Winter's flurry adventure by Elise Allen and Halle Stanford

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Ill. by Paige Pooler. Bloomsbury, 2014. ISBN 9781619632677
The Enchanted Sisters series is a natural extension for readers who have or are still enjoying the Rainbow Fairy books. Coming from the Jim Henson Company one expects to see an animated version anytime. This is the second offering about the four Sparkle sisters, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring and their adventures.
Winter and her best friend Flurry, a polar bear are playing together in the snow when Flurry discovers a baby Artic fox obviously separated from its family by the previous night's blizzard. Whilst winter makes a fuss of the cute little creature, Flurry leaves in a fit of jealousy, and Winter and the baby fox set out to find him with the help of her sisters.
Unfortunately they discover Flurry has dug so deeply into the snow that he has broken through to the Barrens, home of Bluster Tempest and his Weeds. Determined to bring Flurry home the sisters continue on only to discover Flurry enjoying a party with Quake and Thunderbolt, two of the Weeds.
With the encouragement of his new friends Flurry rejects Winter's advances and stays with the Weeds. He eventually discovers that his new friends are not as kind as they could be and when they all arrive in Sparkledom it is to destroy Winter's home not just a social call.
The meaning of friendship mixed with adventure and a little magic will enchant and entertain young readers. The badly behaved Weeds could be an attraction for boys but I feel this series will be favoured by girls.
Sue Keane