 minutes of danger
400 minutes of danger
Fail safe
500 minutes of danger
Truth app
No survivors
Set up
200 minutes of danger

Heeter, Michelle
Riggs Crossing

Heffernan, John
Where there's smoke
Harry's war
Two tales of brothers from ancient Mesopotamia

Heffernan, Nanette Illus. Luu, Bao
Earth hour: a global lights-out event for our planet

Hegarty, Ruth
Creatures of Dryden Gully

Hegarty, Shane Illus. de la Rue, James
Worlds explode

Hegarty, Shane Illus. Mantle, Ben
Boot: small robot, big adventure

Hehir, Tim
Julius and the watchmaker
Julius and the soulcatcher

Heinecke, Liz Lee
Star Wars maker lab

Heiss, Anita
Harry's secret
Our race for reconciliation

Heiss, Anita ed.
Growing up Aboriginal in Australia

Helidoniotis, Kathy
Nice girls don't play footy

Hellard, Bernadette Illus. MacInnes, Cat
Pivot and win
Defend to the end

Helmore, Jim
Oh no, monster tomato

Henderson, Alisha
Millie Muffin

Henderson, Don

Henderson, Robert
I see, I see

Hendra, Sue
No-bot: the robot with no bottom
Run, veggies, run

Hendrick, Kate

Hendrix, John
Shooting at the Stars: the Christmas Truce of 1914

Hendry, Lorna
All about graphs
Colossal book of colours

Henkes, Kevin

Henn, Sophy
Where bear

Hennessy, Claire
Nothing tastes as good

Hennessy, Rachel
Heaven I swallowed

Henry, April
Girl, stolen
Lonely dead

Henry-Jones, Eliza
P is for pearl

Henseleit, Jack
Vampire knife

Herborn, Daniel
You're the kind of girl I write songs about

Heron, Steve Illus. Macfarlane, Tash

Herrera, Juan Felipe

Herrick, Steven
Simple gift
Place like this
Love, ghosts and nose hair
Slice : juicy moments from my impossible life
Black painted fingernails
Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriend
Bleakboy and Hunter stand out in the rain
Another night in mullet town
Bogan mondrian

Hest, Amy
Little chick

Hest, Amy Illus. Desmond, Jenni
On the night of the shooting star

Heyer, Georgette
Snowdrift : and other stories

Hiaasen, Carl
Skink no surrender

Hibbert, Kelly Graham, Amanda
Fancy pants

Higgins, Chris
My funny family moves house
Trouble at school

Higgins, Chris Illus. MacKenzie, Emily
Trouble on the farm

Higgins, F.E.
Tangle of traitors

Higgins, Jack
Sharp shot
First strike

Higgins, Jane

Higgins, Richard

Higgins, Ryan T.
Santa Bruce

Higgins, Simon
Moonshadow: Wrath of Silver Wolf

Higson, Charlie
By Royal Command

Hill, David
Flight path

Hill, David Illus. Colston, Fifi
Red poppy

Hill, David Illus. Morris, Phoebe
Taking the lead: how Jacinda Ardern wowed the world

Hill, Eric
Find Spot at the library
Where's Spot?

Hill, Will

Hillman, Robert

Hillyard, Kim
Mabel and the Mountain

Hilton, Nette
Pyro Watson and the hidden treasure
First adventures of Princess Peony: In which she could meet a bear. But doesn't. But she still could

Hilton, Nette Illus. Agostino, Vincent
My silent world

Hilton, Nette Illus. Whatley, Bruce
Smallest bilby and the Easter tale

Hinds, Gareth
King Lear : a play
Odyssey : a graphic novel
Macbeth / a play by William Shakespeare
Poe : stories and poems : a graphic novel adaptation
Iliad: a graphic novel

Hinwood, Christine

Hirsch, Odo
Amelia Dee and the peacock lamp
Darius Bell and the glitter pool
Three favourites
Darius Bell and the crystal bees

Hirst, Daisy
Alphonse, that is not ok to do
I do not like books anymore!

Hoag, Tami
Cold cold heart
Bitter season

Hoare, Ben
Anthology of intriguing animals

Hoban, Russell Illus. Deacon, Alexis

Hobb, Robin
Blood of dragons

Hobbs, Leigh
Mr Chicken goes to Paris
Mr Badger and the big surprise
Mr Badger and the missing ape
Mr Badger and the difficult duchess
Horrible Harriet's inheritance
Big book of Old Tom
Mr Chicken lands on London
Big book of Mr Badger
Mr Chicken lands on London
Mr Chicken arriva a Roma = Mr Chicken arrives in Rome
Freaks on the loose
Mr Chicken all over Australia

Hocking, Amanda

Hodgkinson, Leigh
Goldilocks and just the one bear
Are you sitting comfortably

Hodgson, Antonia
Devil in the Marshalsea

Hodkin, Michelle
Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Hof, Marjolijn
Against the odds

Hoffman, Alice
Marriage of opposites
Rules of magic
World that we knew

Hoffman, Mary
Stravaganza: City of ships
Grace at Christmas

Hoffmann, E.T.A.

Hofmeyr, David
Stone rider

Hofmeyr, Dianne
Magic bojabi tree

Hogan, Bex

Hoge, Robert
Ugly : a beaut story about one very ugly kid

Holcombe, Ella Illus. Cox, David
House on the mountain

Holder, Nancy Viguie, Debbie
Hot blooded

Holland, Sara

Holland, Simon
Miscellany of magical beasts
Picture atlas: an incredible journey

Holmes, Janet A. Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Blue sky, yellow kite

Holowaty, Lauren
George and the dinosaur
Peppa the Easter bunny
Where's Peppa's magical unicorn
Peppa's play date

Holt, Guy
From space to core: a journey to the centre of the earth

Holt, Sharon
Your mother didn't do that!

Holton-Ramirez, Tracey
Little corroboree frog

Holub, Joan, Illus. Burks, James
Itty Bitty kitty

Holzl, Lisa
Found : the art of recycling
Found and made : the art of upcycling

Honey, Elizabeth
That's not a daffodil!
Ten blue wrens and what a lot of wattle!
Hop up! Wriggle over
Stories from Stella Street

Hood, Susan
Double take! : a new look at opposites

Hook, Jason lllus. Demonti, Ilaria
Wendy and the wallpaper cat

Hooper, Mary
Newes from the dead
Fallen Grace
Disgrace of Kitty Grey
Poppy in the field

Hoover, Colleen

Hope, Charles
Book of gross body facts
Book of Australian animals

Hope, Charles Illus. Racklyeft., Jess
Year of the rat

Hopgood, Tim
Truth according to Arthur

Horacek, Judy
Yellow is my favourite colour
These are my hands ; These are my feet

Horacek, Petr

Horne, Fiona

Horne, Sarah
Paws, claws and frilly drawers

Horniman, Joanne
About a girl

Hornung, Eva
Dog boy

Horowitz, Anthony
Crocodile tears
More bloody Horowitz
Scorpia rising
Russian roulette
Trigger mortis
Magpie murders
Never say die
Secret weapon

Horowitz, Anthony adapted by Tony Lee
Raven's Gate : the graphic novel

Horowitz, Anthony Script Johnston, Antony
Eagle strike : the graphic novel

Horsfall, Shannon
Was not me

Horsfield, Alan
Pink snowman

Horton, Ben
Monster Republic

Hosford, Kate
How the Queen found the perfect cup of tea

Hosking, Jackie
Croc and the platypus

Houbein, Lolo
Island girl

House, Rowena
Goose road

House, Silas
Eli the good
Same sun here

Houston, Bronwyn
Counting aussie animals in my backyard
Return of the dinosaurs
Animals in my garden

Howard, Charli

Howard, Edwina
Ice-cream war
Boy from Snowy River

Howard, Martin
Charles Dickens's a Christmas carol

Howard, Paul
I went to the supermarket
I went to see Santa
I went trick-or-treating

Howard, Shane
Solid rock = Puli Kunpunka = Sacred ground

Howarth, Kylie
Fish jam
1, 2, pirate stew
Fish kid and the lizard ninja
Fish kid and the mega manta ray

Howe, Christine
Song in the dark

Howell, Katherine
Web of deceit

Howell, Simmone
Girl defective

Howey, Hugh

Hoy, Catriona Illus. Webster, Mal
Our Gags

Hoyle, Tom

Hubbard, Jennifer R.
Try not to breathe

Huber, Raymond
Flight of the honey bee

Hubery, Julia Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Hare, a hound and shy mousey brown

Hubery, Julia Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Ballad of Henry Hoplingsea

Hucklesby, Jill
If I could fly

Hudson, Ella
Hudson hates school

Hudson, Tara

Huggins-Cooper, Lynn
One boy's war

Hughes, Dave
Excuse me!

Hughes, Dave Illus. Bunting, Philip
Excuse me, Santa!

Hughes, Dave Illus. McKenzie, Heath
How not to annoy Dad

Hughes, Hollie Hodgkinson, Leigh
Famishing vanishing mahoosive mammoth

Hughes, Hollie Illus. Allwright, Deborah
Princess Swashbuckle

Hughes, Hollie Illus. Massini, Sarah
Girl and the dinosaur

Hughes, Jenny Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
House of her own

Hughes, Jenny Illus. Jonathan Bentley
Lilac ladies

Hughes, Laura
We're going on an egg hunt

Hughes, Shirley
Don't want to go
Christmas Eve ghost
Hero on a bicycle
Ruby in the ruins

Hughes, Ted
How the whale became and other stories

Hughes, Ted Illus. Mould, Chris
Iron Man: a story in five nights

Hull, Karen
Let's count kisses
Love you, Mum

Hulme, Celeste
Mila and the missing lions
Little Red Riding Hood

Hulme-Cross, Benjamin
House of memories
Viking's revenge
Knight's enemies

Hume, Clair Illus. Jellett, Tom
Bad Bassinis

Hume, Lachie
Banjo bounces back

Hunt, David Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
My real friend

Hunt, Des
Whale Pot Bay

Hunt, Julie
Shine mountain

Hunt, Julie Illus. Brooks, Ron

Hunt, Julie Norling, Beth
Trick rider
On the run
Ghost hunter
Song for a scarlet runner

Hunt, Steven Masciullo, Lucia
Nose pixies

Hunter, Eirlys
Mapmakers' race

Hunter, Erin
Code of honor

Hunter, Kate
Curry for Murray

Hunter, Naomi
Secret safe to tell

Hunter, Nick
Plague unclassified : secrets of the great plague revealed
Great Fire of London unclassified : secrets revealed
World War I unclassified : secrets of World War I revealed
World War I: the story behind the war that shook the world
World War II: the story behind the war that divided the world

Hunter, Ruby Roach, Archie
Butcher paper, texta, blackboard and chalk

Hurley, Josey Illus. Appleby, Katherine
Max the mighty

Hurst, Elise
Imagine a city
Adelaide's secret world

Hush Music Foundation
Hush treasure book

Hutchings, Maggie Illus. Orsini, Cheryl

Hutchison, Barry
Roald Dahl's George's marvellous experiments

Huxley, Dee
My brother

Hyde, Lily
Dream land


Iacopelli, Jennifer
Break the fall

Ibbotson, Eva
Secret countess
Magic flutes

Ibrahim, Marawa
Girl guide

Ieronimo, Christine
Thirst for home : a story of water across the world

Impey, Rose
Ten little babies

Impey, Rose Chatterton, Chris
Digger disaster
Crane calamity
Dumper truck danger

Ingpen, Robert
Boy from Bowral : the story of Sir Donald Bradman

Ingram, Tania
Dog on log
Great barbie disaster
Oma's buttons

Ink Robin Larkum, Adam
Royal fairytale: Kate and William

Inkpen, Chloe Inkpen, Mick
Zoe's Christmas list

Inkpen, Mick
This is my book
Kipper's little friends

Inkpen, Mick Illus. Inkpen, Chloe
Pants on the moon!

Inkwell, Poppy
Bloodlust and blunders

Innes, Shona
Internet is like a puddle
Playground is like the jungle
Family is like a cake
You are like you
Worries are like clouds

Inverarity, Gina
Brown dog

Inverarity, Gina compiler
Possum magic cookbook

Ireland, Joe

Ireland, Justina
Dread nation

Irvine, Ian
Headless highwayman
Summon stone

Irving, Washington Retold by Hoena, B.A.
Legend of Sleepy hollow

Irwin, Robert
Big book of dinosaurs

Isaac, Catherine
Messy, wonderful us

Ismail, Yasmeen
Time for bed, Fred
I'm a girl!

Italiano, Natalie Illus. Cuttler, Annabel
Dear Santa, love Floss

Ivanoff, George
Gamers' challenge
Gamers' rebellion
Treasure of Dead Man's Cove
Mayhem at Magic School
Maze of doom
Haunting of Spook House
Night of the creepy carnival
Alien invaders from beyond the stars
Treasure of Dead Man's Cove ; Mayhem at magic school
Remote rescue
Emergency echo
Meet the flying doctors
Perfect world
Game world
Dark world
Australia survival guide: Australia is trying to kill you - this book will save your life!


J, Sammy
Long class goodnight

Jaara Community with Thompson, Liz
Bunjil the eagle : a story from Jaara Community

Jackson Hill, Diane
Annabel's dance

Jackson Hill, Diane Illus. Poli, Giuseppe
Baby band

Jackson, Alys Illus. McGrath, Shane
Land belongs to me

Jackson, Holly
Good girl's guide to murder

Jackson, Tom Illus. Mould, Chris
Amazing transport: journey through the history of transport

Jackson, Tom Illus.Mould, Chris
Machines in motion: the amazing history of transportation

Jacobs, Jaco
Good night for shooting zombies

Jacobson, Jennifer
Small as an elephant

Jacobson, Megan
Build-up season

Jager, Anja de
Cold case in Amsterdam Central

Jago, Lucy
Montacute House

Jaireth, Subhash
Spinoza's overcoat : travels with writers and poets

Jamal, Nadia
Headstrong daughters: inspiring stories from the new generation of Australian Muslim women

James, Ann
Bird and bear and the special day

James, Anna Illus. Escobar, Paola
Tilly and the bookwanderers

James, Greg
Kid Normal and the rogue heroes

James, Greg Smith, Chris
Kid normal

James, Holly Illus. Tolson, Hannah
In the city

James, Laura
Captain Pug : the dog who sailed the seas
Cowboy Pug : the dog who rode for glory
Safari Pug: the dog who walked on the wild side
Fabio the world's greatest detective: the case of the missing hippo
Mystery on the ostrich express

James, Laura Illus. Ceulemans, Eglantine
Pirate Pug: the dog who rocked the boat

James, Lauren
Next together
Loneliest girl in the universe
Quiet at the end of the world

James, Mia
By midnight
Darkness falls

James, Peter
Dead at first sight

James, Petra
Code crimson
White fright
Ruby red

James, Petra Illus. Dinallo, Alissa
I love my dad because

James, Petra Illus. Dinallo, Alissa
I love my mum because

James, Petra Illus. Vi, A.
Hapless hero Henrie

James, Petra Illus. Zobel, Anna
Most ungrateful girl in the world

James, Rebecca
Sweet damage
Cooper Bartholomew is dead

Jamieson, Tom
Big bad mood

Jamieson, Trent
Giant and the sea

Janeczko, Paul B.
Requiem : Poems of the Terezin Ghetto

Janu, Tamsin
Figgy and the President
Figgy in the world
Figgy takes the city
Winston and the wondrous Wooba gymnastics club

Jarman, Julia

Jarman, Julia Reynolds, Adrian
Big yellow digger
Big bouncy bed

Tropical Terry

Jarzab, Anna

Jasinska, Alicia
Dark tide

Jaunn, Adele
Bernard's plane trip

Jay, Alison
Christmas time
Little Red Riding Hood
Twelve days of Christmas
Bee and Me

Jaye, Penny
Out of the cages

Jefferies, Cindy
Dark water

Jeffers, Oliver
How to catch a star
Up and down
Once upon an alphabet
Hueys in none the number
Here we are: notes for living on planet Earth
Boy, his stories and how they came to be
Fate of Fausto: a painted fable

Jeffers, Oliver Winston, Sam
Child of books

Jeffrey, Belinda
Big river, little fish
It wasn't me

Jenkins, A. M.
Beating heart : a ghost story

Jenkins, Lynette Fay Lonergan, Kirrili
Ollie's treasure : happiness is easy to find if you just know where to look
Perfect petunias

Jenkins, Lynn Fay
Lessons of a LAC

Jenkins, Lynn Illus. Lonergan, Kirrili
Tree: a gentle story of love and loss

Jenkins, Martin
Miguel De Cervantes Don Quixote
Bird builds a nest

Jenkins, Martin Illus. Smythe, Richard
Fox in the night

Jenkins, Martin Illus. White, Vicky
Can we save the tiger?

Jennings, Kate

Jennings, Paul
Rascal and the hot air balloon

Jennings, Paul Illus. Kelly, Geoff
Different boy
Different land

Jennings, Paul Illus. Smith, Craig
Unforgettable what's his name

Jennings, Paul Illus. Weldon, Andrew
Don't look now. Book one
Don't look now. Book two
Don't look now. Book three
Don't look now. Book four
Different dog

Jennings, Sarah
My feelings

Jensen, Oskar
Yelling stones : a viking tale of myth and magic

Jewel Illus. Bates, Amy June
That's what I'd do

Jinks, Catherine
Reformed vampire support group
Abused werewolf rescue group
Paradise trap
Very unusual pursuit
Very peculiar plague
Very singular guild
Saving Thanehaven
Theophilus Grey and the demon thief
Theophilus Grey and the traitor's mask

Jobling, Curtis
Rise of the Wolf

Jocelyn, Marthe
Sneaky art : crafty surprises for hide in plain sight

Johannes, Shelley
Beatrice Zinker, upside down thinker

John, Jory
All right already!: a snowy story

John, Jory Illus. Oswald, Pete
Good egg

John, Jory Illus. Smith, Lane
Penguin problems
Giraffe problems

John, Louise
Emperor's new clothes

Johnson, Julia
Leopard boy

Johnson, Julia Claiborne
Be Frank with me

Johnson, Maureen
Name of the star
Madness underneath
Suite Scarlett
Scarlett fever
Shadow Cabinet

Johnson, Maureen Green, John Myracle, Lauren
Let it snow : three holiday romances

Johnson, Mo Illus. Josse, Annabelle
Noah's garden

Johnson, Pete
TV time travellers

Johnson, Rebecca
At the show
Great pet plan
Big flood
Welcome to Willowvale

Johnson, Rebecca Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Meet Katie at the beach

Johnston, E. K.
Story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim
That inevitable Victorian thing

Johnston, Nicky
Worst pain in the world

Johnston, Stephen
Other side of nowhere

Jolly, Jane Heinrich, Sally
Papa sky

Jolly, Jane Illus. Ingpen, Robert
Tea and sugar Christmas
Radio rescue

Jolly, Jane Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Man with small hair

Jonell, Lynne
Emmy and the home for troubled girls

Jones, Allan Frewin
Rhiannon of the spring
Destiny's path

Jones, Andy
Awesome book of rap, rhyme and putrid poetry

Jones, Carrie
Time stoppers

Jones, Cerberus
Midnight mercenary

Jones, Christianne C.
Morning mystery

Jones, Diana Wynne

Jones, Gareth P.
No true echo

Jones, Harmony
High note

Jones, Helen
In her own name: a history of women in South Australia from 1836

Jones, Holly Goddard
Next time you see me

Jones, J. C.
Run, Pip, run
Pip and Houdini

Jones, Lynda
Mrs Lincoln's dressmaker

Jones, Pip
Daddy's sandwich

Jones, Pip Illus. Okstad, Ella K.
Supermarket sweep
Squishy McFluff the invisible cat meets mad Nana Dot

Jones, Pip Illus. Okstad, Ella K.
Squishy McFluff the invisible cat meets mad Nana Dot

Jones, Rob Lloyd
Wild boy
Jake Atlas and the tomb of the emerald snake
Jake Atlas and the hunt for the feathered god
Jake Atlas and the quest for the crystal mountain

Jones, Sam

Jones, Sandie
Half sister

Jones, Ursula
Witch's children goes to school

Jonsberg, Barry
Blacky blasts back! : on the tail of the Tassie tiger
Being here
My life as an alphabet
Game theory
Dog's tale
Song only I can hear

Jordan, Mary Ellen
Lazy Daisy, busy Lizzie

Jordan, Sherryl
Anger of angels

Jordan, Toni

Jorgensen, Norman
Wreckers' revenge

Joyce, Graham
Devil's ladder

Joyce, William
Fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Bean, a stalk and a boy named Jack
Ollie's odyssey

Joyner, Andrew
Boris gets a lizard
Boris on show
Slow down Boris
Pink hat

Jozefkowicz, Ewa
Mystery of the colour thief

Jules, Jacqueline
My family adventure

Julien, Maude
Only girl in the world : a memoir

Jullien, Jean

Jung, Reinhardt Illus. Chichester Clark, Emma
Bambert's book of missing stories

Jurevicius, Nathan


Kacer, Kathy
Diary of Laura's twin
To hope and back

Kadarusman, Michelle
Theory of hummingbirds

Kadohata, Cynthia
Thing about luck

Kagawa, Julie
Eternity cure

Kaiser, Lisbeth
Maya Angelou

Kalkipsakis, Thalia
Head spinners : six stories to twist your brain
Sink or swim
Lifespan of starlight

Kalu, Chi Mary Illus. Jordanovic-Lewis, Jelena
Africa day

Kamara, Mariatu
Bite of the mango

Kanani, Sheila
Space on Earth

Kanani, Sheila Illus. Walsh, Sarah
Extraordinary life of Michelle Obama

Kane, Kim
Vegetable ark : a tale of two brothers
When the lyrebird calls

Kane, Kim Illus. Acton, Sara
Unexpected crocodile

Kane, Kim Illus. Davis, Jon
Twin friends
Cute friend

Kane, Kim Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Family forest

Kane, Kim Roberts, Marion
Cry blue murder

Kang, Anna
You are (NOT) small
That's (not) mine
Can I tell you a secret?

