Stacey Casey: The house that time remembers by Michael C. Madden

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Stacey Casey’s father is an inventor. One morning, that started like any other Stacey’s father called her to the basement in great excitement telling her that he needed her, and she would not be going to school that day.  Stacey trying to explain to her father that she had to go to school as she had a math test, but her father was not listening, he was so preoccupied with his discovery.  When the doorbell rings Stacey runs to answer it finding her best friend Oliver, who follows her to the basement to talk to Stacey’s father.  Suddenly there is a strange noise, and the house feels like it is shaking. Stacey’s father becomes more excited telling them that he has done it.  When Stacey and Oliver question him he explains that he has created a time machine.  Stacey and Oliver are sceptical as most of his inventions don’t work.  Stacey tells her father that they must go to school but when Stacey and Oliver walk out of the house they are no longer in the present.  They quickly go back to Stacey’s father who tells them that they are now in 1964. Stacey askes if he can get them home again and he replies he should be able to just needs to make some adjustments.  Once the children get over the initial shock, they are excited to go and explore their local town as it was in 1964. 

Stacey and Oliver have several encounters with famous people while they are in 1964, they also find themselves in trouble for something they didn’t do.

They finally make it home again, but I think this is just the beginning of Stacey and Oliver’s adventures.

 This is a fun story written in an easy-to-read manner.

Themes: Inventions, Time travel.

Karen Colliver