Darkness Falls by Mia James

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Orion, 2011.
Age 14+) (Darkness Falls is the second book in the Ravenwood Vampires series and picks up several months from the first book which revealed that a large percentage of students at the exclusive Ravenwood School are in fact vampires. April is recovering from a shocking attack from a fellow student and the horrific death of her father.
Although I haven't had a chance to read the first book in the series I was able to piece together the story line. April the main character is a very complex individual whose story draws the reader in - I could barely put the book down wanting to know what was going to happen next. In some parts of the book April is your typical teenager and yet in others she shows maturity beyond her years. She is coming to terms with the fact that her Mother may be dating again so soon after the death of her beloved Father. She is trying to get her head around the fact the she is Fury and if this fact is discovered by the vampires at Ravenwood her life won't be worth living and that she has given her vampire boyfriend a virus that is killing him.
The story takes the readers on a twisting mysterious journey that keeps them guessing at all times. Just when you think that you have the story line figured out another unexpected situation pops up. It not only looks at April's adjustment to what she really is but it delves deeper in the dynamics of all of her relationships. Although it has similarities to other books in this popular genre, it offers unique qualities that make it ever so appealing. The creepy atmosphere of the Highgate Cemetery and the unseen forces watching April's every move make it more than a creepy romance. I also liked the fact that it was set in Britain. I would thoroughly recommend this book to older teenage readers and I eagerly await the third in the series.
Elaine Grottick