Kantor, Melissa
Invisible i

Karapanagiotidis, Kon
Power of hope

Katauskas, Fiona
Amazing true story of how babies are made

Kate, Lauren
Torment : a Fallen novel
Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove
Passion : a Fallen novel
Fallen in love : a fallen novel in story

Kato, Kazue
Blue exorcist 1

Katz, Alan
Day the mustache took over

Katz, Danny
Mucked up
Little lunch : the off-limits fence
Little lunch : triple the treats
Little lunch : triple snack pack
Triple the trouble
Triple the laughs
Triple the games
Poppa platoon in world war chew
Poppa platoon in operation dessert storm

Katz, Danny Illus. Vane, Mitch
Poppa platoon in saving private rabbit

Katzler, Eva Illus. Mikhail, Jess
Florentine and Pig have a very lovely picnic
Florentine and Pig and the lost pirate treasure
Florentine and Pig and the spooky forest adventure

Kaufman, Amie
Begin, end, begin : a #loveOzYA anthology
Scorch dragons

Kaufman, Amie Kristoff, Jay
Aurora rising
Aurora burning

Kaufman, Amie Spooner, Meagan
These broken stars
This shattered world
Ice wolves

Kaye, Buddy
A, you're adorable

Kaye, Marilyn

Kazerooni, Abbas
On two feet and wings : based on one boy's amazing true story of survival
Boy with two lives

Keane, Michael
Night Santa got lost : how NORAD saved Christmas

Keaney, Brian
Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers

Kear, Katie
Baby Shark: adventure down under

Kehoe, Stasia Ward

Keighery, Chrissie
Waiting for it
Project best friend

Keighery, Christine
Outside in

Keil, Melissa
Life in outer space
Incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl
Secret science of magic

Kelk, Lindsey Illus. by Pippa Curnick
Fairies in the forest

Kelleher, Victor
Goblin in the rainforest
Big big book of Gibblewort the goblin
Goblin at the zoo
Get me outta here! collection : 2 books in 1
Summer holiday collection
Winter escape collection : 2 books in 1

Kelly, Andrew Illus. Potter, Heather Jackson, Mark
Little Lon

Kelly, Bernadette
Australian writers of influence

Kelly, Deborah
Thing about Oliver

Kelly, Deborah Blair, Karen
Me and you

Kelly, Deborah Illus. Parton, Daron
Dinosaur disco

Kelly, Deborah Illus. Perry, Georgia
Bouncing ball

Kelly, Deborah Illus. Stewart, Lisa
Jam for Nana

Kelly, Deborah Illus. Stewart, Lisa
Dugong magic

Kelly, Deborah Jones, Gwynneth
Chalk rainbow

Kelly, Helen
Double trouble
Lost in translation

Kelly, John
Beastly pirates
Sir Scaly Pants : the dragon knight
Sir Scaly Pants and the dragon thief

Kelman, Stephen
Pigeon English

Kemmerer, Brigid
Thicker than water
Letters to the lost
Curse so dark and lonely

Kemp, Anna Ogilvie, Sara
Worst princess

Kemp, Gene
No way out

Kendall, Anna
Dark mist rising

Keneally, Meg Keneally, Thomas
Soldier's curse
Power game

Kennedy, A.L. Illus. Correll, Gemma
Uncle Shawn and Bill and the pajimminy crimminy unusual adventure

Kennedy, Cate
That car

Kennedy, Katie
Learning to swear in America

Kennett, David
Forest of bones

Kensky, Jessica
Rescue and Jessica

Kent , Trilby
Stones for my father

Kent, Hannah
Good people

Kenwood, Nina
It sounded better in my head

Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Infinity : I am the power they can't tear down

Kephart, Beth

Keplinger, Kody
That's not what happened

Kernot, Sharon
Underground Road
Art of taxidermy

Kerr, Eleanor Illus. Rossell, Judith
To get to me

Kerr, Judith
Great granny gang
Crocodile under the bed
Katinka's tail
Curse of the school rabbit

Kerr, Lisa
Cheeky monkey manners : please
Cheeky monkey manners : thank you
Cheeky Monkey : when I grow up
Excuse me
Taking turns
Very Cheeky Monkey Christmas
Big hug, little mouse

Kerta, Sadriani Wayan
Indonesia book : a people, a place, a culture

Kettle, Phil
Big bash
Round 'em up

Keyes, Ava Illus. Szmidt, Aleksandra

Keyser, Amber J.
Way back from broken

Khan, Rukhsana

Khoza, Valanga Illus. Ottley, Matt
Dumazi and the big yellow lion

Khoza, Valanga Illus. Rippin, Sally
Gezani and the tricky baboon

Khurana, Vijay
Regal beagle

Kid, Pixel
Silent but deadly

Kiernan, Celine
Poison throne
Crowded shadows
Rebel prince
Taken away
Begone the raggedy witches
Little grey girl

KilBride, Sarah
Being a princess is very hard work

Killeen, Gretel
I love you Zelda Bloo
My brother's an egghead

Killen, Nicola
Fluff and Billy do everything together
Not me

Kim, Cecil
Really old forest

Kimpton, Archie

Kimpton, Archie Illus. Hindley, Kate
Porridge of knowledge

Kincaid, S.J.

Kindberg, Sally
Comic strip greatest Greek myths
Comic strip big fat book of knowledge
Comic strip book of dinosaurs

Kinder, Wynne
Calm: mindfulness for kids

Kindl, Patrice
Keeping the castle

King, A.S.
Year we fell from space

King, Andrew Illus. Johnston, Benjamin
Young engineers

King, Nadia L
Jenna's Truth

King, Stephen Michael
I love you too
Bear and a tree
Bella's bad hair day
Snail and turtle are friends
My dad's a giraffe
Snail and turtle : rainy days
Rainbow bear

King, Trey
When Luke Skywalker became an X-wing pilot

King, Zachary Arce, Beverly
My magical life

King-Smith, Dick
Twin giants

Kingfisher, Rupert
Madame Pamplemousse and the time-travelling cafe

Kinney, Jeff
Diary of a wimpy kid : the ugly truth
Diary of a wimpy kid : Cabin fever
Diary of a wimpy kid : Third Wheel
Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck
Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul
Diary of a wimpy kid: old school
Double down
Diary of an awesome friendly kid: Rowley Jefferson's journal
Wrecking ball

Kinsela, Alethea
Ancient Australia unearthed

Kinsella, John
Old growth
Displaced : a rural life

Kinsella, Sophie
Mummy fairy and me

Kirby, Denise
88 Lime Street : the way in

Kirby, Loll Illus. Lirius, Adelina
Old enough to save the planet

Kirby, Matthew
Last descendants

Kirk, Hayley S.
Divine Clementine

Kirk, Joe
Karana : the story of the father emu
Duelgum : the story of the mother eel
Budinge and the Min Min lights

Kirkwood, Roger
Emperor's kingdom: Penguins on ice

Kirstein, Rosemary
Outskirter's secret
Outskirter's secret
Outskirter's secret

Kitchin, Ben
Don't wake the troll
How many dinosaurs deep?

Kitchin, Ben Illus. Swan, Owen
Red feather

Kizer, Amber
Wildcat fireflies

Klassen, Jon
I want my hat back
This is not my hat
We found a hat

Klauss, Anja
Usborne illustrated myths from around the world

Klavan, Andrew
Last thing I remember

Klein, Lizbeth
Firelight of heaven

Klein, Rachel
Moth diaries

Klein, Robin
All in the blue unclouded weather
Hating Alison Ashley
Dresses of red and gold
Sky in silver lace
Came back to show you I could fly

Kloester, Jennifer
Cinderella moment
Rapunzel dilemma

Knapman, Timothy
All aboard the Dinosaur Express
Sir Dancealot
Rockabye pirate

Knapp, Kate
Ruby Red Shoes goes to London
Book about Ruby's day
Book about Ruby's feelings
My wonderful grandmother

Knapp, Ruthie
Who stole Mona Lisa?

Meet the Supersons
Meet the Werewolfsons
Meet the Piratesons
Desert dust up
Space mash
Rainforest rumble

Knight, Linsay
Stories for 7 year olds
Stories for 8 year olds
Stories for 5 year olds
Australia's greatest people and their achievements

Knight, Phil
Shoe dog: a memoir by the creator of Nike

Knight, Tom
Good knight, bad knight

Knights, Cheryl Ann Illus. Hedstrom, Leigh
James Jellybean and the colour green
Fiona Fairybread and the colour red
Lucy Liquorice Chew and the colour blue

Knowles, Jo
Lessons from a dead girl
Living with Jackie Chan

Knowles, Sheena Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
What a lot of nonsense: a book of animals and anagrams

Knutsson, Gosta
Further adventures of Pelle No-Tail
Pelle No-Tail pulls through
Adventures of Pelle No-Tail

Kobald, Irena Illus. Blackwood, Freya
My two blankets

Koertge, Ron
Stoner and Spaz
Now playing: Stoner and Spaz 11
Shakespeare makes the playoffs

Koertge, Ron Illus. Dezso, Andrea
Lies, knives and girls in red dresses

Konigsburg, E.L.
From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Kontis, Alethea

Korn, Wolfgang
Made on Earth : what we wear, where it comes from, where it goes

Koryta, Michael
Last words

Kostakis, William
First third

Koubaa, Laila De Leeuw, Mattias
Azizi and the little blue bird

Kovac, Gabriella
Georgina : holocaust memoirs

Kovacic, Katherine
Portrait of Molly Dean

Kowal, Mary Robinette
Shades of milk and honey
Glamour in glass
Calculating stars
Fated sky

Kowitt, Holly
Loser list
Jinx of the loser

Koyczan, Shane
To this day : for the bullied and beautiful

Kraulis, Julie
Armadillo in Paris

Krauth, Kirsten
Almost a mirror

Krebs, Chrissie
There is something weird in Santa's beard

Krebs, Christina
This is a circle

Krentz, Jayne Ann
Secret sisters

Krishnaswami, Uma
Book Uncle and me

Krisp, Caleb
Somebody stop Ivy Pocket
Bring me the head of Ivy Pocket

Kristoff, Jay

Kroll, Jeri
Workshopping the heart: new and selected poems

Kruszelnicki, Karl
Dinosaurs aren't dead
Dr Karl's little book of space
Dr Karl's little book of space
Karl, the universe and everything : almost everything you need to know about almost everything

Kuklin, Susan
Beyond magenta : transgender teens speak out

Kunz, Chris
Trouble at the zoo
Whale of a time
Million paws puppy

Kunze, Nansi
Dangerously placed
Kill the music

Kurlansky, Mark
Battle fatigue

Kurlansky, Mark Illus. Liu, Jia
Bugs in danger: our vanishing bees, butterflies, and beetles

Kurti, Richard

Kwaymullina, Ambelin
Interrogation of Ashala Wolf
Disappearance of Ember Crow
Living on stolen land

Kwaymullina, Ambelin Illus. Tobin, Leanne
Lost girl

Kwaymullina, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Ezekiel
Catching teller crow

Kwaymullina, Blaze Racklyeft, Jess
Little koala lost

Kwaymullina, Ezekiel
Not-so-goblin boy
My amazing dad

Kwaymullina, Ezekiel Illus. Morgan, Sally


Life hacks : all of the answers, none of the awks
Lot of stuff happens: 4 awesome books in one!

L'Arronge, Lilli
Banana skin chaos

L'Engle, Madeleine
Wrinkle in time

La Marca, Susan ed.
Things a map won't show you

LaBarge, Melanie Illus. Corrigan, Caroline
Women artists A to Z

Lacey, Josh
Two tigers on a string

Lacey, Saskia
How to build a motorcycle

Lackey, Mercedes Edghill, Rosemary
Dead reckoning

LaCour, Nina
We are okay

LaCour, Nina Levithan, David
You know me well

Lacroix, Remy

Lacy, Tania
Tracy Lacy is completely coo-coo bananas
Tracy Lacy for classy captain

Ladd, Mike
Invisible mending

LaFevers, Robin
Dark triumph
Mortal heart
Courting darkness

LaFleur, Suzanne M.
Love, Aubrey
Eight keys
Listening for Lucca

Lagercrantz, Rose
Where Dani goes, happy follows

Laguna, Sofie
Fighting bones

Laguna, Sofie Illus. Hobbs, Leigh
Bad Buster

Laguna, Sofie Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Meet Grace
Friend for Grace
Home for Grace
Grace stories

Laguna, Sofie Illus. Smith, Craig
Where are you, Banana?

Lai, Remy
Pie in the sky

Lai, Trevor
Let's be friends

Laing, Harry
Moon fish

Laird, Elizabeth
Lost riders
Shahnameh: The Persian book of kings

Lại, Thanhha
Butterfly yellow

Lake, Nick
Blood Ninja
In darkness
There will be lies
Whisper to me
Nowhere on Earth

Lalara, Rhoda Illus. Lalara, Alfred
Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa = When we go walkabout

Lamb, Rosy
Paul meets Bernadette

Lambert, Jonny
Tiger tiger
Where in the wild

Lambeth, Louise Illus. Harris, Carissa
Annie and the waves

Lamond, Margrete
Jack and the Beanstalk
Goldilocks and the three bears
Princess and the pea
Ugly duckling
Little Red Riding Hood
Twelve dancing princesses

Lamond, Margrete Illus. Kallick, Ingrid
Two troll tales from Norway

Lamond, Margrete Illus. Voutila, Ritva

Lamont, Priscilla
Hodge Podge Lodge: (a rubbish story)

Lamprell, Klay Illus. Gifford, Lucinda
Frankie and Finn

Lamprell, Mark
Full ridiculous

Lanagan, Margo
Sea hearts
Singing my sister down : and other stories

Lanagan, Margo Illus. Cai, Rovina

Lancaster, Mike

Lance, Charlotte
Really super hero
I have a dog : (an inconvenient dog)
This girl, that girl

Landers, Ace
LEGO movie : the official movie handbook

Landman, Tanya
Dead funny
Poison pen

Landrak, Max
Danny Blue's really excellent dream
Digby & the duck

Landsberry, Belinda
Anzac Ted

Landy, Derek
Faceless ones
Death bringer
Maleficent Seven
Last stand of dead men
Demon road
American monsters

Lane, Andrew
Young Sherlock Holmes : death cloud

Lane, Victoria West, Kayleen
Celia and Nonna

Lane, William

Lange, Erin Jade
Chaos of now

Langley, Josh
Being you is enough : and other important stuff
It's OK to feel the way you do: otherwise you wouldn't be you!

Langrish, Katherine
Dark angels

Lapinski, L.D.
Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Larbalestier, Justine
How to ditch your fairy
Zombies vs unicorns
My sister Rosa

Larbalestier, Justine Brennan, Sarah Rees
Team human

Larke, Glenda
Last stormlord

Larkin, Emily Magisson, Helene

Larkin, Jillian

Larkin, John
Shadow girl

Larkin, John

Larry, H.I.
Sand storm
Zac jets on
Zac runs wild
Zac heats up
Zac wipes out
Rock star files

Larsen, Jacqueline
Rainbow necklace

Last, Shari
Spider-Man: into the Spider-verse: the official guide

Latham, Irene
Can I touch your hair?: poems of race, mistakes, and friendship

Latimer, Alex
Boy who cried Ninja

Laube, Lydia
From Burma to Myanmar : on the road to Mandalay

Laure, Estelle
This raging light
But then I came back

Lauren, Ruth
Prisoner of ice and snow
Seeker of the crown

Lawhead, Stephen

Lawler, Janet
If kisses were colours

Lawley, Brendan

Lawrence, Caroline
Time travel diaries
How to write a great story

Lawrence, David
Reppin' it

Lawrence, Hayley
Inside the tiger

Lawrence, Iszi
Unstoppable Letty Pegg

Lawrence, L.S.
Horses for King Arthur
Hammering iron

Lawrence, Nina Illus. Bancroft, Bronwyn
Clever crow =: Wak Liya-Djambatj

Lawrence, Patrice
New class at Malory Towers

Lawrence, Theo
Mystic city

Lawrinson, Julia
Chess nuts
Losing it
Flyaway girls

Lawson, Henry
Henry Lawson treasury

Lawson, Josh Illus. Knoll-Miller, Shelley
Shoo grumpers shoo!

Lawson, Sue
It's a girl thing
Rising star
Going solo
Girls at sea
Forget me not
Pan's whisper
You don't even know
Freedom ride

Laybourne, Emmy
Monument 14

Le Bec, Yann

Le Hunte, Bem
Elephants with headlights

Le Witt, Jan
Football's revolt

Le, Nam

Lea, Elizabeth
Aussie animal opposites

Lea, Elizabeth Stewart, Chantal
My band

Lear, Helen Illus. Swan, Katya
Frankie Pants &​ Mr Fox

Leathers, Philippa
Black rabbit

Leavitt, Lindsey
Princess for hire

Leckie, Ann

Ledden, Liz Illus. Plant, Andrew
Tulip and Brutus

Ledger, Kate
Lost tooth rescue
School bully, beware

Lee, Harper
Go set a watchman

Lee, Janice Y.K.

Lee, Jenny
Anna K

Lee, Mark
My best friend is a goldfish

Lee, Sandra
Saving Private Sarbi

Lee, Tony
Excalibur : the legend of King Arthur : a graphic novel

Lee, Y.S.
Body at the tower
Spy in the house
Traitor and the tunnel

Lefers, Joshie
How to hypnotise a droid

Lefroy, Kathryn
Alex and the alpacas save the world

Lefroy, Mike Illus. Anelli, Anelli

Lefteri, Christy
Beekeeper of Aleppo

Legge, David

Lehr, Dick

Lehrer, Ruth
Being Fishkill

Lemke, Donald
Puppet master's revenge

Lemon-Scott, Candice
Hubert and the magic glasses
Silver the silly sorcerer
Moon attack
Robot games
Pelican in peril
Wildfire rescue

Lemon-Scott, Candice Illus. Aska
Microbat mayhem

Lenahan, John

Lennan, Jo
In the time of foxes

Leonard, Dion
Finding Gobi : the true story of one little dog's big journey

Leonard, M.G.
Beetle boy

Leonard, Niall

Lerangis, Peter
Dead of night
Colossus rises

Lessac, Frane
A is for Australia : a factastic tour
A is for Australian animals
Under the Southern Cross
Under the Milky Way: traditions and celebrations beneath the stars

Lester, Alison
Are we there yet?
Running with the horses
Sophie Scott goes south
Green as a bean
One clucky hen
Kissed by the moon
Our island by the children of Gununa with Alison Lester and Elizabeth Honey
Noni the pony goes to the beach
Baby days
My dog bigsy
Hello little babies
Silver sea
Noni the pony rescues a joey
Painted ponies

Lester, Alison Tulloch, Coral
One small island : the story of Macquarie Island

Lester, Cas
Harvey Drew and the bling bots
Harvey Drew and the junk skunks

Lester, Natasha
Paris seamstress
French photographer

Levenseller, Tricia
Warrior of the wild

Lever, Casey

Levine, Ellen
Seababy : a little otter returns home

Levine, Gail Carson
Fairy's return and other princess tales

Levine, Karen
Hana's suitcase

Levins, Andrew Illus. Kear, Katie
Pumpkins and aliens

Levis, Caron
Ida, always

Levithan, David
Every day
Two boys kissing
How they met and other stories
19 love songs

Lewis, D'arcy
Goodnight starry

Lewis, Robert
Story of Australia

Leyden, Paula
Butterfly heart

Leys, Dave Illus. Ogilvie, Shane
Institute of Fantastical Inventions

Leyson, Leon
Boy on the wooden box : how the impossible became possible . . . on Schindler's list

Liao, Yiwu
Corpse walker and other true stories of life in China

Liggett, Kim
Grace year

Lillington, Joe
Neffy and the feathered dinosaurs

Lim, Rebecca
Astrologer's daughter
Relic of the blue dragon
Race for the red dragon

Limon, Helen
Om Shanti, Babe

Lin, Yvonne
A-Z of wonder women

Lindbergh, Reeve Illus. Wilsdorf, Anne
Homer, the library cat

Lindelauf, Benny
Nine Open Arms

Lindgren, Barbro
Soda pop

Lindsay, Joan
Picnic at Hanging Rock

Lindsay, Norman
Magic pudding

Lindstrom, Eric
Tragic kind of wonderful

Ling, David
Why do cats have tails

Ling, Kate
Loneliness of distant beings
Glow of fallen stars

Lingard, Joan
What to do about Holly

Link, Kelly
Wrong grave
Pretty monsters
Get in trouble : stories

Linnell, Maxine
Breaking the rules
Man about the house

Lionetto-Civa, Angie
Row, row, row your boat : what can you see?

Lipkowitz, Daniel
LEGO book

Litchfield, Carla
Saving pandas
Chimpanzee book : apes like us
Saving orangutans

Litten, Kristyna
Blue and Bertie

Little, Lorna Illus. Lyndon, Janice
Mark of the Wagarl

Little, Melissa
Yesterday you were here

Littler, Jamie

Llewellyn, Kate
First things first : selected letters of Kate Llewellyn 1977-2004

Lloyd Knight, Eve llus. Stewart, Louise Kay
Rebel voices

Lloyd, A.
Bushranger's boys : 1841 : do you dare?

Lloyd, Alison
Meet Letty
Letty and the stranger's lace
Letty's Christmas
Letty on the land

Lloyd, Alison Illus. Denton, Terry
Wicked warriors and evil emperors : the true story of the fight for Ancient China
Upside-down history of down under

Lloyd, Clare
Sports heroes

Lloyd, Natalie
Snicker of magic

Lloyd, Saci
Carbon diaries 2017

Lloyd, Sam
First day at Bug School
First day at Skeleton School
Midnight ninja

Lloyd-Jones, Sally
His royal tinyness : a terrible true story

Lobbecke, Eric
Purple snow

Lochel, N.
Fyrelit tragedy

Lochel, Nicholas and Alison
Lost Kingdom

Lochran, Steven

Lock, Kim
Peace, love and khaki socks

Lockhart, E.
Disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks
We were liars
Boy book : a study of boy habits and behaviours from me, Ruby Oliver
Treasure map of boys : Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon - and me, Ruby Olive
Fly on the wall
Genuine fraud

Lockhart, E. Myracle, Lauren Mlynowski, Sarah
How to be bad

Lodge, Zoe Norton
Elizabella meets her match

Lodge, Zoe Norton Illus. Norton Lodge, Georgia
Elizabella and the haunting ot Lizard Lake

Lodge, Zoe Norton Illus. Norton Lodge, Georgia
Elizabella and the great tuckshop takeover

Loesser, Frank
Ugly duckling

Loggins, Kenny Pitchford, Dean

Lomas-Bullivant, John
Captain Mack and the giant squid
Captain Mack and the monstrous Moon Mites

Lomer, Kathryn
Talk under water

Long, Ben Cornish, David
Ready, steady, hatch!

