Poppy Muddlepup's daring rescue by Daisy Meadows

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Magic Animal Friends. Orchard Books, 2014. ISBN 9781408331750
Recommended for ages 6+. In this Bumper Special Edition, three Magical Animal Friends stories are included, telling the tale of Lily and Jess and their delightful adventures to help spell-bound Patch Muddlepup. Goldie the magic kitten summons the girls into the enchanted Friendship Forest, they need to help the puppy that has had an evil sleeping spell cast on him by the evil witch Grizelda. There only hope is searching for three special ingredients to make the Rise and Shine potion. The final ingredient Sunrise Berries only grow at the witch's castle, here the girls need all of their creativity and resourcefulness to outwit Grizelda's evil spell. The forest animals talk to the girls and provide help and support along the way. Mr Greenhop and his frog family ferry the adventurers across the lake on their lily pads, to the banks of the snow-covered garden, where Grizelda lives in a dark tower.
Daisy Meadows is the popular author of the Rainbow Magic fairy books and the Magic Animal Friends series. These junior novels presented in an easy to read style, include all the elements that young readers love; magic adventures, friends working together to solve problems, cute talking animals and good triumphing over evil. They are quintessentially English and a fun introduction to chapter books for girls. The appealing black and white illustrations appear as large borders, around the page numbers and across the double page spreads.
Rhyllis Bignell