Uncle Eddie and the croc by Lucy Farmer

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Black dog, 2009. ISBN 9781742030517
(Ages 6-8) A book for newly independent readers, this sequel to Uncle Eddie and the hippos, follows the adventures of Uncle Eddie who looks after a national park on the shores of Lake Wakka Wakka. One day he finds a large crocodile sunning itself in front of his house in the Zambian bush and after unsuccessfully trying to move it on before it frightens the tourists, he goes to the local chief for advice. The chief comes up with a cunning plan to scare the crocodile away, but it has disastrous consequences.
This is an appealing book that will attract young readers with its scary picture of a crocodile on the front cover. Croc facts, found at the back of the books will intrigue the reader and a glossary describing an African chief and African animals will be welcome. The vivid colours of the African bush and the compelling faces of Uncle Eddie, the chief and the scouts illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre will add interest to the story.
Pat Pledger