Long, Ben Cornish, David
Jasper juggles jellyfish

Long, David
Survivors : extraordinary tales from the wild and beyond
Buildings that made London

Long, David Illus. Hyndman, Kerry
Rescue: daring missions from on, under and above the Earth

Long, Ethan
Fright club
Valensteins: (a love story)

Long, Hayley
Being a girl
Sophie Someone

Longo, Don ed.
Pens and bayonets : letters from the Front by soldiers of Yorke Peninsula during the Great War

Longshore, Katherine

Lonsdale, Natalie

Lopez, Aitziber Illus. Lozano, Luciano
Brilliant ideas from wonderful women

Lord, Emery
When we collided
Names they gave us
Start of me and you
Open road summer
Map from here to there

Lord, Gabrielle
Medusa curse

Lore, Pittacus
I am number four
Power of six

Lorey, Dean
Monster revenge
Monster war

Loughlin, Patrick
Try time
Banana kick
Lucky break
Academy all-stars
World domination
Glenn Maxwell : state showdown & world domination
Super sports stories for kids
Young gun

Loughlin, Patrick Illus. Hart, James
State showdown

Loughridge, Atley
Lyka and the secret forest

Louise, Julia

Louise, Zanni
Too busy sleeping
Pet called nibbles
School day smile

Louise, Zanni Illus. Bunting, Philip
Mum for sale

Louise, Zanni Illus. Mackintosh, David
Archie and the bear

Lounsbury, Lynette

Loutzenhiser, Katy
If you're out there

Love, Damien
Monstrous devices

Love, Jessica
Julian is a mermaid

Lovell, Nikki
We are one village

Lovett, Charlie
Bookman's tale

Lovric, Michelle
Wishing bones

Lowe, Helen
Heir of Night
Gathering of the Lost

Lowe, Kirrily

Lowe, Kirrily Illus. Smith, Henry

Lowe, Pat Pike, Jimmy
Yinti's desert dog
Yinti's desert cowboy
Yinti desert child

Lowenstein, Allison
Captain America : the Winter Soldier

Lowry, Brigid
Triple ripple

Lowry, Lois

Lu, Marie

Lucas, Mike Illus. Harrison, Jennifer
Olivia's voice

Lucashenko, Melissa

Lucido, Aimee
In the key of code

Luckett, Dave
Sian : a new Australian

Luff, Nathan
Chicken Stu

Lum, Kate Illus. Hellard, Susan
Princesses are not just pretty

Lunde, Maja
History of bees

Lupo, Kesia
We are blood and thunder

Lynch, E.P.F.
Somme mud

Lyons, Jayne
100% hero


My lovely Christmas book
Monster calls
My encyclopedia of very important animals
Meet me at the intersection
Mars : explore the mysteries of the red planet

Maas, Sarah J.
Throne of glass
Crown of Midnight
Heir of fire
Queen of shadows
Empire of storms
Catwoman: Soulstealer

Mabbitt, Will
I can only draw worms

Mabbitt, Will Illus. Mould, Chris
Embassy of the dead: leave your life at the door (thanks)

Maberry, Jonathan
Rot and ruin

MacDibble, Bren
How to bee
Dog runner

MacDonald, Alan
Angela Nicely
Revenge of the green meanie

MacDonald, Alan Illus. Baines, Nigel
Alien attack!

MacDonald, Andrew
When we were Vikings

MacDonald, Norma
Spinifex mouse
Lucky and Spike

Macinnis, Peter
Australian backyard naturalist
Curious minds: The discoveries of Australian naturalists
Big book of Australian history
Big book of Australian history
Not your usual bushrangers
Australian backyard Earth scientist

Macintosh, Cameron
Tape escape
Selfie search

Macintosh, Cameron Illus. Atze, Dave
Film flip

MacIver, Juliette
Little witch
Frog who lost his underpants
Yak and Gnu

Mack, Louise

Mack, W.C.
Athlete vs mathlete
Double dribble

Mackall, Dandi Daley
One small donkey
Legend of the Christmas cookie : sharing the true meaning of Christmas

Mackay, Gregory
Anders and the comet
Anders and the volcano
Adventures of Anders

Mackenzie, Anna
Sea-wreck stranger

MacKenzie, Emily
Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, book burglar
Stanley the amazing knitting cat
There's broccoli in my ice cream
Eric makes a splash

Mackenzie, Ross
Zac and the dream pirates

MacKenzie, Ross

Mackinlay, Victoria Illus. Karmazina, Sofya
Ribbit Rabbit Robot

Mackinnon, A.J.
Unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow
Well at the world's end

Mackintosh, Clare
Let me lie

Mackintosh, David
Marshall Armstrong is new to our school
Waiting for Chicken Smith

Mackintosh, Samantha
Kisses for Lula

Mackler, Carolyn
Universe is expanding and so am I

MacLachlan, Patricia
Sarah, plain and tall
Nora's chicks

Maclaine, James
Usborne big picture book general knowledge

MacLean, Craig
What noise comes from a giraffe

Maclear, Kyo Arsenault, Isabelle
Virginia Wolf

MacLeay, Victoria
Australian origins. Volume 1, Afghanistan to Italy : where the people of Australia came from

MacLeod, Doug
Sister Madge's book of nuns
Siggy and Amber
Life of a teenage body snatcher
Shiny guys
Heather fell in the water
Tigers on the beach

MacLeod, Doug Smith, Craig
Windy farm

Macleod, Mark Illus. Gibbs, May
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Christmas
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie's sleepover

Macpherson Kent, Judy Collett, Andrew
Our fathers

Madden, Tobias ed.

Mafi, Tahereh
Shatter me

Magerl, Caroline
Hasel and Rose
Maya and cat

Maggs, Sam
Fearless and fantastic!: female superheroes save the world
Brave and bold!: female DC super heroes take on the universe

Magoon, Kekla
Rebellion of thieves

Maguire, Gregory
Egg and Spoon

Mahoney, Karen
Falling to ash

Mahy, Margaret
Kaitangata twitch
Bubble trouble
Magician of Hoad

Mahy, Margaret Dunbar, Polly
Man from the land of Fandango

Maine, Sarah
Beyond the wild river

Maizes, Sarah Illus. Paraskevas, Michael
On my way to the bath
On my way to bed
On my way to school

Malley, Gemma

Malouf, David

Maltin, Tim
101 things you thought you knew about the Titanic- but didn't!

Manchild, S. C. Illus. Caldwell, Sam
Sneaky shadows

Mandel, Emily St. John
Glass hotel

Mandrake, Tiffany
Weava the wilful witch

Mangan, Anne
Emu's halloween

Mankell, Henning
Cat who liked rain
Fury in the fire

Mann, Jennifer Ann
Sunny Sweet is so not sorry
Sunny Sweet is so dead meat

Mann, Manjeet
Run, rebel

Manning, Sarra
Worst girlfriend in the world

Mansell, Deryn
Tiger stone

Manuel, Jacqueline
Teenagers and reading : literary heritages, cultural contexts and contemporary reading practices

Mao, Xiao
I love you

Mara, Wil Illus. Agar, Charlotte
Abert Einstein

March, Julia
Secret Ninja Force
Shark Attack!

Marchetta, Melina
Froi of the exiles
Tell the truth, shame the devil
Place on Dalhousie

Marchetta, Melina Illus. Hudson, Deb
What Zola did on Monday

Marcus, Leonard S.
Helen Oxenbury: a life in illustrations

Margolis, Leslie
Boys are dogs
Girl's best friend
Vanishing acts
Secrets of the Chocolate Mansion
Monkey business

Marillier, Juliet
Raven flight
Dreamer's pool
Tower of thorns
Den of wolves
Harp of kings

Losing the girl

Mariz, Rae

Marks, Johnny Illus. Johnston, Benjamin
Hopping around the Christmas tree

Marks, Johnny Illus. Shea, Louis
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Marner, Annette
New name for the colour blue

Marney, Ellie
Every breath
Every word
Every move
No limits
White night

Marr, Melissa
Love is hell
Darkest mercy
Faery tales & nightmares
Carnival of souls

Marr, Shirley

Marriott, Zoe
Shadows on the moon
Night itself
Barefoot on the wind

Mars, Charlotte Illus. Jellett, Tom

Marsden, Carolyn
Jade dragon

Marsden, John
So much to tell you
Art of growing up

Marsden, John Ottley, Matt
Home and away

Marshall, Alan
I can jump puddles
Whispering in the wind

Marshall, Barry
How to win a Nobel prize

Marshall, Felicity

Martel, Yann
Beatrice and Virgil

Martin Corina Illus. Martins, Fern
Toast tree

Martin, Ann
Captain Blunderbolt
Underneath a cow

Martin, Ann Illus. Suwannakit, Tull
Heart and soul

Martin, Denis

Martin, Emma Illus. Compton, Graeme
Healthy harvest

Martin, George R. R.
Ice Dragon

Martin, Helen
ABC book of seasons
ABC book of food
ABC book of places to go
ABC book of feelings

Martin, John Seegert, Scott
Sci-Fi Junior High

Martin, Laura
Edge of extinction

Martin, Marc
What's up top?

Martin, Stephen W.
Charlotte and the rock

Martinez-Neal, Juana
Alma and how she got her name

Marwood, Lorraine
Star jumps
Note on the door and other poems about family life
Guinea pig town and other animal poems
Celebrating Australia
Leave taking

Maskell, Hazel
Usborne big book of animals

Mason, Paul
Factor 4: The awakening

Mason, Prue
Amazing Australians in their flying machines

Mason, Simon
Moon pie

Mass, Wendy Stead, Rebecca Illus. Gannon, Nicholas

Masson, Sophie
Boggle hunters : Game on
Moonlight and ashes
Scarlet in the snow
Crystal heart
Three dragons for Christmas
Jack of spades
War and resistance

Masson, Sophie Illus. Allan, David
Two trickster tales from Russia
Toy Christmas
Building site zoo

Masson, Sophie Illus. Howe, Simon
On my way

Masson, Sophie Illus. McMahon, Mike
Two rainbows

Master, Irfan
Out of heart

Mastnak, Rosemary
Cooking with Grandma
Adventures with Grandpa

Matharu, Taran

Mather, Adriana
How to hang a witch

Mathews, Iola
Chequered lives : John Barton Hack and Stephen Hack and the early days of South Australia

Mathieu, Jennifer
Truth about Alice

Matisse, Henri
Blue and other colours : with Henri Matisse

Matson, Morgan
Amy and Roger's epic detour
Second chance summer
Since you've been gone
Unexpected everything
Save the date

Matthews, Amy
End of the Night Girl

Matthews, Penny
Meet Nellie
Nellie's quest
Nellie's greatest wish

Matthews, Penny Illus. Anelli, Liz
Maddie's first day

Matthews, Penny Illus. King, Stephen Michael
One night

Matthews, Penny Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Meet Ruby
Ruby of Kettle Farm

Matthews, Penny Illus. McKenna, Martin

Matthews, Penny Illus. McLean, Andrew
Show day

Matthews, Rachel

Matthews, Tina
Waiting for later
Great cake
So many wonderfuls

Mattingley, Christobel
Maralinga : the Anangu story
My father's islands : Abel Tasman's heroic voyages
Maralinga's long shadow : Yvonne's story

Mattingley, Christobel Illus. Kennett, David
Forward march

May, Peter
Coffin Road
Cast iron
I'll keep you safe

May, Ruthie Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
Count my Christmas kisses

Mayes, Kate
Daddy cuddle

Mayes, Kate Illus. Acton, Sara
Mummy cuddle
Daddy cuddle

Mayes, Kate Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Bum book

Mayhew, James
Ella Bella ballerina and The Nutcracker

Mayhew, Jon
Demon collector
Bonehill curse
Wrath of the Lizard Lord

Mayhew, Julie
Big lie

Maynard, John Haskins, Victoria
Living with the locals : early Europeans' experience of indigenous life

Maynard, Joyce
Labour day

Mayo, Catherine
Murder at Mykenai

Mayo, Margaret
Big digger ABC

Mazari, Najaf Hillman, Robert
Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif

McAlister, Jodi

McAllister, Angela
Santa's little helper

McAllister, David Australian Ballet Tylesova, Gabriela.
Sleeping beauty

McAnulty, Dara
Diary of a young naturalist

McArthur, Phoebe
Lucy Newton, little witch

McBain, Arthur Illus. Knight, Tom
In the dead of the night

McBratney, Sam
Guess how much I love you
There, there

McBride, Eimear
Girl is a half-formed thing

McBride, Lish
Hold me closer, necromancer

McCaffrey, Kate
Saving Jazz

McCall Smith, Alexander
Akimbo and the baboons
Explosive adventures
Freddie Mole, lion tamer

McCall Smith, Alexander Illus. Hindley, Kate
Max Champion and the great race car robbery

McCalman, Iain
Reef : a passionate history

McCarney, Rosemary
Every day is Malala Day

McCarthy, Maureen
Careful what you wish for
Stay with me

McCartney, Tania
Riley and the grumpy wombat : a journey around Melbourne
Riley and the jumpy kangaroo : a journey around Canberra
Eco warriors to the rescue
Caroline Chisholm : the emigrant's friend
This is Captain Cook
Aussie year : twelve months in the life of Australian kids
Peas in a pod
Australian kids through the years
Australia illustrated
This is Banjo Paterson
Puppy playtime!
Take off
Party perfect!

McCartney, Tania Illus. Booth, Christina
Gum family finds home

McCartney, Tania Illus. Snerling, Tina
Kiwi year : twelve months in the life of New Zealand's kids
Canadian year : twelve months in the life of Canada's kids

McCaughrean, Geraldine Illus. Barrett, Laura
Little mermaid

McCleary, Stacey
Here comes a kiss

McCleary, Stacey Illus. DeGennaro, Sue
One funky monkey

McConaghy, Charlotte

McConnochie, Mardi
Escape to the Moon Islands
Castle in the sea
Skeleton Coast

McCormick, Patricia
Never fall down

McCourt, Suzanne
Lost child

McCredie, Elise
Nowhere boys

McCreight, Kimberly

McCune, D.J.
Fault lines

McDermid, Val
Splinter the silence
Insidious intent

McDonagh, Tim
Star Wars galactic atlas

McDonald, Abby
Getting over Garrett Delaney

McDonald, Fleur
Noisy nights
What should a horse say?

McDonald, Megan
Judy Moody, girl detective
Stink and the ultimate thumb-wrestling smackdown
Judy Moody and the not bummer summer
Judy Moody, mood Martian
One, two, three, ROAR!
Not-so-lucky lefty
Stink: Hamlet and cheese

McDonald, Meme Pryor, Boori
My Girragundji

McDowell, Beck
This is not a drill

McElligott, Matthew
Even monsters need haircuts
Lion's share

McFadden, Clare
Flying orchestra

McFall, Claire
Black Cairn Point

McFarland, Clive
Bed for bear

McFarlane, Natasha Illus. McIntosh, Andrew
Captain McCool

McFarlane, Susannah
Jolly Jack
Inquisitive Isabella
Pyramid Puzzle
Christmas countdown
Messy Mia
Nervous Nina
My marvellous Mum
Playful Poppy
Organised Oliver
Secret safari
Fashion fraud
My fantastic father
Christmas is coming
Kimono code
Quiet Queenie
Racing Ruby
Big brother
Ticklish Tom
Vocal Violet
Unique Una
Time to shine
Worrying Will
Xylophone Xavier
Yum Yum Yoshi
Zippy Zoe
Easter egg express
Puppy alert
Secret spy
Ciao EJ
Deep water
Hide and peek
Speedy spy
False note
True light
EJ shines
Fairytales for feisty girls
Bold tales for brave-hearted boys

McFarlane, Susannah Creagh, Lachlan
Lazy Lou Lou
Kind Katie

McGahan, Andrew
Coming of the whirlpool
Voyage of the unquiet ice
War of the Four Isles
Ocean of the Dead

McGeachin, Geoffrey
St Kilda blues

McGeachin, Jess

McGee, Katharine
Thousandth floor

McGough, Roger
Imaginary menagerie
Dotty inventions : and some real ones too

McGovern, Margot

McGowan, Anthony
Hello darkness

McGregor, Anna

McGuiness, Dan
Pilot and Huxley
Just joking : over 300 jokes inside

McGuinness, Sharon
Coming home

McGuire, Seanan
Every heart a doorway
Down among the sticks and bones

McHugh, Evan
Black Sunday

McHugh, Melinda Wills
My big fat hairy lies

McInerney, Amelia Illus. Bunting, Philip
Bad crab

McInerny, Amelia Illus. Brecon, Connah
Book chook

McIntosh, Fiona
Lavender Keeper
French Promise

McKay, Hilary
Wishing for tomorrow
Skylarks' war

McKay, Sharon E.
War brothers : the graphic novel

McKee, David
My first Elmer collection

McKee, David
Elmer and the race
Elmer's birthday
Elmer: a classic collection : Elmer's best-loved tales

McKelvey, Katrina Illus. Hughes, Cheri
No baths week

McKelvey, Katrina Illus. Lonergan, Kirrili
Up to something

McKelvey, Katrina Lonergan, Kirrili

McKenna, Brenton
Legend of the phoenix dragon
Heroes beginnings
Return of the dragons

McKenna, Ebony
Ondine : the summer of shambles
Ondine : the autumn palace

McKenna, Martin

McKenzie, Heath
Number one Aussie alphabet book
What do werewolves do when it's not halloween?
I want to be a great big dinosaur!
Archie : no ordinary sloth
This hungry dragon
Zoo house
Butt out!
How to build the perfect cubby house
Now that's a hat!
Colouring competition

McKillip, Patricia A.
Forgotten beasts of Eld
Ombria in shadow

McKimmie, Christopher
Good morning Mr Pancakes
Alex and the watermelon boat
Scarlett and the scratchy moon
Crikey and cat
Lara of Newtown
Me, Teddy
I need a parrot

McKinlay, Meg
Truth about penguins
Surface tension
Wreck the halls
Ten tiny things
Single stone
Bella and the wandering house
Drawn onward
Catch a falling star

McKinlay, Meg Illus. Rudge, Leila
Duck for a day
No bears
Definitely no ducks
Once upon a small rhinoceros
Let me sleep, sheep!

McKinley, Robin

McKinnon, Heidi
I just ate my friend
It's a long way to the shop
Baz & Benz

McKinnon, Natalie
Seed magic

McKinnon, Natalie Illus. Tolland, Margaret
Bizz buzz boss

McKinty, Adrian

McLachlan, Jenny
Love bomb
Sun kissed
Star struck
Stargazing for beginners
Land of Roar

McLaughlin, Tom
Story machine
Up, up and away
Along came a different

McLean Janet Illus. Mclean, Andrew
Let's go, baby-o!

McLean, Felicity
This is a book! : (no wifi needed)
Van Apfel girls are gone

Mcllwain, John
Australian children's illustrated dictionary

McMahon, Mike
Melbourne : word by word

McMann, Lisa
Trap door

McManus, Darragh
Shiver the whole night through

McManus, Karen
One of us is lying
Two can keep a secret

McManus, Rove
Disgusting McGrossface

McMullan, Kate
I'm dirty

McMullen, Sean
Changing yesterday

McMullin, Neridah Illus. Hudson, Peter
Kick it to me
Fabish : the horse that braved a bushfire

McMullin, Neridah Illus. Walters, Ainsley
Knockabout cricket

McNamee, Eoin

McNamee, Paul
Game changer

McNaughton, Colin Illus. Chichester Clark, Emma
Not last night, but the night before

McNeil, Angus
Appendix Man

McNiff, Dawn
Worry magic

McPherson, Sue
Grace beside me

McQuein, Josin L.

McRitchie, Rebecca
Edward and the great discovery
Whimsy and Woe
Final act

McRitchie, Rebecca Illus. O'Connor, Sharon
Curious curse of Cora Bell

McRobbie, David
Vinnie's war
To brave the seas : a boy at war

McSkimming, Geoffrey
Phyllis Wong and the forgotten secrets of Mr Okyto
Phyllis Wong and the return of the conjuror
Phyllis Wong and the waking of the wizard

McTiernan, Dervla
Good turn

McWatters, Nikki

Mead, Richelle
Blood promise
Last sacrifice
Vampire academy : a graphic novel

Meadows, Daisy
Molly Twinkletail runs away
Luna the Loom Band Fairy
Poppy Muddlepup's daring rescue
Heidi the vet fairy
Frances the royal family fairy
Rosie Gigglepip's lucky escape
Camilla the Christmas present fairy

Mears, Gillian
Cat with the coloured tail

Measday, Stephen
Send Simon Savage
Return of the Black Death

Medina, Meg
Girl who could silence the wind
Burn baby burn

Meek, Amy
Be plastic clever

Meisel, Peter
Stinky Spike the pirate dog

Meister, Cari
Clues in the attic
Cinderella: stories around the world

Melki-Wegner, Skye
Chasing the valley
Eleventh hour
Deadly magic

Melling, David
Hugless Douglas
Hugless Douglas finds a hug
Happy birthday Hugless Douglas
Funny bunnies : rain or shine
Funny bunnies : up or down
We love you, Hugless Douglas
Hugless Douglas goes to little school
Hugless Douglas and the great cake bake

Mellon, James Howorth, Matt
Dino rap

Meloy, Colin

Meloy, Colin Illus. Ellis, Carson
Whiz mob and grenadine kid

Meloy, Maile

Melrose, Andrew
Mouse stone
Best pet

Menon, Sandhya
When Dimple met Rishi
From Twinkle, with love

Menten, Tosca
Dummie the mummy and the golden scarab

Mercer, Sienna
Take two
Lucky break
Star style

Merchant, Jackie
Promise horse

Meredith, Amy

Meredith, Courtney Sina
Secret world of butterflies

Meredith, Dawn
Anything Shop
12 annoying monsters : self-talk for kids with anxiety

Merle, Claire

Merlin, Isabelle
Pop princess
Cupid's arrow
Bright angel

Merrilees, Margaret
First week : a novel

Merrison, Carl
Black cockatoo

Merritt, Richard
Where are Santa's pants

Merritt, Susanne Anelli, Liz
Grace and Katie

Mes, Yvonne
Meet Sidney Nolan

Mes, Yvonne Illus. Pratt, Jody Michelle
Little Bilby's Aussie Easter egg hunt

Messenger, Norman
An artist's alphabet

Messner, Kate
Brilliant fall of Gianna Z

Metcalf, Dan
Secrets of the stone
Curse of the Cairo cat
Scroll of Alexandria

Metzenthen, David
Jarvis 24
One minute's silence
Dreaming the enemy
George Parker goes global

Metzenthen, David Illus. Murphy, Mairead
One runaway rabbit

Mewburn, Kyle
Great egg stink
Lava melt shake

Mewburn, Kyle Illus. Cool, Rebecca
Bog frog hop

Meyer, Marissa

Meynink, Katrina
Lulu, le baby chef: a most magnificent cook

Mia, Tjalaminu
Bush and beyond: stories from country

Michaels, Anne
Adventures of Miss Petitfour

Michaels, Chrissie
In Lonnie's shadow
Convict girl
Castle Hill rebellion

Mickelburgh, Juliet
Naughty Nina

Miesen, Christina

Mieville, China
Three moments of an explosion : stories

Migliardo, Emiliano
Seek and find dinosaurs

Miles, Alex
Game on
Making magic
Perfect holidays

Miles, Cindy
Forever more

Miles, Elizabeth

Millard, Glenda
Small free kiss in the dark
Plum puddings and paper moons
Stars at Oktober Bend

Millard, Glenda Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
And red galoshes

Millard, Glenda Illus. Cool, Rebecca
Isabella's garden
For all creatures

Millard, Glenda Illus. Heiduczek, Martina
Duck, apple, egg

Millard, Glenda Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Nell's festival of crisp winter glories
Duck and the darklings

Millard, Glenda Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Pea pod lullaby

Millard, Glenda Illus. Lesnie, Phil
Once a shepherd

Millard, Glenda Illus. Mullins, Patricia
Lightning Jack

Miller, Ashley Edward
Colin Fischer

Miller, Barnabas
7 souls

Miller, David
Rufus the numbat
First flight

Miller, Debbie S.
Are trees alive?

Miller, Jennifer
Year of the gadfly

Miller, Jessica
Elizabeth and Zenobia
Republic of birds

Miller, John
Unofficial Minecraft STEM lab for kids: family-friendly projects for exploring concepts in technology, engineering, and math

Miller, Karen
Falcon Throne

Miller, Kim
They told me I had to write this

Miller, Kirsten
Eternal ones

Miller, Martine Illus. Levings, Fiona
Dad's wishing the rain would come!

