The legend series by Marie Lu

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Penguin, 2013.
Prodigy. ISBN 9780141344096.
Champion. ISBN 9780141351964.
(Age: Teens) Prodigy is a well thought out sequel to Marie Lu's original dystopian tale Legend. With the introduction of new characters and plotlines, it continues the storyline without diverting into too many tangents, which some sequels tend to do. Once more Day and June tell their story chapter by chapter as in the first book, continuing their rocky relationship, fraught with all the tension which makes the novel excellent for teen readers. Whilst occasionally the pace slows, the final chapter leaves the reader longing for more.
Marie Lu's inventiveness steps up a notch in her final book of the dystopian Legend trilogy, Champion. Champion satisfyingly completes the trilogy that started with Legend, followed by Prodigy, rounding out her characters and plot storylines in a way that is not expected. The introduction of the Antarctic allies and their technology adds to plot, and the pace that began in Legend does not slow down. As the final book in a series, it does not disappoint and will leave teen readers very happy.
Linda Hunter