River Boy by Elizabeth Frankel

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Ill. by Garry Duncan. Jane Curry Publishing, 2014. ISBN: 9781922190864
Recommended. Picture book. Themes: Sustainability; Environmental change; Australia - Geography; Family Relationships. The River Boy is taken for a camping trek on the River Murray in a tinnie, camping on the river banks and living from the produce that the river harbours. His grandfather shares the changes that have occurred over time and the delights of living carefully in partnership with the River that is the lifeblood of Australia. The boy's connection to the river grows as his grandfather shares his own love of the place.
The absolute delight of this wonderful picture book is in the illustrations by Garry Duncan. The boy and his grandfather are realistic drawings superimposed on the stunning impressions of the River Murray, shown with an incredibly accurate portrayal of the changing light and colours. These illustrations take this reviewer on her own memory journey down the Murray. They are spectacular.
This book is recommended.
Carolyn Hull