Miller, Tim

Miller, Tim Stanton, Matt
There's a monster under my bed who farts
Pirate who had to pee
There is a monster under my Christmas tree who farts
Dinosaur dump
There is a monster on my holiday who farts
Don't spew in your spacesuit
New school
Class excursionl
Birthday party

Millett, Peter
Petrifying plot of the plummeting pants

Millett, Peter Bowles, Trish
ANZAC puppy

Millett, Peter Illus. Cooper, Jenny
My old man, he played rugby

Mills, K.E.
Wizard undercover

Mills, Patty
Patty hits the court

Millton, Jane
Moo and Moo and the little calf too

Milne, A.A. Illus. Grey, Andrew
Winnie-the-Pooh and the Grand Christmas Surprise

Milne, Christopher
That dirty dog and other naughty stories for girls and boys
Girl with death breath and other naughty stories for good boys and girls

Milne, Simon Illus. Stewart, Chantal
Dance teacher

Milner, Charlotte
Bee book
Bat book

Milroy, Gladys Milroy, Jill
Dingo's tree

Milroy, Helen
Wombat, Mudlark & other stories
Willy-willy wagtail

Milway, Alex
Hotel flamingo

Minchin, Tim Illus. Antony, Steve
When I grow up

Minne, Brigitte

Miranda, Megan
Safest lies

Mitchelhill, Barbara
Dangerous diamonds

Mitchell, Adrian
Shapeshifters : tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses

Mitchell, Elyne
Silver brumby kingdom

Mitchell, Jane

Mitchell, Kita
Grandma dangerous and the dog of destiny

Mitchell, Laine
We're going on a croc hunt
We're going on a egg hunt
Grandpa is great

Mitchell, Laine
Grandma is precious

Mitchell, Laine Fleming, Kim
Mummy, you're special to me

Mitchell, Michelle
Everyday resilience: helping kids handle friendship drama, academic pressure and the self-doubt of growing up
Self harm: why teens do it and what parents can do to help

Mitchell, Nina
My Mum has depression

Mitchell, Pratima
Indian summer

Mitchell, S.
Tough times : 1931 : do you dare?

Mitchell, Saundra

Mitchell, Simon
Mystery of the midnight crunch
Fighting stingrays

Mitchell, Tom
How to rob a bank

Mitchison, Amanda
Mission Telemark

Mittlefehldt, Rafi
It looks like this
What makes us

Mitton, Tony
Come into this poem
Snow bear
Snow penguin
Snow penguin

Modiano, Patrick
Paris nocturne
Little jewel

Modjeska, Drusilla

Moloney, James
Book from Baden Dark
Tower mill
Last horse race 1844 : do you dare?
Disappearing act
Bridget : a new Australian
Beauty is in the walking
Love that I have

Monk, Devon
Magic to the bone

Monk, Scott
Beyond the knock-knock door

Monteath, Peter Munt, Valerie
Red professor : the cold war life of Fred Rose

Montefiore, Santa
Royal rabbits of London

Montgomery, Heather L
Something rotten: a fresh look at roadkill

Moon, Ben
Denali : a man, a dog, and the friendship of a lifetime

Mooney, Natalie
Please don't cry

Moonheart, Ella
Frost and Snowdrop the stray kittens

Moor, Becka

Moore, Clement C.
Night before Christmas
Night before Christmas : a brick story

Moore, Clement C. Illus. Magisson, Helene
Night before Christmas

Moore, Julianne
Freckleface Strawberry best friends forever

Moore, Lindsay
Sea bear: a journey for survival

Moore, Suzi Illus. O'Byrne, Nicola
Two little bears
Wolfish stew

Moran, Katy
Spirit hunter
Dangerous to know

Morel, Alex

Morgan, Anna
All that impossible space

Morgan, Anne
Sky dreamer
Smallest carbon footprint in the land : & other eco-tales

Morgan, Kass
Light years

Morgan, Lara

Morgan, Michelle
Racing the Moon
Flying through clouds

Morgan, Nicola
Teenage guide to friends
Teenage guide to life online

Morgan, Sally
Flying emu: a collection of Australian stories
Greedy crocodile : a collection of Australian stories
Amazing A to Z thing
Where is galah?
Sister heart
Hello to you, moon
I love me

Morgan, Sally et al.
Land of Kur
Curly saves Grandma's house
Land of Mirthful
Sam's bush journey
Charlie Burr and the great shed invasion
Charlie Burr and the crazy cockroach disaster

Morgan, Sally Illus. Erzinger, Tania
Feast for wombat
Frog finds a place

Morgan, Sally Illus. Jaunn, Adele
Baby Bilby's question
Last dance

Morgan, Sally Illus. Jess, Racklyeft
Midnight possum
My mum's special secret

Morgan, Sally Illus. Kwaymullin, Amberlin
Girls can fly

Morgan, Sally Illus. Kwaymullina, Ambelin
Dream little one, dream
Perfect thing
Benny Bungarra's big bush clean-up

Morgan, Sally Illus. Malibiir, Johnny Warrkatja
Little bird's day

Morgan, Sally Illus. Smith, Craig
Memory shed
Dog emergency
Born to sing

Morgan, Sally Kwaymullina, Ambelin
Bush bash

Morgan, Sally Kwaymullina, Ezekiel
Me and my dad
Going bush with grandpa

Morgan, Sally Kwaymullina, Ezekiel Illus. Erzinger, Tania
Magpie learns a lesson

Morgan, Sally Kwaymullina, Ezekiel Illus. Smith, Craig
One rule for Jack

Morgan, Shane
Look and see
Cheeky animals

Morgan, Winter
Skeletons strike back
Clash of the creepers
Treasure hunters in trouble
Endermen invasion

Morgenstern, Erin
Night circus

Moriarty, Jaclyn
Corner of white
Cracks in the Kingdom
Tangle of gold
Slightly alarming tale of the whispering wars
Gravity is the thing

Moriarty, Liane
Nicola Berry and the petrifying problem with Princess Petronella
Nicola Berry and the shocking trouble on the Planet of Shobble
Nicola Berry and the wicked war on the Planet of Whimsy

Moriarty, Ros
Ten scared fish
Bush tracks
What's that there?

Moriarty, Ros Illus. Balarinji
Kangaroos hop
Splosh for the billabong
Summer rain

Morimoto, Junko
My Hiroshima

Moriwaki, Yoko
Yoko's diary : the life of a young girl in Hiroshima during WWII

Morphew, Chris
Man in the shadows

Morpurgo, Michael
Kaspar : prince of cats
This morning I met a whale
Mozart question
Running wild
Dear Olly
Of lions and unicorns
Such stuff : a story-maker's inspiration
Fox and the Ghost King
Flamingo boy

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Chichester Clark, Emma
Toto : the dog-gone amazing story of the Wizard of Oz

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Bailey, Peter

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Barroux
In the mouth of the wolf

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Benson, Patrick
It's a dog's life

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Chichester Clark, Emma
Pied Piper of Hamelin
Medal for Leroy

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Foreman, Michael
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Lucky button
Boy giant: son of Gulliver

Morpurgo, Michael Illus. Smith, Rae
War horse

Morris, Brittney

Morris, Jackie
Tell me a dragon
Cat and the fiddle : a treasury of nursery rhymes
East of the sun, west of the moon

Morrison, Penny Illus. Evans, Gabriel
Captain Sneer : the buccaneer

Morrison, Penny Illus. Howe, Simon
Perfect little monster

Morrison, Toni ed.
Burn this book

Morrison, Yvonne Illus. McKenzie, Heath
Cocky who cried dingo
Town possum, outback possum
Emu that laid the golden egg
Three wallabies gruff

Morrissey, Di Illus. Sydenham, Julie
Sonoma meets Miss Mouse
Ula's magic island

Mortensen, Lori
Cat that disappeared
Missing monster card

Morton, Kate
Lake house

Moses, Alexa
Slave girl

Moses, Alexa Illus. Tortop, Anil
Bat vs poss

Moskowitz, Cheryl
Can it be about me?

Moss, Emma
Amazing Abby, drama queen

Moss, Tamara
Lintang and the pirate queen
Lintang and the forbidden island

Moss, Tara
Cobra queen

Motum, Markus
Curiosity : the story of a Mars rover

Mowll, Joshua
Great space race

Muchamore, Robert
Rock war
Lone wolf
Crash landing

Muhammad, Ibtihaj Illus. Aly, Hatem
Proudest blue: a story of hijab and family

Muir, Fay Lawson, Sue
Nganga : a dictionary of Aboriginal words and phrases

Mukherjee, Abir
Rising man
Necessary evil

Muldrow, Diane
Everything I need to know about Christmas I learned from a Little Golden Book

Mulga's magical musical creatures

Mull, Brandon
Wild born
Sky raiders
Fire and ice
Tales of the Great Beasts

Mullen, Caitlin
Please see us

Mullen, Thomas
Lightning men

Mulligan, Andy
Boy with 2 heads

Mulligan, Monique Illus. Rooke, Veronica
Fergus the farting dragon

Mulroney, Asher
Inverted banyan tree

Mulvey, Ella Briggs, Karen
Rabbit-hole golf course

Mumford, Martha
Shhh! Don't wake the royal baby
Happy birthday, royal baby!
Hooray! It's a new royal baby!
Royal baby's big red bus tour of London

Mumford, Martha Illus. Hughes, Laura
We're going on an elf chase
We're going on an elf chase

Murad, Nadia
Last girl : my story of captivity, and my fight against the Islamic State

Murail, Marie-Aude
My brother simple

Murari, Timeri
Taliban Cricket Club

Murdie, Rae Illus. Nixon, Chris
Meet Captain Cook

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Wisdom's kiss
Book of Boy

Murgatroyd, Sarah
Dig 3ft NW : the legendary journey of Burke & Wills

Murphy, Bob Wilson, Tony Illus. Marsden, Phillip
Boy called Bob: becomes and AFL footballer

Murphy, Joy Illus. Kennedy, Lisa
Welcome to country
Wilam: a Birrarung story

Murphy, Julie
Side effects may vary
My Australia

Murphy, Kirsten
Half way to good

Murphy, Lois

Murphy, Mary
I kissed the baby!

Murphy, Sally
Pearl verses the world
Snowy's Christmas
Roses are blue
Sage Cookson's sweet escape
Sage Cookson's ring of truth
Sage Cookson's fishy surprise
Sage Cookson's Singapore sensation
Sage Cookson's literary launch
Sage Cookson's Christmas ghost
Sage Cookson's stormy weather
Sage Cookson's snow day

Murphy, Sally Kretschmar, Sonia
Do not forget Australia

Murphy, Sally Illus. Davis, Sarah
Worse things

Murphy, Sally Illus. Dawson, Janine
Fly-in fly-out dad

Murphy, Sally Illus. Martinez, Sonia
Meet Mary MacKillop

Murray, Caitlin
Beetle and Boo

Murray, Kirsty
Penny to remember
Vulture's gate
India Dark
Topsy-turvy world : how Australian animals puzzled early explorers
Four seasons of Lucy McKenzie
Year it all ended
Eat the sky, drink the ocean
Kids who did: real kids who ruled, rebelled, survived and thrived

Murray, Kirsty Illus. Blair, Karen
Puddle hunters
When Billy was a dog

Murray, Martine
Molly and Pim and the millions of stars
Henrietta the greatest go-getter
Henrietta and the perfect night
Marsh and me

Murray, Neil
Black fella, white fella

Murray, Struan
Orphans of the tide

Murrell, Belinda
Locket of dreams
Ruby talisman
River charm
Lulu Bell and the birthday unicorn
Lulu Bell and the cubby fort
Lulu Bell and the moon dragon
Lulu Bell and the fairy penguin
Lulu Bell and the circus pup
Lulu Bell and the sea turtle
Sequin star
Lulu Bell and the Christmas elf
Lulu Bell and the pirate fun
Lulu Bell and the magical garden
Lost sapphire
Beach shack cafe
Cub reporters
Kira dreaming
Puppy pandemonium
Meet Zoe and Zack at the zoo

Musgrove, Marianne
Don't breathe a word
Lucy the lie detector
Beginner's guide to revenge
Frieda : a new Australian

Mussi, Sarah

Mutch, Ian
More and more and more

Myers, Kate Kae
Vanishing game
Inherit midnight


Nabb, Magdalen
Enchanted horse

Nadin, Joanna

Naitanui, Nic Illus. Anaya, Fatima
Little Nic's big day

Nannestad, Katrina
Blue about love
Girl who brought mischief
Olive of Groves
Olive of Groves and the great slurp of time
Olive of Groves and the right royal romp
Girl, the dog and the writer in Rome
Girl, the dog and the writer in Provence
Girl, the dog and the writer in Lucerne

Nannestad, Katrina Illus. Koji, Makoto
Lottie Perkins, movie star
Lottie Perkins, ballerina
Lottie Perkins, fashion designer
Lottie Perkins, pop singer

Napier, Ian
Ghosts of Mars

Napier, Kali
Secrets at ocean's edge

Nash, Charlotte
Saving you

Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris
I'm going to eat this ant
I love you, stick insect
Lonely Christmas tree

Near, Allyse
Fairytales for Wilde girls

Neff, Henry H.
Fiend and the forge

Neill, Chloe
Firespell : a novel of the dark elite

Nelson, Jandy
Sky is everywhere
I'll give you the sun

Nelson, Jo Illus. Wilkinson, Richard

Nelson, Kadir
If you plant a seed

Neri, Greg
Ghetto cowboy

Nesbet, Anne
Orphan band of Springdale

Nesbit, E.
Five children and it

Nesbo, Jo
End of the world. Maybe

Ness, Patrick
Ask and the answer
Monsters of men
Monster calls
More than this

Ness, Patrick Illus. Cai, Rovina
And the ocean was our sky

Newbound, Andrew
Demon strike

Newman, Leslea
October mourning : a song for Matthew Shepard

Newman, Leslea Illus. Cornell, Laura
Heather has two mummies

Newman, Paul
Grandpa's big adventure

Newman, Paul Illus. Jellett, Tom
Grandpa's space adventure

Newsome, Richard
Billionaire's curse
Emerald casket
Crystal code

Newton, Gina
Blossom Possum and the Christmas quacker

Newton, Gina M.
Amazing animals of Australia's national parks

Newton, Jill
Don't wake Mr Bear!

Newton, Robert
When we were two
Mr Romanov's garden in the sky

Newton, Robert
Promise me happy

Ng, Sher Rill
Our little inventor

Ngan, Natasha
Girls of paper and fire

Nicholas, Soraya
Bush bolts
Brumby rescue
Barmah brumbies

Nicholls, Amanda
Total girl : the style files : six totally stylin' stories in one

Nicholls, David
Sweet sorrow

Nichols, Lee
Deception : haunting Emma

Nicholson, Lorin
Amazing bike ride : a true story

Nicholson, William
Rich and mad

Nicol, James
Apprentice witch

Nicol, Lisa
Dr Boogaloo and the girl who lost her laughter
Vincent and the Grandest Hotel on Earth

Nielsen, Jennifer A.
False prince
Runaway king
Behind enemy lines

Nielsen, Jennifer A.
Traitor's game

Nieminen, Lotta
Pancakes! An interactive recipe book - no food required

Niffenegger, Audrey
Her fearful symmetry
Night bookmobile

Niland, Amanda Illus. Richards, Claire
Waiting for Hugo

Niland, Kilmeny
Aussie day before Christmas
Two bad teddies

Nilsson, Frida Illus. Wirsen, Stina

Nimmo, Jenny
Charlie Bone and the Red Knight
Secret kingdom

Niven, Jennifer
All the bright places

Nix, Garth
Superior Saturday
Confusion of princes
Clariel : the lost Abhorsen
To hold the bridge
Angel mage

Nix, Garth Williams, Sean
Mystery of the golden card
Blood ties
Have sword, will travel
Let sleeping dragons lie

Noah, Trevor
It's Trevor Noah: born a crime : stories from a South African childhood

Noel, Alyson

Noni, Lynette

Norcliffe, James
Loblolly boy

Nordland, Rod
Lovers : love and vengeance in Afghanistan : a true story

Norman, Kim Illus. Kolar, Bob
Give me back my bones!

Norman, Mark
Funny bums
Funny faces

Norman, Mark Douglas
Poles apart : life at both ends of the earth
Koala: the real story
Funny homes
Funny families

Norrington, Leonie Illus. McKenna, Brenton
Bush holiday

Norrington, Leonie Illus. Norling, Beth
Losing Reuben

Norriss, Andrew

Norsa, Sophie
Lisa absolutely loves art

North, Laura
Pied Piper and the wrong song

Northfield, Gary
Rumble with the Romans
Bundle with the Britons
Julius Zebra: entangled with the Egyptians!

Northrop, Michael
Book of the dead
Amulet keepers

Norton, Catherine

Nott, James
Incredible Oik the crab

Novak, B.J.
Book with no pictures
My book with no pictures

Novak, Jordan P.
Mosquitoes can't bite ninjas

Novik, Naomi
Spinning silver

Nowra, Louis
Into that forest
Prince of Afghanistan

Nunn, Kayte
Botanist's daughter

Nunn, Malla
When the ground is hard

Nuzum, K.A.
Small white scar

Nwosu, Poppy
Making friends with Alice Dyson
Taking down Evelyn Tait

Nyong'o, Lupita Illus. Harrison, Vashti


O'Brien, May L.
Badudu stories

O'Byrne, Nicola
Use your imagination
Great dragon bake off

O'Callaghan, Joanne
Found in Melbourne: a counting adventure

O'Connell, Christian
Radio boy and the revenge of Grandad

O'Connell, David
Dentist of darkness

O'Connor, Jane Illus. Preiss-Glasser, Robin
Saturday night sleepover

O'Donnell, Kate
Untidy towns

O'Donnell, Steven
Dragon land
Speed zone
Lava Island

O'Gara, Kelly McNeil, Anna
Do you remember

O'Guilin, Peadar

O'Hagan, Jack Illus. Mclean, Andrew
Along the road to Gundagai

O'Hara, Mo Illus. Jagucki, Marek
Jurassic carp

O'Harris, Pixie
Fairy who wouldn't fly

O'Hely, Eileen Illus. McKenzie, Heath
Catier Emerald
Lightning opal

O'Keefe, Maureen Illus. Booth, Christina
Mum's elephant

O'Leary, Beth
Flat share

O'Leary, Dermot Illus. East, Nick
Toto the ninja cat and the great snake escape

O'Loghlin, James
Twins of Tintarfell
New kid: unpopular me
Very popular me

O'Malley, Kevin
Great race

O'Melveny, Regina
Book of madness and cures

O'Neal, Shaquille
Little Shaq
Little Shaq takes a chance
Little Shaq star of the week

O'Porter, Dawn

Oakes, Colleen
Queen of hearts

Ober, Pierre-Jacques Illus. Ober, Jules and Coonan, Felicity
Good son: a story from the First World War, told in miniature

Obreht, Tea

Odgers, Darrel Illus. Dawson, Janine
Storm rescue
Outback rescue

Odgers, Darrel Odgers, Sally
Bush rescue
Farm rescue

Odgers, Sally
Bushland lullaby
Rainforest lullaby
Outback lullaby
Ocean lullaby
Flying unicorn

Odgers, Sally Illus. Thomas, Adele K.
Pearl the magical unicorn
Proper unicorn

Odgers, Sally Thomas, Adele K.
Helpful unicorn

Ogden, Charles
Under town

Oh, Temi
Do you dream of Terra-Two?

Okine, Matt
Being black 'n chicken, and chips

Oktober, Tricia
Blue moon
Dance, Bilby, dance
Butterfly and Oscar

Olin, Sean

Oliver, Jana G.
Briar Rose

Oliver, Jo

Oliver, Lauren
Vanishing girls
Broken things

Oliver, Lauren Chester, H.C.
Shrunken head

Oliver, Narelle
Sand swimmers : the secret life of Australia's dead heart
Don't let a spoonbill in the kitchen!
Rock pool secrets
I want to be in a book

Olsen, Gregg
Run : a vengeance novel

Olsen, Penny
Our nest is best
Have you seen my egg?

Omololu, C.J.

