Lady Helen and the Dark Days Deceit by Alison Goodman

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Lady Helen book 3. Angus and Robertson, 2018. ISBN 9780732296117.
(Age: 15+) Highly recommended. After devouring the first two books in the series (Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club  and Lady Helen and the dark days pact) the final in the trilogy set in beautiful Bath does not disappoint with its thrilling mysteries and heart rending romance. Helen is in the midst of preparing for her wedding to the Duke of Selburn, while at the same time struggling to learn to control her powers with Lord Carlston as part of the Grand Reclaimer, in order to overcome the Grand Deceiver. Lady Helen believes that Carlston's wife is still alive and must supress her illicit feelings for him, knowing that she could love the Duke of Selburn who is devoted to her.
Anyone who likes the Regency period will be fascinated with the gorgeous setting. Bath of 1812 is described in detail as is the country mansion belonging to the Duke of Selburn and the manners of the time. The slow burning romance between Helen and Carlston is fraught with difficulties, not least the engagement of Helen to Selburn, and Goodman kept the tension of this going right to the end of the book - it was virtually impossible to predict if it could be resolved or to predict just who the Great Deceiver was! And there is action galore as Helen and Carlston join together as the Grand Reclaimer in the final fight against the dark powers that have been unleashed.
An inventive, highly addictive series, part historical and part dark fantasy, this series will appeal to lovers of the Regency period, as well as those who enjoy books by Georgette Heyer and the The Glamourist histories by Mary Robinette Kowal.
I can't wait to see what Alison Goodman writes next!
Pat Pledger