Kitty is not a Cat: Teddy's Bear by Jess Black

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Hachette, 2020. ISBN: 9780734419774.
(Age: 6+ years) Recommended. Kitty is not a Cat: Teddy's Bear by Jess Black is one of four books being released this year by Hachette. The book series is based on the Australian animation television series which has been sold around the world. Orange is the theme colour of this book and the other remaining books are blue, purple and pink. The story begins with a brief introduction to the characters and an explanation of the context of the story. Kitty is a girl who is dressed in a bright orange costume with ears, a tail and paws. She joins the clutter of cats that live in the mansion on the hill. Each cat has its own name and special qualities it brings to the group. In this particular story the cats decide to find a teddy bear for Kitty. Each cat brings what they think a teddy bear is to the others but one interpretation causes absolute mayhem. Eventually a teddy bear is found for Kitty and peace reigns once more.
This book is a very readable story that will entertain young developing readers who are ready for short novels. The fact that it is series will also appeal to those students who will benefit from word repetition. The book contains very detailed illustrations and highlighted text where emphasis on a specific word is important to the flow of the story. Themes: Cats, Friendship, Bears.
Kathryn Beilby