Ondaatje, Michael
Cat's table

One Arm Point Remote Community School
Our world : Bardi Jaawi : life at Ardiyooloon

Oppel, Kenneth
Half brother
This dark endeavour

Oram, Hiawyn Illus. Millward, Gwen
Flat cat

Oram, Hiawyn Illus. Wyatt, David
Nine worlds in nine nights: a journey through imaginary lands

Ord, Mandy
Sensitive creatures

Orme, David
Josie's garden

Ormerod, Jan
101 things to do with baby

Ormerod, Jan Illus. Blackwood, Freya
Maudie and Bear
Maudie and bear story : the bike ride

Ormerod, Jan Illus. Joyner, Andrew

Ormerod, Jan Thompson, Carol
Looking for Rex

Orner, Eva
Chasing asylum : a filmmaker's story

Orpin, Beci
Take heart, take action

Orr, Stephen
Hands : an Australian pastoral
Incredible Floridas
This excellent machine

Orr, Wendy
Raven's mountain
Rainbow Street pets
Rescue on Nim's Island
Dragonfly song
Swallow's dance

Orr, Wendy Illus. Stringer, Lauren
Princess and her panther

Orsini, Cheryl
Caravan Fran

Orwell, George
1984: &, Animal farm

Osborne, Robyn Illus. Konchi, Sadami
My dog Socks

Oswald, Debra
Blue noise

Otter, Isabel Illus. Carpenter, Margaux
Wonders of the world: an interactive tour of marvels and monuments

Ottley, Matt
Jack and the beanstalk

Otton, Steve
Tiny: a little dog on a big adventure

Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul
Little fairy sister

Owen, Chris Court, Moira
My superhero

Owen, Joanne
Circus of the unseen

Owens, L.L.
Black beauty

Oxenbury, Helen
It's my birthday

Oxenham, Darlene
Cyclone is coming

Oxley, Jennifer
Lemonade problem
Eid al-Adha adventure

Oxley, Jennifer Aronson, Billy
Camp problem

Ozeki, Ruth L.
Tale for the time being


Puppies in the pound
Puffin book of summer stories: eight favourite Australian picture books
Puffin book of bedtime stories: eight favourite Australian picture books

Paakantji Community with Liz Thompson
Moon and the gecko = Patjuka wura punu : a story from Paakantji Community

Pagano, Cherise
Christmas cooking and craft for kids

Page, Gail
How to be a good cat

Paige, Danielle
Stealing Snow

Pajalic, Amra Divaroren, Demet
Growing up Muslim in Australia: coming of age

Palacio, R.J.
365 days of wonder
Augie and me: Three wonder stories
We're all wonders

Palacio, R.J.
White bird: a Wonder story

Pallotta-Chiarolli, Maria
Love you two

Pallotta-Chiarolli, Maria ed.
Living and loving in diversity : an anthology of Australian multicultural queer adventures

Palmer, Rob
How to build a billy cart and other fun stuff! : 16 fun DIY projects to make together

Palmer, Tony
Break of day
Valley of blood and gold

Palmer, Tony Illus. Tanner, Jane
Soldier's gift

Pan, Emily XR.
Astonishing colour of after

Panckridge, Michael
Against the spin
Chasing the break
On the buzzer
Clearing the pack
Down the line
Boy who wasn't there
Switch hit showdown
Bowling blitz
Captains' clash
Double delivery
Academy smash
Championship dash

Pang, Hannah
We're going on a bear hunt : my adventure field guide
We're going on a bear hunt : My explorer's journal

Pankhurst, Kate
Fantastically great women who made history
Fantastically great women who worked wonders
Fantastically great women who changed the world: activity book
Fantastically great women who saved the planet

Paolini, Christopher
Eragon's guide to Alagaesia
Fork, the witch, and the worm: tales from Alagaesia

Papp, Lisa
Madeline Finn and the library dog

Pardoe, Mark
Not bog standard and other peculiar stories

Parenteau, Shirley
Dolls of war

Parisse, Jerome
Wings of Leo Spencer

Park, Linda Sue
When my name was Keoko
Trust no one
Xander's panda party

Park, Mac
Battle files : air
Battle files : land
Water mutant
Air mutant
Storm mutant
Rock mutant
Sky high
Double trouble
Dino hunter
Big stink
Deep dive
Stack attack
Mega hatch
Dino corp

Park, Ruth
Playing Beatie Bow

Parker, Aura
Meerkat splash
Goodnight glow worms

Parker, Danny Blackwood, Freya
Molly and Mae

Parker, Danny Illus. Eckstrom, Nathaniel
Road trip

Parker, Danny Illus. Ottley, Matt
Tree : a little story about big things
Sarah and the steep slope

Parker, Danny. Illus. Guy Shield
Party at Cuddleton Castle

Parker, Danny. Illus. Shield, Guy
Patchwork picnic

Parker, John
Sucked out

Parker, Michael Illus. Rossell, Judith
You are a star

Parkinson, Siobhan
Spellbound : tales of enchantment from ancient Ireland

Parot, Annelore

Parry, Bronwyn
Storm clouds
Sunset shadows

Parsons, Karyn
How high the moon

Parton, Daron
Alligator in an anorak

Pascoe, Bruce
Fog a dox
Dark emu: Black seeds: Agriculture or accident?
Mrs Whitlam
Young dark emu: a truer history

Pashley, Sue-Ellen Illus. Baker, Thea

Pass, Emma

Pastis, Stephan
Timmy Failure : mistakes were made
We meet again
Sanitized for your protection
Cat stole my pants
Book you're not supposed to have
It's the end when I say it's the end

Patchett, Ann
Dutch House

Paterson, A. B. Illus. Wilson, Mark
We're all Australians now

Paterson, A.B.
Banjo Paterson treasury

Paterson, Allison Marlow
Australia remembers: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day & war memorials
Follow after me: look up, and swear by the green of the spring that you'll never forget
Anzac sons: five brothers on the western front

Paterson, Allison Marlow Illus. McGrath, Shane
Granny's place
Shearing time

Paterson, Katherine
Flint heart : a fairy story
My brigadista year

Patric, A.S.
Atlantic black
Butcherbird stories

Patricelli, Leslie
Best buds under frogs

Patrick, Cat

Patterson, Dannika Illus. Forward, Megan
Jacaranda magic
Scribbly gum secrets

Patterson, James
Watch the skies
Middle school : get me out of here!
Middle school : my brother is a big, fat liar
Homeroom diaries
Save Rafe!
Genius experiment
Ali Cross

Patterson, James Chatterton, Martin
Rafe's Aussie misadventure
Going bush

Patterson, James Grabenstein, Chris
I funny
House of robots

Paul, Caroline
Gutsy girl : tales for your life of ridiculous adventure

Paul, Ruth
Hedgehog's magic tricks
My dinosaur dad
My meerkat mum

Paulson, Judy
Baby tawnies

Paver, Michelle
Gods and warriors
Viper's daughter

Pavey, Peter
One dragon's dream
I'm Taggarty Toad

Peacock, Kathleen
Deadly hemlock

Pearce, Barry
Master of stillness: Jeffrey Smart

Pearce, Bryony
Angel's fury
Phoenix burning

Pearce, Clemency
Silent owl

Pearce, Jackson
Pip Bartlett's guide to magical creatures
Doublecross : (and other skills I learned as a superspy)
Ellie, engineer
Ellie, engineer: the next level

Pearson, Luke
Hilda and the stone forest

Pearson, Maggie
Is there anybody there?
House of the cats and other tales from Europe

Pearson, Mary E.
Adoration of Jenna Fox

Peers, Bobbie
William Wenton and the luridium thief
William Wenton and the secret portal

Peet, Mal
Life : An exploded diagram

Peet, Mal Graham, Elspeth
Cloud tea monkeys
Mysterious traveller

Peet, Mal Rosoff, Meg

Pegler, Tim
Five parts dead

Peirce, Lincoln
Big Nate flips out
Big Nate blasts off
Max & the Midknights

Pellegrino, Marjorie White
Journey of dreams

Pellegrino, Nicky
Dream of Italy

Pelling, Lenny
Summer days
School days
Olden days
Pyjama days

Pelosi, Catherine
Quark's Academy

Pelosi, Catherine Illus. Murray, Caitlin
Something for Fleur

Pena, Matt de la
Curse of the ancients

Penaflor, Lygia Day
All of this is true

Penant, Sam
Eye of the gargoyle

Penfold, Alexandra Illus. Kaufman, Suzanne
All are welcome

Pennacchio, Marcello Illus. Snell, Danny
Somewhere in Australia
Somewhere in the reef

Pennypacker, Sara
Japanese ninja surprise

Perarnau, Chloe
Walkabout orchestra: postcards from around the world

Percival, Tom
Herman's letter
Bubble trouble
Herman's holiday
Perfectly Norman
Goat's coat
Ruby's worry
Ravi's roar

Perera, Anna
Glass collector

Peretti, Paola
Distance between me and the cherry tree

Perkin, Jayde
Mum's jumper

Perkins, Stephanie
Anna and the French kiss
Lola and the boy next door
Isla and the happily ever after
Summer days and summer nights : twelve summer romances
There's someone inside your house

Perlman, Elliot
Adventures of Catvinkle

Perret, Delphine
Mademoiselle Lisa
Bear named Bjorn

Perry, Chrissie
Surf's up
Lucky jars and broken promises
Truly terrible mistake

Perry, Chrissie Illus. Petrovic, Pete
Oops, I've done it again!
Oops, I've told a little lie!

Perry, SW.
Angel's mark

Pesenti, Antonia
Look up!: numbers, colours and shapes in architecture

Peters, Andrew
Glass forest

Peters, Helen
Anna at war

Peto, Violet
Is it warm enough for ice cream?

Pfanner, Louise
Louise builds a house
Louise builds a boat

Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Dead and the gone

Phelan, James

Phelan, Matt
Snow White

Phelps, Peter
Bulldog track: a grandson's story of an ordinary man's war and survival on the other Kokoda trail

Philip, Gillian
Crossing the line
Opposite of amber

Philip, Simon Bailey, Ella
I don't know what to call my cat

Phillips, Craig
Giants, trolls, witches, beasts : ten tales from the deep, dark woods

Phillips, Ellie
Dads, geeks and blue haired freaks

Phillips, Julia
Disappearing Earth

Philp, Nicola Illus. Aguirre, Aldy
Grain of hope

Phipson, Joan
Watcher in the garden

Phommavanh, Oliver
Other Christy
Super Con-nerd
Natural born leader [crossed out] loser
Don't follow Vee

Pichon, Liz
Excellent excuses (and other good stuff)
Everything's amazing (sort of)
Tom Gates is absolutely fantastic (at some things)
Tom Gates best book day ever (so far)
Tiny bit lucky
Yes! No. (Maybe . . . )
Top of the class (nearly)
Super good skills (almost)
Dog Zombies rule (for now)
Family, friends and furry creatures : my school project
Epic adventure (kind of)
Biscuits, bands and very big plans
What monster?

Picoult, Jodi
Plain truth

Picoult, Jodi Leer, Samantha van
Off the page

Pierce, Tamora
Battle Magic
Tempests and slaughter: a Tortall legend

Pieters, Nils
Fox and goldfish

Pignataro, Anna
Fairytale parade
Enchanting carnival
How I love you
Our love grows
Being Agatha
Agatha and the dark
Thousand hugs from Daddy
It's hard to love a tiger
Heart of a whale

Pigott-Smith, Tim
Rose of Africa

Pike, Aprilynne
Life after theft

Pike, Christopher
Remember me ; and, The return : part 1

Pilkey, Dav
Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the Voodoo Vultures from Venus
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury
Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the turbo toilet 2000
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mecha-monkeys from Mars
Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot
Dog man
Dog man unleashed
Tale of two kitties
Lord of the fleas
Brawl of the wild
For whom the ball rolls

Pilkington, John

Pipe, Jim
Romeo & Juliet

Piper, Watty Illus. Santat, Dan
Little engine that could

Pirotta, Saviour
Mark of the Cyclops : an ancient Greek mystery

Pirotta, Saviour Illus. Hartas, Freya
Shadow of the centaurs: an ancient Greek mystery

Pitcher, Annabel
Ketchup clouds

Pitcher, Annabel
Silence is goldfish

Pitt, Darrell
Firebird mystery
Secret abyss
Broken sun
Monster within
Lost sword
Toaster on Mars
Boy from Earth

Pitt, Turia

Plant, Andrew
Perfect leaf

Platt, Richard
Roman diary : the journal of Iliona of Mytilini
Pirate diary: journal of a cabin boy

Plozza, Shivaun
Tin heart

Pluss, Nicole

Poitier, Anton
Who's next? : guess who!

Poli, Katie
Marvellous mummy

Pollock, Tom
White rabbit, red wolf

Porter, Matt
Stephanie Chiocci and the Cooper's Hill cheese chase

Porter, Matt Illus. Atze, Dave
Greatest book in the world

Poshoglian, Yvette
Ella and Olivia : cupcake catastrophe
Ella and Olivia : best friend showdown
New girl
Ballet stars
Big sleepover
Puppy trouble
Escape from Cockatoo Island
Pony problem
Christmas surprise
Sports Carnival
Flower power
Operation boy band
Ella and Olivia : hair disaster
Zoo rescue
Note perfect
Little lifesavers
Wild adventure
Sisters' day out stories

Poshoglian, Yvette Illus. Judd, Phil

Poshoglian, Yvette Illus. Judd, Phil
Great toy rescue

Poshoglian, Yvette Illus. McDonald, Danielle
Ready, set, spy
Beach holiday
Royal Show
Fun friendship tales

Poston, Ashley
Princess and the fangirl: a Geekerella fairytale

Potter, Beatrix
Christmas wish : a Peter Rabbit tale

Potter, Ellen Illus. Heatley, David
Otis Dooda : strange but true

Poulos, Nina
Night monsters

Poulter, Jennifer Illus. Davis, Sarah
Mending Lucille

Pounder, Sibeal Illus. Anderson, Laura Ellen
Witch wars

Pounder, Sibeal Illus. Anderson, Laura Ellen
Witch switch
Witch watch
Witch glitch
Witch snitch
Witch tricks

Pounder, Sibeal Illus. Cockcroft, Jason
Bad mermaids
On the rocks

Powell, Dimity Illus. Johnston, Nicky
At the end of Holyrood Lane

Powell, Dimity Illus. Plant, Andrew

Powell, Dimity Johnston, Nicky
Fix-it man

Powell, Ganga
Wallaby in the garden

Powell, Huw
Lost sword
Pirate king

Powell, Laura
Burn mark
Witch fire

Powell, Martin
Adventures of Hercules
Swiss family Robinson

Power, Robert
Tell it to the dog : a memoir of sorts

Power, Rory
Wilder girls

Power, Timothy
Boy who howled

Powers, J.L.

Powers, Kevin
Shout in the ruins

Powers, Mark

Powling, Chris

Poznanski, Ursula

Prap, Lila

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti
I love you night and day
Don't call me sweet
Santa baby
Kiss it better
I'll never let you go

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti Illus. Brown, Alison
You make me happy

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti Illus. Rozelaar, Angie
Don't make me cross!

Pratchett, Terry
Wee free men
I shall wear midnight
Dragons at Crumbling Castle and other stories
Father Christmas's fake beard

Prelutsky, Jack
My dog may be a genius : poems
Stardines swim high across the sky

Prendergast, Kate
Dog on a digger : the tricky incident
Sleep: how nature gets its rest

Preston, Natasha

Preto, Antonella
Mimosa tree

Prewett, Melanie
Two mates

Priddy, Roger
Wiggle and the whale : a book of funny friends

Priddy, Sam Illus. Slater, Kate
A is for ant

Priest, Cherie O'Connor, Tara
Agony house

Priestley, Chris
Dead of winter
Mister Creecher
Last of the spirits
Anything that isn't this
Curse of the werewolf boy
Treasure of the golden skull

Prince, Alison
No ordinary love song

Prince, Scott Hartley, David
Rising star
Deadly D and Justice Jones: making the team

Prior, Natalie Jane
Minivers forever
Fairy dancers
Tales of Mrs Mancini
Dancing days

Prior, Natalie Jane Illus. King, Stephen Michael
Wandering star

Prior, Natalie Jane Illus. Orsini, Cheryl
Lucy's book

Prior, Ted
Grug and the circus
Grug learns to read
Grug the superhero
Grug meets a dinosaur
Grug gets lost
Grug and his first Easter

Pritchett, Georgia
Wilf the mighty worrier battles a pirate

Proud, Maddy
Grace on the court

Provoost, Anne

Pryor, Boori Ormerod, Jan
Shake a leg

Pryor, Michael
Blaze of Glory
Hour of need
Extinction gambit
10 futures
Machine wars
Gap year in ghost town
Graveyard shift in ghost town

Pryor, Michael Illus. Faber, Jules
Leo da Vinci vs the Ice-cream Domination League

Puertolas, Romain
Extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe

Pulford, Elizabeth
Blackthorn's betrayal
Finding Monkey Moon

Pullman, Philip
Adventures of the New Cut Gang
La Belle Sauvage
Secret commonwealth

Pulman, Felicity
Ring through time

Pung, Alice
Meet Marly
Marly walks on the moon

Punter, Russell
Three musketeers graphic novel

Purcell, Laura
Bone china

Purkiss, Sue
Emily's surprising voyage
Jack Fortune and the search for the Hidden Valley

Putnam, Wil
Australian animals : mothers and babies

Puttock, Simon
Baby that roared!

Pye, Ali
Copy cat

Pyke, Josh Illus. Nixon, Chris
Lights out, Leonard


Quarry, Rachel
Colin the chameleon

Quay, Emma
Scarlett, Starlet

Quinn, K.A.S.
Queen must die

Quintana, Jenny
Our dark secret


RSPCA bumper book of pets and other animals
Roald Dahl's marvellous joke book

Raabe, Melanie

Racklyeft, Jess
There's only one mum like you
First Christmas

Ractliffe, Justin Glassby, Cathie
Dads : a field guide

Raczka, Bob Illus. Shin, Simone
Niko draws a feeling

Rai, Bali
Night run

Rallison, Janette
My fair godmother

Ralph, Vincent
Are you watching?

Ramos, Mario
I am so clever

Ramos, NoNieqa
Disturbed girl's dictionary

Ramstein, Anne-Margot
Before after

Rance, Alex Illus. McG., Shane
Tiger's roar
Rabbit's hop
Monkey's tail

Rankin, Ian
Rather be the devil
In a house of lies

Ransome, Arthur
Pigeon post

Raphael, Solli

Rappaport, Doreen
Beyond courage : the untold story of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust

Ratt, Alex Faber, Jules
Stinky Street stories

Rattle, Alison

Rauf, Onjali Q
Boy at the back of the class

Rawa Community School Lester, Alison Godwin, Jane
Monster party

Rawlins, Donna Illus. Jackson, Mark Potter, Heather
Waves: for those who came across the sea

Rawson, Jane
From the Wreck

Ray, Jane

Rayner, Catherine
Sylvia and Bird
Norris : the bear who shared
Iris and Isaac
Augustus and his smile

Rayner, Shoo
Laughing Hyena

Re, Loretta
Stand up and cheer : a fierce storm, a lost plane, a flicker of hope

Read, John L.
Dear Grandpa, why? : reflections from Kokoda to Hiroshima

Reagan, Jean
How to babysit a grandad

Reagan, Jean Illus. Wildish, Lee
How to babysit a grandma

Redbeard, Odin
Vulgar the Viking and the rock cake raiders

Reece, Gordon
What does your daddy do?

Reeder, Stephanie Owen
Amazing Grace : an adventure at sea
Lennie the legend : solo to Sydney by pony
Marvellous Miss May: queen of the circus
Story time stars: favourite characters from Australian picture books
Will the Wonderkid: treasure hunter of the Australian outback

Reeder, Stephanie Owen Illus. Briony, Stewart
Trouble in the surf

Reekles, Beth
Going the distance

Rees, Celia
This is not forgiveness

Rees, Gwyneth
Cherry blossom dreams
Libby in the middle
Super Cats

Rees, Leslie Illus. Zouwer, Naomi
Shy the platypus

Reeve, Philip

Reeve, Philip Illus. McQue, Ian
Night flights

Reeve, Rosie
When Tom met Tallulah
Rory and the monstersitter

Regan, Fiona
Midnight mischief

Regan, Lisa
Emu on the loose

Regan, Lisa Illus. Byrne, Kelly
Giraffe on a sleepover

Regan, Lisa Illus. Caswell, Kelly
Tiger at the door

Reichardt, Marisa

Reichs, Brendan

Reid, Camilla Illus. Busby, Ailie
Lulu's lunch
Lulu loves colours
Lulu loves noises

Reid, Gabrielle
Things we can't undo

Reidy, Jean
Too princessy!

Reilly, Matthew
Four legendary kingdoms

Reilly, Derek

Reilly, Matthew
Troll Mountain
Secret runners of New York

Reiter, David P.
Bringing down the wall

Remington, Laurel
Secret cooking club

Rennison, Louise
Stop in the name of pants
Are these my basoomas I see before me?
Midsummer tights dream : more (boy snogging) misadventures of Tallulah Casey

Reuter Hapgood, Harriet
Square root of summer

Revell, Mike

Revis, Beth
Across the universe
Million suns
Shades of Earth

Rex, Adam
True meaning of Smekday
Smek for President

Rex, Alice
Onesie Mumsie
Ava's spectacular spectacles

Reyl, Hilary
Kids like us

Reynolds, Aaron Illus. Santat, Dan

Reynolds, Alison
Birthday party cake : all about welcoming differences with Pickle & Bree

Reynolds, Helen Illus. Hagarty, Natasha
Timothy the worm

Reynolds, Peter H.
Sky color
Say something

Rhatigan, Joe
Alice in Wonderland : down the rabbit hole

Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Ghost boys

Rhodes, Morgan
Rebel spring

Rich, Simon
Elliot Allagash

Rich, Susan ed.
Half-minute horrors

Richards, Justin
Licence to fish
Demon storm

Richards, Keith
Gus & me : the story of my granddad and my first guitar

Richards, Kel
Jacko and the beanstalk
Big book of Aussie dinosaurs

Richardson, Bianca Illus. Michaela, Snowden
I'm bigger than you

Richardson, Christopher
Voyage of the moon child

Richardson, E.E.
Soul trade

Richardson, Justin Parnell, Peter
And Tango makes three

Richardson, Tanzyne Houston, Bronwyn
My home Broome

Riddell, Chris
Goth girl and the ghost of a mouse
Goth Girl and the wuthering fright
Ottoline and the purple fox
Goth Girl and the sinister symphony

Riddell, Shona
Tale of the Anzac tortoise

Riddle, A.G.

Riddle, Tohby
Lucky ones
Greatest Gatsby: A visual book of grammar
Milo : a moving story
Here comes Stinkbug!
Yahoo Creek: an Australian mystery
Nobody owns the moon
Astronaut's cat

Ridge, Judith
Book that made me

Ridyard, David Gristwood, Doreen
Koalas, kites and kangaroos : an Australian alphabet book

Rieden, Juliet
Writing on the wall: how one boy, my father, survived the Holocaust

Riggs, Ransom
Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children
Conference of the birds

Rijckeghem, Jean-Claude van
With a sword in my hand

Riley, Andy
King Flashypants and the evil emperor
King Flashypants and the creature from Crong

Riley, Clifford
Operation Trinity

Riley, David
Steppin' with Benji Marshall

Rimmer, Kelly
Before I let you go

Riordan, James
Blood runner

Riordan, Rick
Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth
Red pyramid
Throne of fire
Son of Neptune
Serpent's shadow
House of Hades
Magnus Chase and the sword of summer

Riordan, Rick and others
Vespers rising

Rios, Julia ed. Krasnostein, Alisa ed.
Year's best young adult speculative fiction 2015

Ripley Entertainment
Ripley's Believe it or not! : special edition 2016.
Ripley's Believe it or not! : wild & wacky edition 2017

Ripley, Robert L.
Ripley's believe it or not! : special edition 2012

Rippin, Sally
Bad butterfly
Perfect present
Secret message
Angel Creek
Little lie
Scary solo
Cutest pet ever
Robot blues
Crazy cousins
New friend
Worry monsters
Copycat kid
Pocket money blues
Playground problem
Top team
Star of the week
Wayward witch and the feelings monster

Rippin, Sally Illus. Coburn, Alisa
Billie's great desert adventure

Rippin, Sally Illus. Fukuoka, Aki
Code breaker

Rippin, Sally Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
Meet Lina
Lina at the games

Rippin, Sally. Illus. Coburn, Alisa
Billie's wild jungle adventure

Rippley, P.U Illus. Evan Palmer
Jurassic farts : a spotter's guide

Ritchie, Kate Illus. Robaard, Jedda
It's not scribble to me:

Ritchie, Kate Illus. Sommerville, Hannah
I just couldn't wait to meet you

Ritter, William

Ritter, William
Beastly bones

Robaard, Jedda
Tom and Tilly
Tom and Tilly fly away
Little koala who lost his tree
Little joey who lost her bounce
George the bilby chef and the raspberry muffin surprise
Little Zebra who learnt his colours
Monsieur Chat
I'm ready for Christmas
I'm ready for preschool
I'm ready for Easter
I'm ready for the new baby

Robb, J.D.
Devoted in death
Golden in death

Robb, Simon et al.
Hope : the everyday and imaginary life of young people on the margins

Robbins, Rose
Me and my sister
Elena's shells

Robbins, Sarah J. Yousafzai, Malala
Malala: my story of standing up for girls' rights

Robert, Na'ima bint Illus. Cavallini, Valentina
Going to Mecca

Roberton, Fiona
Perfect present
Tale of two beasts

Roberts, Adam
Yellow blue tibia

Roberts, Nora

Roberts, Tansy Rayner
Reign of beasts

Roberts, Trent Krebs, Chrissie
Dinosaur ate Dad's hair

Robertson, Deborah

Robertson, M.P.
Frank n Stan

Robertson, Matt
Do you love bugs?

