Dinosaur dash by Mo Farah and Kes Gray

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Ill. by Marta Kissi. Go, Mo, Go! series. Hodder, 2017. ISBN 9781444934014
(Age: 6+) Recommended. Running, Dinosaurs, Adventure. Mo Farah, Britain's most successful long distance runner, has worked with author, Kes Gray to produce a series of books called, Go, Mo, Go! in which Mo and his four friends find themselves in some difficulty, and only by running can fin their way out. In this the first in the series, Dinosaur dash, Mo and Vern, Lily, Banjo and Lyra, decide to run backwards. They hold each other's hands but find that by running backwards, have run back in time, to the dinosaur era. Each time they turn around, they are about to be trampled or eaten, squashed or flown away by one of the dinosaurs. Young children will love reading about the dinosaurs as part of the story which subtly gives information about the dinosaurs' size, abilities and food they eat. Each time the quintet is found by yet another dinosaur, they must run to get away. But in finding themselves atop a mountain feeling safe, the mountain comes alive, spurting hot lava out of its top, making them run again, but this time, back home.
Easy to read, with an emphasis on running carefully added to the plot and the added interest in the dinosaurs, this series will be readily picked up by younger readers, particularly those who are newly independent. They will feel at ease with the larger print, different fonts underscoring the repeated words and phrases, the many illustrations and readable amount of text on each page. At 70 pages long, this series is most accessible to newly confident younger readers.
Fran Knight