Super Fly vs Furious Flea by Todd H Doodler

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Super Fly series. Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781619633841
(Age: 6+) Recommended. Humour, Rubbish. This is one in a series about Super Fly, a geeky school student who loves to invent things, and one day becomes a super fly, able to fly 9,000 times faster than normal, cleverer by 9,000 times than usual and altogether a really handy person to have around. But he cannot reveal himself to his fellow students, let alone the bully in the school, Cornelius C Roach.
The first chapter in this rollicking book reprises some of the fun that has gone on before, acquainting readers with the reason Eugene Flystein became Super Fly, and hinting at problems he has solved, along with his sister, Fly Girl and his friend and sidekick, Fantastic Flea.
But in this story, rifts appear between Fantastic Flea and Eugene, as he becomes rather conceited after being named Student of the Season. The Roach senses the rift and turns Fantastic Flea against his friend. The Flea take his training to heart, getting himself fit for the big meet.
The humour comes thick and fast with puns on the protagonists names and where they live. Each part of the rubbish tip at Stinkopolis is used, including the toilet bowl where Eugene and his family live. Tongue in cheek humour, a liberal sprinkling of puns and toilet humour will make this an instant hit with those newly skilled at reading chapter books. The chapters are short and include illustrations, and I love the way the author has used language which will stretch some children's vocabulary.
All in all, fun from start to finish.
Fran Knight