How to hatch a dragon by Nick Bland

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Bunny buys best friend, Bird, a present, a dragon’s egg. They read the instructions together, and learn that if the dragon is blue they will have a lovely pet but if it is yellow, they will be in trouble. It is yellow. They think about how big the dragon might grow, and are worried that it might be as a big as a bus. The friends read on, learning that it eats only wood, and they must be aware of what the dragon does with the leftover leaves.

As each page progresses, Bland’s illustrations show an ever growing yellow dragon and readers will become as concerned as the friends, but will love looking at the differences between the friends and the dragon, watching for any of the traits alluded to in the instructions.

Bland’s images are hilarious, showing the facial features of the two friends as they realise just what they have to deal with. Relief floods in as they read that the yellow dragon will fly away after leaving an egg. So the whole fearful story may start all over again. They and the readers will watch the egg closely. A charming story of friendship and working together, the support shown between the two is laudable, especially when they have a yellow dragon to contend with. This engaging book is the first in a series about this duo, named Bunny and Bird.

Themes: Friendship.

Fran Knight