Robertson-Buchanan, Angela
Bonny grows her feathers and learns to fly

Robinson, Hilary Stanley, Mandy
At the fair
Up the mountain

Robinson, Kim Stanley

Robinson, Michelle
How to wash a woolly mammoth
There's a lion in my cornflakes
Goodnight spaceman
Grandmas from mars

Robinson, Michelle Roberts, David
Beginner's guide to bear spotting

Robinson, Peter
When the music's over

Robotham, Michael
Life or death
Secrets she keeps
Other wife
Good girl, bad girl

Robshaw, Brandon
Big wish

Roc, Margaret Illus. Hughes, Laura
Jellybean goes to school

Rockwell, Anne

Rodda, Emily
Golden door
Silver door
Third door
Shadows of the master
Two moons
Towers of Illica
Hungry Isle
Shop at Hoopers Bend
His name was Walter

Rodda, Emily Illus. Gifford, Lucinda
Scary Mary and the stripe spell

Rodkey, Geoff
Tapper Twins go to war (with each other)

Roe, Jill
Our fathers cleared the bush : remembering Eyre Peninsula

Roe, Katrina
Marty's nut-free party
Emily eases her wheezes
Gemma gets the jitters

Roe, Katrina Illus. Jemima Trappel

Rogers, Gregory
Omar the strongman
Boy, the bear, the baron, the bard : and other dramatic tales

Rogers, Hil
Bad apple

Rogers, Hilary
Boss girl

Rogers, Hill Illus. Petrovic, Pete
Crazy kiwi

Rogers, Jane
Testament of Jessie Lamb

Rogerson, Margaret
Sorcery of thorns

Rollins, Danielle

Romero, R.M.
Dollmaker of Krakow

Rose, Annie
Sex and other stuff

Rose, Gerald
Tiger-skin rug

Rose, Poppy
Loves to dance

Rosen, L. C.

Rosen, Michael
I'm number one
Red Ted and the lost things
Bear flies high
Even my ears are smiling
Bananas in my ears : a collection of poems
Send for a superhero
Uncle Gobb and the dreadshed
What is poetry? : the essential guide to reading & writing poems
Uncle Gobb and the green heads
Uncle Gobb and the plot plot

Rosen, Michael Illus. Blake, Quentin
Fantastic Mr Dahl

Rosen, Michael Illus. Sabuda, Robert
Chanukah lights

Rosen, Michael Illus. Waldron, Kevin
Tiny little fly

Rosen, Michael J.
Let's build a playground

Rosner, Jennifer
Yellow bird sings

Rosoff, Meg
How I live now
Bride's farewell
There is no dog
Picture me gone

Ross, Gary Illus. Myers, Matthew
Bartholomew Biddle and the very big wind

Ross, Rebecca
Queen's rising
Queen's resistance

Ross, Sonny
Duck gets a job

Ross, Tony
Nights before Christmas : 24 classic stories to share

Rossell, Judith
Ruby and Leonard and the great big surprise
Withering-by-Sea : a Stella Montgomery intrigue
Wormwood mire : a Stella Montgomery intrigue
Garden of lilies: improving tales for young minds by Prudence A Goodchild
Wakestone Hall

Rossi, Imogen
Painted war

Rossi, Veronica
Under the never sky
Through the ever night
Into the still blue

Rossiter, Heather
Sweet boy dear wife : Jane Dieulafoy in Persia 1881-1886

Roth, Veronica
End and other beginnings: stories from the future
Chosen ones

Rothfuss, Patrick
Wise Man's Fear

Rowan, Ellis
Bill Baillie: the life and adventures of a pet bilby

Rowe, Jeannette

Rowell, Rainbow
Eleanor & Park
Wayward son

Rowell, Rainbow Illus. Hicks, Faith Erin

Rowell, Rosie
Almost Grace

Rowen, Michelle
Demon princess : reign check

Rowland, Lucy
Gecko's echo
Birthday invitation

Rowling, J.K.
Casual vacancy

Rowling, JK. Illus. Kay, Jim
Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

Rox, John
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Roxburgh, Richard
Artie and the grime wave

Roy, James
Hunting elephants
Gimlet eye
Anonymity Jones
Ghostly shadows
Spitting image
Miss Understood
Rules are rules
Newest pet
Tiny guitar
Chook Doolan saves the day
On the road
Let's do diwali!
Un-happy camper
Up and away

Roy, James Zihabamwe, Noel
One thousand hills

Roy, Jennifer Rozines
Yellow star

Roy, Jennifer Rozines Fadhil, Ali
Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein

Royce, Ellie Illus. Mclean, Andrew
Lucas and Jack

Rozett, Louise
Confessions of an angry girl

Pet isn't just for Christmas

Rubbino, Salvatore
Walk in Paris

Rubinstein, Gillian Denton, Terry
Ducky's nest

Rubio, Ayesha L
Peter and the wolf
Pied Piper

Rudd, Kevin
Jasper and Abby and the great Australia Day kerfuffle

Rudden, Dave Illus. Snell, Alexis
Twelve angels weeping

Rudge, Leila

Ruffles, Lydia
Taste of blue light

Rugg, Sally
How powerful we are: behind the scenes with one of Australia's leading activists

Ruiz Zafon, Carlos
Prince of Mist
Midnight palace
Watcher in the shadows

Rundell, Katherine
Wolf wilder
Good thieves

Rundell, Katherine Neonakis, Alexandria
One Christmas wish

Rushby, Allison
Fifth room
Mulberry tree
Seven keys

Rushby, Pamela
When the hipchicks went to war
Horses didn't come home
Flora's war
Ratcatcher's daughter
Sing a rebel song
Princess Parsley
Lizzie and Margaret Rose

Rushton, Abbie

Russack, Leah

Russell, Gareth

Russell, Paul
My storee

Russell, Paul Illus. Aska
Incurable imagination

Russell, Paul Johnston, Nicky
Grandma forgets

Russell, Rachel Renee
Dork diaries : pop star
Skating sensation
Dear Dork
Holiday heartbreak
Once upon a dork
Locker hero
Frenemies forever
Middle school mayhem
Crush catastrophe
Birthday drama!

Russon, Penni
Little bird
Only ever always

Rusu, Meredith
Peppa at the aquarium: a life the flap book

Ruter, Pascal
Friend in the dark

Rutherford, Alex
Tainted throne

Ruurs, Margriet
Stepping stones : a refugee family's journey

Ryan, Amy Kathleen

Ryan, Candace
Ribbit rabbit
Zoo zoom

Ryan, Candace Illus. Lowery, Mike
Moo Hoo

Ryan, Carrie
Forest of Hands and Teeth
Dead-tossed waves
Dark and hollow places
Divide and conquer

Ryan, Cherri

Ryder, Chloe
Magical friend

Ryder, Chloe Illus. Miles, Jennifer
Lucky horseshoe


Stories for boys
Stories for girls
Slime book
Shout out to the girls: a celebration of awesome Australian women
Science and stuff
Stargazer: a step-by-step guide to the Southern night sky
Stand up for the future: a celebration of inspirational young Australians
Super Peppa!
Super sporty girls: be inspired and celebrate Australia's amazing sportswomen

Sachar, Louis
Fuzzy mud

Sachar, Louis Illus. by Tim Heitz.
Wayside School beneath the cloud of doom

Saclier, Krys Illus. Timmis, Rebecca
Super Nova

Saffioti, Trina
Stolen girl

Sage, Angie
My haunted house
Gargoyle Hall

Sager Weinstein, Jacob
City of secret rivers
City of guardian stones

Said, Aimee
Finding Freia Lockhart
Little sister
Freia Lockhart's summer of awful

Saint-Exupery, Antoine de
Little Prince

Sala, Laurenne Illus. Malbrough, Mike
You made me a dad

Salamon, Winnie
Pretty girls don't eat

Saliba, Sue
For the forest of a bird

Salmon, Michael
Monster who ate Australia
Bobo, my superdog
Down-under 12 days of Christmas
Pirate gold
Masked echidna

Saltzberg, Barney
Hug this book

Salvi, Manuela
Girl detached

Samarasan, Preeta
Evening is the whole day

Sampson, Juliet M. Illus. Erasmus, Karen
Grace's mystery seed

Sanchez Vegara, Isabel
Amelia Earhart

Sanchez Vegara, Ma Isabel Illus. Brosmind
Muhammad Ali

Sanchez Vegara, Ma Isabel Illus. Hunt, Matt
Stephen Hawking

Sandall, Ellie
Daisy plays hide-and-seek

Sanders, Ben
My book (not yours)

Sanders, Ted
Box and the dragonfly

Sanderson, Brandon

Sandhu, Jo

Sandler, Martin W.
How the Beatles changed the world

Sanna, Francesca
Me and my fear

Santat, Dan
Adventures of Beekle, the unimaginary friend
After the fall : how Humpty Dumpty got back up again

Sarma, Siddhartha
Grasshopper's run

Sarre, Alastair
Prohibited Zone: a thriller in the desert

Sarzin, Lisa Miranda Illus. Briggs, Lauren
Stories for Simon

Sattler, Jennifer Gordon
Chick 'n' Pug
Chick 'n' Pug meet the Dude
Chick 'n' Pug Christmas
Chick 'n' Pug: The love pug

Saunders, Kate
Five children on the Western Front

Saunders, Katie
Olive Marshmallow
Olive the alien

Saunders, Kirli Illus. Ottley, Matt
Incredible freedom machines

Savage, Angela
Dying beach

Savit, Gavriel
Anna and the Swallow Man

Saxby, Claire
Christmas at Grandma's beach house

Saxby, Claire Illus. Allen, Cassandra
There was an old sailor

Saxby, Claire Illus. Berry, Max James
Meet the ANZACs

Saxby, Claire Illus. Brecon, Connah
Wild Pa

Saxby, Claire Illus. Byrne, Graham
Big red kangaroo
My name is Lizzie Flynn : the story of the Rajah quilt

Saxby, Claire Illus. Dawson, Janine
Christmas at Grandad's farm
Christmas at home

Saxby, Claire Illus. Harricks, Tannya

Saxby, Claire Illus. Harris, Wayne
Bird to bird

Saxby, Claire Illus. Jellett, Tom

Saxby, Claire Illus. Lord, Jeremy
Meet Weary Dunlop

Saxby, Claire Illus. Vivas, Julie

Saxon, Lucy
Take back the skies
Almost king
City bleeds gold

Scarfe, Wendy
Hunger Town

Scarrow, Alex
Doomsday code

Scarrow, Simon
Fight for freedom

Schaapman, Karina
Mouse mansion: Sam and Julia
Mouse mansion: Sam and Julia at the circus

Schabas, Martha
Various positions

Schaefer, Carole Lexa Illus. Bernstein, Galia
Monkey and Elephant get better

Schaitkin, Alexis
Saint X

Scheffler, Axel
Super scooter
Little puddle
Scary monster

Schenk, Bel
Every time you close your eyes

Schlink, Bernhard
Woman on the stairs

Schlitz, Laura Amy
Night fairy
Fire spell
Hired girl
Princess Cora and the crocodile

Schmatz, Pat

Schmidt, Annie M.G.
Cat who came in off the roof

Schofield, Michael
January first

Scholte, Astrid
Four dead queens
Vanishing deep

Schossow, Peter
Where is grandma? : my trip to the hospital

Schrefer, Eliot
Rise and fall

Schreiber, Joe
Au revoir, crazy European chick

Schubert, Ingrid

Schumann, John Illus. Smith, Craig
I was only nineteen

Schwab, Victoria
This savage song
City of ghosts
Tunnel of bones

Schwarz, Viviane
There are cats in this book
There are no cats in this book

Scott, Kate Illus. Mols, Esther
Extraordinary life of Stephen Hawking

Scott, Michael
Sorceress: the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
Necromancer : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
Warlock: the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
Enchantress: the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel

Scott, Victoria
Hear the wolves

Scott-Norman, Fiona
Chicken life: stories of chickens and the Australians who love them

Scotton, Rob
Merry Christmas, Splat

Scudamore, Sally Illus. Watt, Lexie
Rusty runs away

Seal, Graham
Savage shore : extraordinary stories of survival and tragedy from the early voyages of discovery to Australia
Great Australian journeys

Sebastian, Azmen
Snake and the boy

Sebastian, Laura
Ash princess
Lady smoke

Secombe, Titta
Marngrook : a long ago story of Aussie Rules

Seden, Paul
Kick with my left foot
Crabbing with dad

Sedgwick, Marcus
White crow
Dark satanic mills
She is not invisible

See, Lisa
Island of sea women

Seed, Andy
Silly book of side-splitting stuff
Silly book of weird and wacky words
Anti-boredom Christmas book
Anti-boredom book of brilliant outdoor things to do

Seegar, Laura Vaccaro
First the egg

Segel, Jason Miller, Kirsten

Seierstad, Asne
Two sisters: into the Syrian jihad

Seles, Monica LaRosa, James
Game on

Selzer, Anita
I am Sasha

Selznick, Brian
Wonder struck

Semmens, Cameron.
Star! Stable! Saviour! : the Christmas story in S

Sepetys, Ruta
Between shades of gray
Out of the Easy
Fountains of silence

Serle, Rebecca
When you were mine

Serong, Jock
Rules of backyard cricket

Serres, Alain
And Picasso painted Guernica

Setterfield, Diane
Bellman and Black

Seuss Dr Joyner, Andrew
Dr. Seuss's horse museum

Seuss, Dr.
Horton and the kwuggerbug and more lost stories

Seymour, Jasmine
Baby business

Seymour, Jasmine Illus. Mulgo Watson, Leanne
Cooee mittigar: a story on Darug songlines

Seyvos, Florence
Pockety : the tortoise who lived as she pleased

Shabazz, Ilyasah
X : a novel

Shadbolt, Maurice
Mountain who wanted to live in a house

Shamsalipoor, Mojgan Jafari, Milad Knight, James
Under the same sky

Shan, Darren
Zom-B city

Shanahan, Lisa
Grand, genius summer of Henry Hoobler

Shanahan, Lisa Illus. Action, Sara
Daisy and the puppy

Shanahan, Lisa Illus. Gordon, Gus
Big pet day

Shanahan, Lisa Illus. Quay, Emma
Bear and Chook by the sea

Shanahan, Lisa Illus. Rudge, Leila
Whole caboodle

Shanahan, Lisa Illus. Talib, Binny
Hark, it's me, Ruby Lee!

Shanks, Matt
Twinkle twinkle little star
Eric the postie : a little echidna with a really big dream
Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Incy wincy spider
Der Glumph went the little green frog
Queen Celine
Old Macdonald had a farm

Shannon, Samantha
Bone season
Priory of the orange tree

Sharfeddine, Fatimah
Mimi and the piano
Mimi in Paris

Sharp, Christine

Sharratt, Nick
Once upon a time- : a pop-in-the-slot storybook

Shaw, Fiona

Shea, Louis
Where's Santa?
Bear went over the mountain
Where's Santa? : around the world

Shearer, Alex
Ministry of ghosts

Shearwater, Cate
Making the grade

Sheinmel, Courtney
Chloe on the bright side

Shek, Marianna
Donald Doing's house of verbs

Shelberg, Rebecka Sharpe Cowcher, Robin
Reflection : remembering those who serve in war

Shelberg, Rebecka Sharpe Edmonds, Andrea
Visiting you

Sheldon, Dyan
My perfect life
My worst best friend

Shelley, T.C.
Monster who wasn't

Shen, Shixi Illus. Shen, Yuanyuan
When Mu meets Min

Shepard, Aaron
Baker's dozen

Shepard, Sara
Good girls

Shepherd, Bob
Good Jihadist

Shepherd, Megan
Secret horses of Briar Hill

Sheppard, Holden
Invisible boys

Sherman, Ondine

Sherry, Kevin
Meet the Bigfeet

Shields, Gillian
When the world was waiting for you
Don't let the aliens get my marvellous mum

Shirvington, Jessica
Between the lives
Just the way we are

Shotz, Jennifer Li

Shreve, Anita
Lives of Stella Bain
Stars are fire

Shukla, Nikesh
Run riot

Shurety, Wendy Illus. Erasmus, Karen
Eva's imagination

Shusterman, Neal
Full tilt

Shusterman, Neal Shusterman, Jarrad

Shuttlewood, Anna
Race to the beach

Sicardi, Arabelle Illus.Tanat-Jones, Sarah
Queer heroes

Sieveking, Laura
High flyers
New girl
Secret journal

Sieveking, Laura Illus. Bermudez, Alyssa
Amelia Chamelia and the birthday party

Sigmarsdottir, Sif
Sharp edge of a snowflake

Silberberg, Alan
Milo and the restart button

Sillett, Devon
Tabitha and the raincloud

Sillett, Devon Illus. Johnston, Nicky
Saying goodbye to Barkley

Sillett, Devon Tortop, Anil
Leaky story : a fun-filled adventure into the power of the imagination and the magic of books

Silverwood, Sarah
Double-edged sword
Traitor's gate

Silvey, Craig
Jasper Jones

Simmons, Anthea

Simmons, Jo
I swapped my brother on the internet!

Simmons, Jo Illus. Dempsey, Sheena
Dodo made me do it

Simmons, Jo Illus. Reed, Nathan
My parents cancelled my birthday!

Simmons, M.L.
Secret place

Simner, Janni Lee
Bones of faerie
Faerie winter

Simons, Moya
Spaced out

Simpson, Kate Ghosh, Ronojoy
Dear Grandpa

Simpson, Kate Jones, Gwynneth
Finding Granny

Simpson, Kate Racklyeft, Jess
Anzac girl: the war diaries of Alice Ross-King

Simsion, Graeme C.
Rosie project
Rosie effect
Rosie result

Simukka, Salla
As red as blood

Singer, Nicky
Survival game

Singleton, Linda Joy
Snow dog, sand dog

Skelton, Matthew
Story of Cirrus Flux

Skinner, Tom
Sorcerer's apprentice

Skovron, Jon
Man made boy
This Broken Wondrous World

Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk
Making bombs for Hitler

Skye, Evelyn
Crown's game

Slade Robinson, Nikki
Roadman boogie
Muddle and Mo's worm surprise
I am an artist

Slade, Arthur
Hunchback assignments

Slater, Adam

Slater, Nicola
Where's my jumper

Slee, Tim
Taking Tom Murray home

Sloan, Holly Goldberg

Sloan, Robin
Mr Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore

Smaill, Anna

Smale, Holly
Forever geek
Happy girl lucky

Smart, Jamie
Find Chaffy

Smelcer, John E.
Great death

Smiley, Jane
Nobody's horse

Smith, Alex T.

Smith, Andrea Illus. Szmidt, Aleksandra
Big blue hullabaloo

Smith, Andrew
Grasshopper jungle

Smith, Ben Bailey Akyuz, Sav
I am Bear

Smith, Craig
Remarkably Rexy

Smith, Craig Illus. Cowley, Katz
My Daddy ate an apple

Smith, Craig Illus. Crowley, Katz
Dinky donkey

Smith, Craig Illus. Tulloch, Scott
Square eyes

Smith, Cynthia Leitich

Smith, Dan
Big Game

Smith, David J.
If ... : a mind-bending new way of looking at big ideas and numbers

Smith, Debbie Illus. Middleton, Emma
If you meet an elephant

Smith, Hilary T.
Wild awake

Smith, Jane
Captain Thunderbolt
Ben Hall
Captain Starlight
Frank Gardiner
Captain Moonlite
Shoot-out at the rock
Horse thief
Gold escort gang
Outback adventure
Gang of thieves

Smith, Jane Illus. Kan, Pat
Mrs Thunderbolt

Smith, Jennifer E.
Storm makers
Geography of you and me
Hello, goodbye, and everything in between
Field notes on love

Smith, L. J.
Destiny rising

Smith, Lane
It's a book
There is a tribe of kids

Smith, Loretta
Spanner in the works : the extraordinary story of Alice Anderson and Australia's first all-girl garage

Smith, Marita

Smith, Mark
Road to winter
Wilder country
Land of fences

Smith, Nigel
Nathalia Buttface and the totally embarrassing bridesmaid disaster
Nathalia Buttface and the embarrassing camp catastrophe

Smith, Peter Illus. Graham, Bob
Monsieur Albert rides to glory

Smith, Pip Illus. Wylie, Beau
Theodore the unsure

Smith, Roland

Smith, Rosie
My first day at school

Smith, Rosie Whatley, Bruce
My Easter egg hunt
My merry Christmas
Runaway car
Giant mouse

Smith, Sherri L.

Smith, Tom Rob
Child 44

Smithers, Shane
Wraith: James Locke and the Azuriens

Smythe, James P.
Way down dark

Snell, Danny

Snicket, Lemony
Composer is dead
Who could that be at this hour?
'Shouldn't you be in school?'
13 Words

Snicket, Lemony Illus. Klassen, Jon

Snoekstra, Anna
Mercy point

Snyder, Maria V.
Storm glass
Touch of power
Scent of magic
Sea glass
Spy glass
Taste of Darkness
Eyes of Tamburah

Sobel Spirn, Michele
Poison plate

Soderberg, Erin
Welcome to normal

Soetoro-Ng, Maya
Ladder to the moon

Solding, Anna
Hum of concrete

Solotareff, Gregoire

Somper, Justin
Allies and assassins

Dad by my side

Sorensen, Jessica
Saving Quinton

Sorosiak, Carlie
I, Cosmo

Soundar, Chitra
Pattan's pumpkin : an Indian flood story

Southall, Ivan
Hills End
Ash Road
To the wild sky

Spalding, Amy
Reece Malcolm list

Sparkes, Ali
Frozen in time
Dark summer
Wishful thinking

Spasevski, Lana Illus. Pratley, Penelope
Max's dinosaur feet!

Spaulding, Norma Illus. Grantford, Jacqui
Molly's memory jar

Speechley, Michael
All new must have orange 430

Spence, Jennifer
Lost girls

Sperring, Mark
My little star

Sperring, Mark
Littlest things give the loveliest hugs

Sperring, Mark Eaves, Edward
Captain McGrew wants you for his crew
How many quacks till Christmas?

Sperring, Mark Illus. Corrigan, Sophie
Mince spies

Sperring, Mark Illus. Eaves, Ed
Norman the knight gets a fright!

