Over is out by Lachlan Creagh

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Ill. by Sarah Creagh. Lothian, 2018. ISBN 9780734417657
(Age: 4+) Themes: Humour, Cricket, Dinosaurs. Readers will get lots of laughs from this book as they read of the two boys playing cricket in their back yard. When the ball goes over the fence one is designated to climb the fence and retrieve the ball, but without waking the nighbours. Children will laugh out loud as the neighbours turn out to be a range of rather large dinosaurs, mainly sleeping, but the boy over the fence tries very carefully to avoid waking them. Each time the page is turned another descriptive word is given in a different colour and font size, making it a useful book when teaching about words which define where you are: over, under, on top, between and behind.
Great fun will be had as the readers will the boy not to wake the sleeping giants. Dinosaur recognition will be a must with many children as each page is turned.
And a twist at the end will further tickle the fancies of the readers.
Fran Knight