Sperring, Mark Illus. Hendra, Sue
Four silly skeletons

Sperring, Mark Illus. Lloyd, Sam
Mabel and Me : best of friends
Naughty Naughty Baddies

Sperring, Mark Illus. Paterson, Alys
Shape of my heart

Sperring, Mark Illus. Powell, Claire
Princess Scallywag and the no-good pirates

Sperring, Mark Illus. Tazzyman, David
Astro Naughty Naughty Baddies

Spiers, Hilary
Hester and Harriet

Spillman, Ken
Jake's cooking craze

Spotswood, Jessica
Star cursed

Spradbery, Carla
100 society

Spradlin, Michael P.
Youngest templar

Spratt, R.A.
Adventures of Nanny Piggins
Nanny Piggins and the wicked plan
Nanny Piggins and the runaway lion
Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-off
Nanny Piggins and the rival ringmaster
Nanny Piggins and the pursuit of justice
Nanny Piggins and the daring rescue
Nanny Piggins and the race to power
Nanny Piggins guide to conquering Christmas
Friday Barnes, girl detective
Under suspicion
Big trouble
Friday Barnes: No rules
Plot thickens
Bitter enemies
Never fear
Mystery of the squashed cockroach
Bear in the woods
Stuck in the mud
Near extinction

Springer, Nancy
Case of the missing marquess
Case of the left-handed lady: an Enola Holmes mystery
Case of the peculiar pink fan: an Enola Holmes mystery
Case of bizarre bouquets: an Enola Holmes mystery

Springsteen, Bruce
Outlaw Pete

Spudvilas, Anne
Swan Lake

Spurrier, Jo
Curse of ash and embers
Daughter of lies & ruin

St. Crow, Lili
Strange angels
Reckoning : a strange angels novel
Nameless: a tale of beauty and madness
Kin : a tale of beauty and madness

St. John, Lauren
Snow angel

St. John, Madeleine
Women in black

Stainton, Keris
Counting stars

Stamp, Emer
Super amazing adventures of me, Pig

Stamper, Phil
Gravity of us

Stanley, Jo
Bring it on!

Stanley, Malaika Rose
Spike and Ali Enson

Stanley, Peter
Simpson's donkey : a wartime journey to Gallipoli and beyond

Stanley, Rose
Tilly's big problem

Stanley, Rose Illus. Allen, Lisa
Hot cup of chocolate
Emotions in motion

Stanton, Andy
Mister Gum and the cherry tree

Stanton, Andy Illus. Ordonez, Miguel
Going to the volcano

Stanton, Andy Litchfield, David
When I was a child

Stanton, Beck Stanton Matt
This is a ball
Did you take the b from my -ook
Red book
Book that never ends

Stanton, Joe Todd
Secret of Black Rock

Stanton, Matt
Funny kid for president
Funny kid stand up
Prank wars
Pea + Nut!
Funny kid kicks butt

Star, Danielle
Dreams come true
Song of the moon
Night of courage

Star, Danielle Illus. Stern, Danielle
Ice enchantment

Starc, Mitchell
Aussies vs England: game on!
Howzat heroes
Day/night decider

Starc, Mitchell Illus. Bunting, Philip
Clash of the keepers
Not out!

Stark, Ulf Illus. Crowther, Kitty

Starke, Ruth
Fill out this application and wait over there
Captain Stella
Captain Congo and the Klondike gold

Starke, Ruth Illus. Hannaford, Robert
My Gallipoli

Starke, Ruth Illus. Holfeld, Greg
Anzac tale

Starr, Kimberley
Book of whispers

Stasse, Lisa M.

Stead, Philip C
Lenny & Lucy

Stead, Philip C. Illus. Stead, Erin E.
Sick day for Amos McGee

Stead, Rebecca
When you reach me
First light
Liar and spy
Goodbye stranger
List of things that will not change

Steadman, Catherine
Mr Nobody

Stedman, M.L.
Light between oceans

Stefoff, Rebecca
Third chimpanzee for young people

Steggall, Susan
Diggers are coming

Steggall, Vicki
Goannas of No. 1 Martin Place

Stein, David Ezra
Because Amelia smiled

Stelson, Caren
Sachiko : a Nagasaki bomb survivor's story

Stening, Yves Illus. Buchanan, Nigel
Fearsome beast and a dumpling feast
Tangled tale of tagliatelle
Legend lurking in your lunchbox

Stephens, Delwyne
Horse called Darling

Stephens, John
Emerald atlas

Stevens, Mark
Short stuff

Stevens, Robin
Murder most unladylike
Top marks for murder

Stevens, Roger
Does your face fit? : poems about fitting in and standing out
What rhymes with sneeze?

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Stevenson, Robin
Summer we saved the bees

Stewart, Alex
Titanic unclassified : secrets of the Titanic revealed

Stewart, Alison
Days like this

Stewart, Briony
Here in the garden

Stewart, Erin
Scars like wings

Stewart, Lolla Illus. Russell, Elaine
Savannah dreams

Stewart, Paul
Phantom of Blood Alley

Stewart, Paul Illus. Riddell, Chris
Returner's wealth

Stewart, Whitney
Big sky mind

Stickland, Paul
Ten terrible dinosaurs
Ten terrible dinosaurs

Stickland, Paul Illus. Strickland, Henrietta
Dinosaur roar!

Stickley, Lisa

Stiefvater, Maggie
Scorpio Races
Raven Boys
Dream thieves
Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Raven King
All the crooked saints

Stileman, Kali
Peely Wally

Stills, Caroline Illus. McKenzie, Heath
A to Z of fairies

Stills, Caroline Illus. Rossell, Judith
House of 12 bunnies
10 little circus mice

Stilton, Geronimo
Geronimo Stilton saves the Olympics
Enormouse pearl heist
Stone of fire
Mouse in space
Rumble in the jungle
Hunt for the golden book
Alien escape

Stilton, Thea
Thea Stilton and the star castaways
Thea Stilton and the Mystery on the Orient Express

Stine, R.L
Fear : 13 stories of suspense and horror
Planet of the lawn gnomes
Son of Slappy

Stine, R.L. Illus. Brown, Marc
Little shop of monsters

Stinson, Jennifer Illus. Ashdown, Rebecca
Even fairies fart

Stirling, Adrian
Broken Glass
Comet box

Stitzel, Laura
Mr Mo starts to grow

Stock, Lisa
What is a droid?

Stockdale, Susan
Fabulous fishes
Bring on the birds

Stojic, Manya

Stoker, Bram

Stone, Barry
Diggers' menagerie

Stone, Tamara Ireland
Time between us

Storer, Jennifer
Tensy Farlow and the home for mislaid children
Truly Tan
Quincy Jordan
Fourteenth summer of Angus Jack
Danny Best : full on
Clarrie's pig day out
Danny Best : never wrong
Me first!

Storer, Jennifer Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Blue, the builder's dog

Storer, Jennifer Illus. Stewart, Lisa
Wibble wobble

Storer, Jennifer Illus. Vane, Mitch
Watch this!

Storti, Kara
Tripping back blue

Stott, Ann Illus. Graham, Bob
Want to play trucks?

Stowell, Louie
Dragon in the library

Stradling, Jan
Lost treasure

Strahan, Clare
Learning curves of Vanessa Partridge

Strambini, Karla
Extraordinary Mr Qwerty

Strangolov, Lazlo
Lazlo Strangolov's Feather and bone
Lazlo Strangolov's Tooth and claw : ghost writing from the underground

Strasser, Todd
Kill you last

Strathie, Chae Illus. Morea, Marisa
So you think you've got it bad!: a kid's life in ancient Egypt

Stratton, Allan
Chanda's wars

Streich, Michel
Grumpy little king

Strieber, Whitley
Melody burning

Stringer, Lynne

Strohm, Kate
Siblings : brothers and sisters of children with disability

Stroud, G.J.
Dear parents: letters from the teacher - your children, their education, and how you can help

Stroud, Jonathan
Ring of Solomon
Screaming staircase
Whispering skull
Hollow boy
Creeping shadow
Empty grave

Stubbs, Siena
Our birds =: nilimurrungu wäyin malanynha

Stuckey, Samuel Joseph
Memoirs of mixed fortunes : Samuel Joseph Stuckey, a pioneer of the north and south east of South Australia, 1837-1912

Stutley, Doris
Operation foxtrot five

Su, Bernie
Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Sullivan, Bryan
To the moon and back: the amazing Australians at the forefront of space travel

Sullivan, Courtney
Saints for all occasions

Sultan, Dan Illus. Gal-on,Tali
Bwindi the windy gorilla

Suma, Nova Ren
Seventeen and gone

Summers, Courtney
This is not a test

Sunde, Angela
Pond magic

Sunderland, Alan
Incredible powers of Montague Towers

Sutcliff, Rosemary
Black ships before Troy

Sutcliffe, William
Wall : a modern fable
We see everything

Sutherland, Krystal
Semi-definitive list of worst nightmares

Sutherland, Tui
Against the tide

Sutton, Sally
Whizz's internet oopsie
Glitterwing's book week blunder
Firestorm's musical muck-up

Sutton, Sally Illus. Belton, Robyn
Farmer John's tractor
Zoo train

Sutton, Sally Illus. Chapman, Cat
When we go camping

Sutton, Sally Illus. Korankova, Sylvie Currin
Catch that plane

Sutton, Sally Illus. Lovelock, Brian
Ben and the icky-ooky-sticky-smick
Ambulance, ambulance
Dig, dump, roll

Sutton, Sally Illus. Richards, Kirsten
Comet's cross-country crime

Suvada, Emily
This mortal coil
This cruel design

Suwannakit, Tull
What happens next?

Suzuki, Carolyn
F is for feminism: an alphabet book for empowerment

Suzuma, Tabitha
Without looking back

Svendsen, Mark
To die for

Swan, Owen
Little mermaid

Sweeney, Diana

Sweeney, Pippa
Words get knotted

Swift, Keilly Illus. Jefferys, Rhys
How to make a better world: for brillant kids who want to make a difference

Swindells, Robert
Midsummer night's dream
Henry V

Sykes, Helen

Sykes, Julie Illus. Truman, Lucy
Ariana and Whisper

Sykes, Peter
Wolf boy

Szubanski, Magda Illus. Rankine, Dean
Timmy the ticked-off pony and the poo of excitement


Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
Total quack up!
Total quack up again!
Teaching writing: effective approaches for the middle years

Tabain, Dave Illus. Ogilvie, Shane

Tabor, Corey R.
Fox and the jumping contest

Tahir, Sabaa
Ember in the ashes

Tait, A.L.
Race to the end of the world
Prisoner of the Black Hawk
Breath of the dragon
Book of secrets
Book of answers

Talib, Binny
Origami heart

Talley, Robin
What we left behind

Tampke, Ilka

Tan, Ciara Molloy
Hermione anemone and the enormous storm

Tan, Shaun
Rules of summer
Singing bones : inspired by Grimms' fairy tales
Tales from the inner city

Tangey, Penny
Stay well soon
As fast as I can

Tanner, Lian
Museum of thieves
City of lies
Path of beasts
Ice breaker
Sunker's deep
Fetcher's song
Accidental heroes
Secret guardians
Haunted warriors

Tanner, Lian Illus. Bentley, Jonathan
Ella and the ocean

Taplin, Sam
Christmas songbook

Tapp Coutts, Toni
Sunburnt childhood : growing up in the Territory

Tapsell, Miranda
Top end girl

Tarakson, Stella
Aliens, ghosts and vanishings : strange and possibly true Australian stories

Tarlau, Amanda Illus. Mounsey-Smith, Karen
Ten tricky dinosaurs

Tasmanian Aboriginal Community with Liz Thompson
Creation of Trowenna : a story from the Neunone people of Bruny Island

Tautz, Jurgen
Honey factory : inside the ingenious world of bees

Tayleur, Karen
Halloween in Christmas Hills
Burke and Wills : expedition off the map
Love notes from Vinegar House

Tayleur, Karen ed.
Short and scary

Taylor, Andrew
Silent boy
Ashes of London

Taylor, G.P.
Vampyre labyrinth : RedEye

Taylor, Laini
Daughter of smoke and bone
Dreams of gods and monsters
Strange the Dreamer

Taylor, Michelle A
100 ways to fly

Taylor, Sean
Riding a donkey backwards: wise and foolish tales of Mulla Nasruddin

Taylor, Sean, illus Jean Jullien
I want to be in a scary story

Taylor, Thomas

Teckentrup, Britta
Clumsy duck
Memory tree
Under the same sky
We are together
There are fish everywhere

Teece, Lorraine
Molly the pirate

Telep, Trisha ed.
Eternal kiss : vampire tales of blood and desire

Temple, Bob
Summer of sabotage

Temple, Jol
Parrot carrot

Temple, Kate
Captain Jimmy Cook discovers third grade
Captain Jimmy Cook discovers X marks the spot
Birthday wars

Temple, Kate Illus. Ghosh, Ronojoy
Are you my bottom?
Bin chicken

Temple, Kate Illus. West, Grace
Yours troolie, Alice Toolie

Temple, Kate Temple, Jol
Room on our rock

Terrill, Cristin
All our yesterdays

Terry, Paul
Banjo : the story of the man who wrote Waltzing Matilda

Terry, Teri
Mind games
Book of lies

Texidor, Dee
My mum makes

Tey, Priscilla
In-between things

Thaiday, Sam
Rise: the Sam Thaiday story

Thamm, Shane
My private pectus

Than, Gavin Aung
No adults allowed
Ocean's revenge
Trial of heroes

Thatcher, Stephanie
Toy fairy

Thomas, Angie
Hate you give
On the come up

Thomas, Isabel
First book of tractors and trucks
First book of aircraft
First book of cars
First book of emergency vehicles
First book of diggers and dumpers
Self-destructing Science: Space

Thomas, Isabel Illus. Egneus, Daniel
Moth: an evolution story

Thomas, J.B.

Thomas, Jared
Calypso Summer

Thomas, Leah
Because you'll never meet me

Thomas, Rob Graham, Jennifer
Thousand dollar tan line

Thomas, Ron
Dark angels

Thomas, Sherry
Magnolia sword: a ballad of Mulan

Thomas, Valerie
Gertie the witch

Thompson, Carol

Thompson, Colin
Paradise garden
Last alchemist
Free to a good home
Falling angels
Wild stories
Pictures of home
Second forever
Amazing illustrated Floodsopedia
Royal family
Out to launch
Corner of my eye

Thompson, Colin Illus. Davis, Sarah
Fearless in love
Fearless: sons and daughters

Thompson, Gill
Oceans between us

Thompson, Kate
Creature of the night
Highway robbery

Thompson, Lisa
Goldfish boy

Thompson, Liz with Lockhart River Aboriginal Community
Miiku and Tinta : a story from Umpila country

Thompson, Liz with Saibai Thabu (Snake) Clan
Story of Girbar : a story from Saibai Community

Thompson, Tony
Vampires: The un-history of the undead
Summer of monsters : the scandalous story of Mary Shelley

Thomson, Jimmy Illus. Lobbecke, Eric
Koala bounces back

Thomson, Sarah L.
Eureka Key

Thornton, Sarah

Thorpe, Ian
This is me

Thorpe, Leonie
Sheep on the fourth floor

Thrash, Maggie
Honor girl

Thurloe, Helen
Promising Azra

Thurner, Zoe
Dress rehearsal

Thurston, Johnathan
JT: the making of a total legend

Tidball, Debra
When I see Grandma
Scared book

Tiffany, Carrie
Exploded view

Tilley, Sophie
Sparkly shoes and picnic parties
Snowflakes and fairy wishes

Tilly, Catch
Otherwise known as Pig

Timms, Barry Illus. Abbott, Greg
Where happiness lives

Tintera, Amy

Tintera, Amy

Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga with Jared Thomas
Shallow in the deep end

Tobin, Paul
How to capture an invisible cat
How to outsmart a billion robot bees
How to tame a human tornado

Tobin, Sophia
Silversmith's wife

Toering, Jodi Illus. Harricks, Tannya
Mallee sky

Toft, Di

Toft, Kim Michelle
Twelve underwater days of Christmas

Toht, Patricia
Pick a pine tree

Toht, Patricia Illus. Tu-Dean, Lorian
Dress like a girl

Tolonen, Tuutikki
Monster nanny

Tolson, Hanna
Christmas Advent story

Tomlinson, Jill
Penguin who wanted to find out

Tonkin, Rachel
To the goldfields

Toon, Paige
I knew you were trouble

Tootell, Mandy
Yellow truck road train

Topouzoglou, Elena
Mr Pegg's post
Pip finds a home

Torday, Piers
Wild beyond
There may be a castle
Lost magician
Frozen sea

Toro, Guillermo del Illus. Murray, Sean

Torres, Michael Illus. Martins, Fern
Butterfly garden

Torres-Gomez, Jac
Cycling to grandma's house

Toten, Teresa
Unlikely hero of Room 13B

Touchell, Dianne
Small madness
Forgetting Foster

Towell, Colin
Survival for beginners: a step-by-step guide to camping and outdoor skills

Townend, Jack
Jenny the jeep

Townsend, Jessica
Wundersmith: the calling of Morrigan Crow

Townsend, Jessica Mary
Trials of Morrigan Crow

Townsend, John
Operation code-cracker
Animal jokes and facts

Tozer, Gabrielle
Faking it
Remind me how this ends
Melody trumpet

Tozer, Gabrielle Illus. DeGennaro, Sue
Peas and quiet

Travers, P.L. Illus. Child, Lauren
Mary Poppins

Traynor, Stuart
Alice Springs : from singing wire to iconic outback town

Treadwell, James

Tregonning, Mel
Small things

Trelease, Gita

Treml, Renee
One very tired wombat
Colour for curlews
Great garden mystery
Wombat big, puggle small
Sleep tight, Platypup
Sherlock Bones and the natural history mystery
Roo knows Blue

Trevaskis, Ian
Medusa stone
Delilah's dream
Golden scarab
Edge of the world

Trewin, Trudie
Camp croc

Trezise, Percy Illus. Lavis, Mary
Home of the Kadimakara people
Land of the Snake people
Land of the Kangaroo people
Land of the Magpie Goose people
Land of the Emu people
Land of the echidna people
Land of the Dingo people
Land of the Brolga people

Triggs, Teal
School of art

Trollope, Joanna
City of friends
Unsuitable match
Mum &​ Dad

Tromly, Stephanie
Trouble is a friend of mine

Trumbull, David Illus. Carruthers, Adam
Ruffy and me

Tucker, Alan
Atomic testing : the diary of Anthony Brown
Battlefield : One boy's war
Rebellion at Eureka

Tuffin, Olivia
Palomino pony comes home

Tullet, Herve
Press here
Mix it up!
Let's play

Tunstall, Dan
Seconds out

Turnbull, Ann
Greek myths
Plague : a cross on the door
Great Fire: A city in flames

Turnbull, Samantha
Emily's tiara trouble

Turnbull, Samantha Illus. Davis, Sarah
Cruise control
Bella's backyard bullies
Grace's dance disaster
Chloe's river rescue

Turner, Ann
Out of the ice

Turner, Ethel
Seven little Australians

Turner, Richard Illus. Clifford, Ben
Wildlife winter games

Turner, Richard Illus. Tolland, Margaret
Whose nose do you suppose?

Turner, Tracey
Wee on a jellyfish sting : and other fibs that simply aren't true!
Who's who in hard nut history
World's worst jobs
Lost in the jungle of doom
Lost in the Desert of Dread
Hard nuts of history. Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Facts! : one for every day of the year

Turner, Tracey Illus. Lenman, Jamie
Kings and queens
Play the game
Ultimate quiz and game book
Wars and battles

Turner-Jensen, Nola Illus. Leffler, David

Turtschaninoff, Maria

Tutu, Desmond
Desmond and the very mean word : a story of forgiveness

Twohig, Peter

Tyrrell, Karen
Bailey beats the blah

Tyson, Venetia
My lost mob

Tzobanakis, Stella
Creforce : the ANZACS and the Battle of Crete


Udall, Tor
Thousand paper birds

Umbilical Brothers Illus. Potema, Johan
Monster in my house

United Nations. General Assembly
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Unwin, Mike

Unwin, Shelly
Blast off!
There's a baddie running through this book

Updale, Eleanor
Johnny Swanson

Upfield, Arthur
Lake Frome monster

Ure, Jean
Ice lolly

Utkin, Alexander
King of birds


V, Sarah Dubois, Claude K.
Old man

Vail, Rachel

Valckx, Catharina

Valente, Catherynne M.
Girl who raced Fairyland all the way home

Valente, Dominique Illus. Warburton, Sarah
Willow Moss and the lost day

Valentine, James

Valentine, Jenny
Iggy and me
Double life of Cassiel Roadnight

Valentine, Niki

Valentine, Rachel
Marmaduke the very different dragon
Marmaduke the very popular dragon

Vallance, Jess

Van Cleave, Ryan G.

Van Dolzer, Krista
Multiplying mysteries of Mount Ten

Van Fleet, Mara
Little colour fairies

Van Fleet, Matthew
Chomp goes the crocodile

Van Loon, Joan Stewart, Chantal
Between the pages

Van Loon, Julienne

Van Os, Joanne
Secret of the Lonely Isles

Van Reyk, Mary
Ava's big move
Bronte's big sister problem

Van Wagenen, Maya
Popular: Vintage wisdom for a modern geek (a memoir)

Van Whye, Kevin
Date me, Bryson Keller

Vance, Paul
Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini

Vanda, Harry
Love is in the air

Vase, Catherine
I love you, Mummy

Vasiliu, Michelle Illus. Jones, Gwynneth
Together things: when her father feels sad, a little girl finds ways to keep the bonds of love alive

Vasiliu, Michelle Illus. Masciullo, Lucia
My happy sad mummy

Vass, Coral
Two birds on a wire
Meet Don Bradman
Sorry day

Vass, Coral Evans, Gabriel
Perfectly posh pink afternoon tea

Vass, Coral Illus. Babajanyan, Sona
Good morning possum

Vass, Coral Illus. Huynh, Christina
Grandma's treasured shoes

Vaughan, Sarah
Little disasters

Vaughn, Carrie

Vaught, S.R.
Prince among killers

Vaught, Susan
Going underground
Freaks like us

Vecchio, Zenda
Becoming Kirsty-Lee

Veille, Eric
Encyclopedia of Grannies

Veitch, Michael
44 days : 75 Squadron and the fight for Australia

Vercoe, Elizabeth
Mac : the dog man

Vere, Ed
Max the brave

Vernay, Jean-Francois
Brief take on the Australian novel

Vescio, Robert
Marlo can fly
No matter who we're with
Barnaby and the lost treasure of Bunnyville
Jack and Mia
Ella saw the tree

Vescio, Robert Illus. Johnston, Nicky
Under the same sky

Vescio, Robert Mackie, Melissa
Finn and Puss

Vickery, Gill
Emerald quest
Opal quest
Topaz quest
Pearl quest

Vigan, Delphine de
No and me

Vinesse, Cecilia
Seven days of you

Viorst, Judith
Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Vivat, Booki
Frazzled : everyday disasters and impending doom

Voake, Steve
Daisy Dawson and the big freeze
Dark woods

Voigt, Cynthia
Tale of Elske
Tale of Gwyn
Tale of Birle
Tale of Oriel

Volant, Iris Illus. Vogel, Jarom
Horses: wild and tame
Boats: fast and slow

Voorhees, Coert
On the free

Vorderman, Carol
Computer coding for kids

Vu, Peter
Paper cranes don't fly

Vulliamy, Clara
Midnight mystery
Paw print puzzle
Birthday surprise
Lost puppy


Wild things

Waddell, Martin
Bears, bears, bears

Wagner, Michael
Grand final

Wagner, Michael Illus. Bryant, Wayne
So wrong

Wagner, Michael Illus. Jellett, Tom
Ted goes wild
Why I love summer
Goodnight, little tough guy

Wagner, Michael Nickel, Adam
Pig dude : he can do anything

Waite, Judy
Begging letter

Wakefield, S.A.
Selected adventures of Bottersnikes and Gumbles

Wakefield, Vikki
All I ever wanted
Friday Brown
Inbetween days
Ballad for a mad girl
This is how we change the ending

Walden, Libby
In focus : close-ups, cross sections, cutaways

Walden, Libby Illus. Jones, Richard
Town mouse, country mouse

Walden, Mark
Zero hour

Walker, Anna
I love my baby sister
I love my baby brother
I love my ABC
I love my 123
Hurry up Alfie
Alfie's lost sharkie
Mr Huff
Lottie and Walter

Walker, Di
Unpacking Harper Holt

Walker, Lisa
Girl with the gold bikini

Walker, Richard
Human body: a children's encyclopedia

Walker, Shirley
Ghost at the wedding

Walker, Sue
Arnie Avery
My perfect pup

Walker, Yvette
Letters to the end of love

Wall, Marion
Finding Sheeko

Wallace, Adam
Jamie Brown is not rich
Invisible Jerry

Wallace, Adam Hart, James
Cowboy and Birdbrain
Poop of doom

Wallace, Adam Illus. Plant, Andrew

Wallace, Adam. Illus. Tom Gittus
Vanilla slice kid

Wallace, Danny
Hamish and the gravity burp

Wallace, Karen
Snow White sees the light

Wallach, Tommy
We all looked up
Thanks for the trouble

Wallenfels, Stephen

Walleystack, Phil Paisley, Raewyn Illus. Leffler, Dub
Rocky and Louie

Walliams, David
World's worst children
Demon dentist
Awful Auntie
Slightly annoying elephant
Midnight Gang
World's worst children 2
Boogie Bear
Bad Dad
World's worst children, 3
Ice monster

Walliams, David Illus. Ross, Tony
Beast of Buckingham Palace
Creature choir

Walliman, Dominic
Professor Astro Cat's solar system
Professor Astro Cat's human body odyssey

Walsh, Jennifer
Tunnels of Tarcoola
Crooked Leg Road

Walsh, Melanie
My green day : 10 green things I can do today

Walsh, Pat
Crowfield Curse
Crowfield demon

Walter, L. Edna
Classic nursery rhymes

Walters, Celeste
Certain music

Walters, Celeste Illus. Jaunn, Adele
Puppy playtime 1, 2, 3

Walters, Minette
Last hours

Walton, Jessica Illus. MacPherson, Dougal
Introducing teddy : a story about being yourself

Walton, Jo
My real children

Walton, Leslye
Strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender
Price guide to the occult

Wang, Gabrielle
Race for the Chinese zodiac
Little paradise
Meet Poppy
Poppy at Summerhill
Poppy and the thief
Poppy comes home
Meet Pearlie
Pearlie's pet rescue
Pearlie the spy
Beast of Hushing Wood
Two enchanted tales from old China
Ting Ting the ghosthunter

Ward, Gareth
Traitor and the thief
Clockill and the thief

Ward, Jennifer
What will hatch?
What will grow?

Ward, Lynn Illus. Stead, Anthea
Big beet
Sally Snickers' knickers

Ward, Stephanie
Arabella and the magic pencil

Ware, Chris
Building stories [kit]

Ware, Lesley
How to be a fashion designer

Wareham, Melissa
Take me home: Tales of Battersea dogs

Waring, Geoff
Oscar and the bird : a book about electricity

Warman, Jessica

Warner, Anthony
Angry chef : bad science and the truth about healthy eating

Warner, David
Big switch
Playing up
Test match
Captain's knock

Warren, Celia
Don't poke a worm till it wriggles : poems to make you squirm

Wasserman, Robin
Book of blood and shadow

Waters, Sarah
Paying guests

Watkins, Ella
Henry the goat

Watkins, Ross Illus. Anelli, Liz
One photo

Watkins, Steve
What comes after

Watson, Andi
Haunted teapot
House hunt
Faerie host
Countdown to destruction!

Watson, Jessica
Indigo blue

Watson, Jude
King's ransom

Watson, Renee
This side of home
Piecing me together
What Momma left me
Watch us rise
Some places more than others

Watson, S.J.
Second life

Watt, Melanie
Chester's back

Watts, Frances
Song of the Winns
Secret of Zanzibar
Raven's wing
Chicken's curse

Watts, Frances Legge, David
Kisses for daddy

Watts, Frances Illus. Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie
Say cheese!

Watts, Frances Illus. James, Ann
Very quacky Christmas

Watts, Frances Illus. Legge, David
Fearsome, frightening, ferocious box
It's a story, Rory!

Watts, Frances Illus. Rogers, Gregory
Poison plot
Tournament trouble
Siege scare
Terrible trickster
Pigeon problems

Watts, Frances Illus. Watson, Judy
Leonard doesn't dance

Watts, Frances Illus. Yi, A.
My friend Fred

Watts, Frances lllus. Rogers, Gregory
Secret of the swords

Watts, Frances Watson, Judy
Goodnight, mice!

Watts, Jeri
Kizzy Ann Stamps

Waugh, Evelyn
Brideshead revisited

Waugh, Heather
Lost stone of SkyCity

Way, Camilla
Little bird

Weaver, Jo
Little one
Little whale

Webb, Cassandra
Adorable Alice

Webb, Cassandra Illus. Francey, Amanda
Take Ted instead

Webber, Beryl Illus. Martins, Fern
Big fella rain

Webber, Tammara
Where you are

Websdale-Morrissey, Di
On a wing and a prayer: the race that stopped the world

Webster, Allayne
Paper planes
Centre of my everything

Webster, Allayne Clarke, Amanda S.
Sam's surfboard showdown

Weetman, Nova
Haunting of Lily Frost
Frankie and Joely
Secrets we keep
Everything is changed
Secrets we share
Sick bay

Weidenbach, Kristin Illus. Hancock, James Gulliver
Meet Banjo Paterson

Weidenbach, Kristin Illus. Ide, Timothy
King of the outback: the story of Sidney Kidman

Weiler, Danielle
Assembly of shapes
Pastor's Kid

Wein, Elizabeth
Code name Verity
Rose under fire
Pearl thief

Weir, Alison
Anne Boleyn : a king's obsession
Jane Seymour: the haunted queen
Anna of Kleve: queen of secrets

Weiss, Bobbi JG.
Kit meets Covington
Competing for the cup

Welch, Jenna Evans
Love and gelato

Weldon, Andrew
Clever Trevor's stupendous inventions

Welford, Ross
What not to do if you turn invisible
1,000 year old boy
Dog who saved the world

Wells, Dan
I am not a serial killer

Wells, Jack
Ambush at Cisco Swamp
Armoured defence
Call of the wild
Dino champions

Wells, Martha
Emilie and the hollow world
Cloud Roads
Serpent sea
Siren depths

Wells, Rosemary
Following Grandfather

Wells-Slowgrove, Jodie
Daisy's quest
Daisy's new wings
Daisy's secret
Daisy takes charge

Welshman, Kate
Forbidden trail
Runaway foal
Pony show

Welvaert, Scott R.
Curse of the Wendigo : an Agate and Buck adventure

Werlin, Nancy

Werlin, Nancy
And then there were four

Wessely, Tehani ed.
Worlds next door

West, Ella
Night vision
Rain fall

West, Kayleen
Without me

Westaway, Kylie Jellett, Tom
Whale in the bath
Why can't I be a dinosaur

Westerfeld, Scott
Shatter city

Westerfeld, Scott Lanagan, Margo Biancotti, Deborah

Westing, Jemma
Magic show book : a performance in a book

Weston, Carrie
Grown-ups make you grumpy

Weston, Paula

Westwood, Chris
Ministry of Pandemonium
Great and dangerous

Whaley, John Corey

Whalley, Jim Illus. Collins, Stephen
Baby's first bank heist
Baby's first jailbreak

Whamhower, Shogun McKenzie, Heath
Nerdy ninjas vs the really really bad guys
Nerdy ninjas vs the really really scary guys
Nerdy ninjas vs the really really unreal guys

Wharton, Thomas
Shadow of Malabron

Whateley, Anna
Peta Lyre's rating normal

Whatley, Bruce
Watchmaker who saved Christmas
Little drummer boy
Nog and the Land of Noses
Tin Toys

Whatley, Bruce Smith, Rosie
My Dad's the coolest
Danny da Vinci : the secret of Mona Lisa

Wheatley, Nadia
Playground : listening to stories from country and from inside the heart
Five times dizzy ; &, Dancing in the Anzac deli
Australians all : a history of growing up, from the ice age to the apology

Wheatley, Nadia Illus. Ottley, Matt
Luke's way of looking

Wheeler, Samantha
Smooch and Rose
Spud & Charli
Mister cassowary
Wombat warriors
Turtle trackers
Everything I've never said

Wheeler, Thomas Illus. Miller, Frank

Wheeler-Toppen, Jodi
Cat science unleashed: fun activities to do with your feline friends

Whelan, Susan
Don't think about purple elephants
Great sock secret

Whipple, Natalie
Fish out of water

White, Annie
Mum and me
Clementine's walk
Clementine's bath
Ugly duckling

White, Christian
Nowhere child
Wife and the widow

White, Dee
Letters to Leonardo
Reena's rainbow

White, J.A.
Thickety : a path begins

White, Kathryn
Carving the sea path
Beast hunter

White, Kiersten
Illusions of fate
And I darken

White, Patrick
Hanging garden
Happy Valley

White, Rowland
Big book of flight

Whitebeach, Terry
Trouble tomorrow

Whitelock, Alison
Lactic acid in the calves of your despair

Whiten, Jan

Whiteside, Stephen
Billy that died with its boots on and other Australian verse

Whiting, Frances
Best kind of beautiful

Whiting, Sue
Book of Chance

Whiting, Sue Illus. Thomas, Meredith
Swim in the sea

Whiting, Sue Illus. White, Annie
Beware the deep, dark forest
Good question: a tale told backwards

Whitley, David
Midnight charter

Whitney, Daisy
Starry nights

Whitney, David
Get coding
Get coding 2!

Whittaker, Alison

Whittle, Cate
Trouble and the missing cat
Trouble and the new kid
Trouble and the exploding house
Emergency rescue angel

Whyman, Matt
American savage

Whyman, Matt Illus. Jones, Richard
Our planet: the one place we all call home

Whyte, Fiona
Beetle Bottoms and the sticky situation

Wiesner, David
Mr Wuffles

Wiggins, Bethany

Wignell, Edel
Bilby secrets
Christina's Matilda

Wilcock, Lizzie
Give me four reasons

Wilcox, Craig
Badge, boot, button : the story of Australian uniforms

Wild, Ailsa
Squishy Taylor and the Bonus Sisters
Squishy Taylor and the silver suitcase

Wild, Margaret
First day
Going home
Itsy-bitsy babies
Treasure box
Vanishing moment
Stone lion
This little piggy went dancing
Sloth who came to stay

Wild, Margaret Illus. Blair, Karen
Our baby

Wild, Margaret Illus. Vivas, Julie
Davy & the duckling

Wild, Margaret Illus. Whatley, Bruce
One keen koala

Wild, Margaret Illus. Yeo, Andrew

Wild, Margaret Illus. Brooks, Ron
Dream of the thylacine
On the day you were born

Wild, Margaret Illus. Goodman, Vivienne

Wild, Margaret Illus. Harris, Wayne
Bit of company

Wild, Margaret Illus. James, Ann
Goodbye house, hello house

Wild, Margaret Illus. Joyner, Andrew

Wild, Margaret Illus. Niland, Deborah
Grandpa baby
This little piggy went dancing
This little piggy went singing

Wild, Margaret Illus. Ord, Mandy
Chalk boy

Wild, Margaret Illus. Ormerod, Jan
Itsy-bitsy animals

Wild, Margaret Illus. Rossell, Judith

Wild, Margaret Illus. Ryecroft, Nina
No more kisses!

Wild, Margaret Illus. Strevens-Marzo, Bridget
Hush, hush!

Wild, Margaret Illus. Wood, Ben
Bush book club

Wilde, Oscar Illus. Voutila, Ritva
Selfish giant

Wilkins, Ebony Joy Illus. Ager, Charlotte
Katherine Johnson

Wilkinson, Carole
Sugar sugar
Fromelles : Australia's bloodiest day at war
Blood brothers
Games : the extraordinary history of the modern Olympic Games
Shadow sister
Atmospheric : the burning story of climate change
Bronze bird tower
Putting Australia on the map

Wilkinson, Carole Illus. Anelli, Liz
Ten pound pom

Wilkinson, Lili
Angel fish
Pocketful of eyes
Zigzag effect
Green Valentine
Boundless sublime
That Christmas feeling
After the lights go out

Wilkinson, Lili Illus. Mutton, Alison
Clancy the quokka

Willems, Mo
Nanette's baguette
I love my new toy!
Naked mole rat gets dressed
Watch me throw the ball!
Are you ready to play outside?
Today I will fly!
Knuffle Bunny free : an unexpected diversion
Duckling gets a cookie!?
I broke my trunk
Let's go for a drive
Pigeon has to go to school!

Williams, Avery
Alchemy of forever

Williams, Cameron Illus. Martin, Matthew
Christmas peg

Williams, Gabrielle
Beatle meets Destiny
Guy, the girl, the artist and his ex
My life as a hashtag

Williams, Juliet
Giggle gum tree

Williams, Lydia Illus. Gifford, Lucinda

Williams, Marcia
Lizzy Bennet's diary 1811-1812
My secret war diary
My great lost dog adventure
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Children who changed the world

Williams, Mumu Mike
Kulinmaya!: keep listening, everybody!

Williams, Rachel
Slow down: bring calm to a busy world with 50 nature stories

Williams, Rhian Illus. Eckstrom, Nathaniel
Ten little figs

Williams, Sean
Impossible music
Her perilous mansion

Williams, Simon Illus.
Awesome Aussie things to do with mum

Williamson, Geordie
Burning library: Our Great Novelists Lost and Found

Williamson, John Illus. Carnavas, Peter
John Williamson's My Dad snores

Williamson, John Illus. Vane, Mitch
John Williamson's Christmas in Australia

Willis, Inky
Scribble witch

Willis, Jeanne
Boa's bad birthday
Poles apart

Willis, Jeanne Illus. Fox-Davies, Sarah
Mole's sunrise

Willis, Jeanne Illus. Millward, Gwen
King of tiny things

Willis, Jeanne Ross, Tony
Slug needs a hug!

Willis, Kathy Illus. Scott, Katie

Wilson, Amy
Girl called Owl

Wilson, Andrew
Death in a desert land

Wilson, Cal Illus. Davis, Sarah
George and the great bum stampede
George and the great brain swappery

Wilson, Daniel H.
Code Lightfall and the robot king

Wilson, Diana
Heather Feather

Wilson, Jacqueline
My secret diary
Little darlings
Hetty Feather
Lily alone

Wilson, Marika
Come count with me

Wilson, Mark
Vietnam diary
Afghanistan pup
Digger : the dog who went to war
Flapper, VC
Never lose hope: the story of Australia's first school
Eureka!: a story of the goldfields

Wilson, N.D.
Chestnut King

Wilson, Tony

Wilson, Tony Illus. DeGennaro, Sue
Emperor's new clothes horse
Cow tripped over the moon
Miracle goal
Battle royale
Hit the road

Wilson, Tony Illus. McLean, Andrew
Hickory dickory dash

Wilson, Tony Illus. Wood, Laura
Baa baa blue sheep

Wilson-Anastasios, Meaghan
Emerald tablet

Winch, Gordon
Samantha Seagull's sandals
Apollo the powerful owl

Winch, Gordon Illus. Gristwood, Doreen
Enoch the emu

Winch, Gordon Illus. Pym, Stephen
Penelope the mountain pygmy possum
Holly the honeybee dancing star

Winch, Gordon Illus. Shirvington, Patrick
Can you find me?
Can you find 12 busy bees?

Windsor, Justine
Goodly and Grave in a bad case of kidnap
Goodly and Grave in a deadly case of murder

Winkler, Henry
Zero to hero
Mind if I read your mind?
How to scare the pants off your pets

Winnacker, Susanne

Winston, Robert
My amazing body machine
Science lab: build. invent. create. discover

Winterson, Jeanette
Battle of the sun

Winton, Tim
Shepherd's hut

Wohlleben, Peter Illus. Atkinson, Cale
Peter and the tree children

Wolf, Allan
Watch that ends the night : voices from the Titanic

Wolfer, Dianne
Light Horse boy
Annie's snails
Shark caller
Nanna's button tin
In the lamplight
Dog with seven names

Wolfer, Dianne Blair, Karen
Granny Grommet and me

Wolff, Kathy
What George forgot

Wolfson, Jill
Cold hands, warm heart

Wolitzer, Meg

Wolk, Lauren
Beyond the bright sea

Womack, Philip
Double axe

Woo, Eddie
Woo's wonderful world of maths

Wood, Charlotte
Natural way of things

Wood, Fiona

Wood, Glenn
Brain sucker

Wood, Karen
Diamond spirit
Moonstone promise
Golden stranger
Brumby Mountain
Jumping fences
Rain dance
Summer spell
Triple magic
Chasing dreams
Princess of the sands

Wood, Levison Illus. Brewster, Sam
Incredible journeys: discovery, adventure, danger, endurance

Woodcock, Jon
Computer coding for kids using Scratch
Computer coding games for kids: a unique step-by-step visual guide from binary code to building games
Computer coding projects for kids

Woodfine, Katherine
Mystery of the clockwork sparrow

Wooding, Chris
Retribution falls : a tale of the Ketty Jay
Ember Blade

Woodley, Frank
Kizmet and the case of the Tassie tiger

Woods, Elizabeth

Woolf, Alex
You wouldn't want to be in the trenches in World War One

Woolley, Katie Illus. Taylor, Eleanor
Peter hops aboard

Woolston, Blythe

Woon, Yvonne
Dead beautiful

Wooton, Sandi Illus. Kan, Pat
Paint with magic

Worland, Steve
Paper planes

Wormell, Chris
Scruffy Bear and the six white mice

Wormell, Christopher
One smart fish

Worsley, Lucy
Eliza Rose
My name is Victoria
Lady Mary

Worthington, Michelle Illus. Atze, Dave
Three legged kangaroo from Uluru
Malibu and the naughty elf

Worthington, Michelle Illus. Dreiling, Katrin
World's worst pirate

Worthington, Michelle Illus. Johansson, Cecilia
Pugs don't wear pyjamas

Worthington, Michelle Illus. Norsa, Sophie
Yellow dress day

Worthington, Michelle Illus. Temple, Sandra
Possum games

Worthington, Michelle Plant, Andrew

Wrede, Patricia C.
Thirteenth child
Across the great barrier
Matter of magic

Wright, Clare
Forgotten rebels of Eureka

Wright, Denis
Violence 101

Wright, Joshua
Springman Brothers' reality repair

Wright, Kenneth
Lola Dutch
Lola Dutch when I grow up

Wright, Kenneth Illus. Wright, Sarah Jane
Lola Dutch I love you so much

Wrightson, Patricia
I own the racecourse

Wyatt, Edwina
In the evening

Wyatt, Edwina Illus. Ainslie, Tamsin
Sometimes cake

Wyatt, Edwina Illus. Quinn, Katherine
Secrets of Magnolia Moon

Wynne-Jones, Tim
Emperor of any place
Blink and Caution


Yaccarino, Dan
Five little elves
Morris Mole

Yakovleva, Yulia
Raven's children

Yamamoto, Lani

Yancey, Rick
5th wave
Extraordinary adventures of Alfred Kropp

Yang, Kelly
Front desk

Yang, Yuanhao
Flying light

Yardley, Carlee
Dog and the lost leg

Yarlett, Emma
Sidney, Stella and the moon

Yates, Louise
Frank and Teddy make friends

Yaxley, Richard
Joyous and Moonbeam
This is my song
Happiness quest

Yaxley, Sharon J.
Sea monsters

Yeates, Elizabeth ed.
Healthy kids cookbook

Yeh, Kat
Magic brush : a story of love, family and Chinese characters

Yipadee, Deano Illus. Beavis, Paul
Ron the royal guard

Ylvisaker, Anne
Luck of the Buttons

Yoelu, Maree McCarthy Illus. Fry, Samantha
Brother moon

Yolnu people with Liz Thompson
Djulpan : a story from the Yirritja clans of north-east Arnhem Land

Yoon, David
Frankly in love

Yoon, Nicola
Everything, everything

Yoon, Salina
Penguin and Pinecone
Penguin on holiday
Penguin in love
Penguin and pumpkin
Stormy night
Penguin's big adventure
Be a friend
Penguin's Christmas wish
Duck, Duck, Porcupine!
That's my book! and other stories

Young, Beau
Animals rock plus other wild songs

Young, Beau Illus. Boyer, Suzy
Dinosaurs rock: 5 rockin's prehistoric songs!

Young, Damon Illus. Carnavas, Peter
My Nanna is a ninja
My Pop is a pirate
My sister is a superhero
My brother is a beast
My dad is a dragon

Young, Jessica
Play this book

Young, Moira
Blood red road

Young, Rebecca Illus. DeGennaro, Sue
Button boy

Young, Rebecca Illus. Ottley, Matt

Young, Rebecca Illus. Suwannakit, Tull

Young, Suzanne

Yousafzai, Malala
Malala's magic pencil
We are displaced: my journey and stories from refugee girls around the world

Yousafzai, Malala McCormick, Patricia
Malala : the girl who stood up for education and changed the world

Yovanoff, Brenna
Paper Valentine

Yoyo (Group)
Rukan prophecy

Yu, Li-Qiong Illus. Zhu, Cheng-Liang
New year's reunion


Zail, Suzy
Wrong boy
Alexander Altmann A10567
I am change

Zandere, Inese
One house for all

Zappia, Francesca
Made you up

Zarb, Mike
Forest of doom and gloom

Zarr, Sara
How to save a life

Zaslavsky, Alice
Alice's food A-Z : edible adventures

Zavos, Judy Zak, Drahos
Murgatroyd's garden

Zenz, Aaron
Hug a bull ; an ode to animal dads

Zephaniah, Benjamin
Gangsta rap
Refugee boy
Terror kid

Zephaniah, Benjamin

Zhang, Amy
This is where the world ends

Ziegler, Maddie
Maddie diaries

Zielin, Lara
Donut days

Zigomanis, Lazaros
Shadow in the Wind

Zink, Michelle
Prophecy of the sisters
Guardian of the Gate
Circle of fire

Zinn, Bridget

Zisin, Nevo
Finding Nevo

Zombie, Zack
Zombie Swap
School daze
Zombie family reunion
Zombie goes to camp
Back to scare school
Herobrine goes to school
Zombie's birthday apocalypse
Insides out

Zorn, Claire
Sky so heavy
One would think the deep
No place for an octopus

Zubrzycki, John
Mysterious Mr Jacob : diamond merchant, magician & spy

Zucker, Jonny
Striker boy
Running on a patchwork of earth

Zurbo, Matt
I love footy

Zusak, Markus
Bridge of Clay

Numbered Titles

5 minute Marvel stories
100 things to know about food
100 scientists who made history: remarkable scientists who shaped our world