Found you, little wombat by Angela McAllister and Charles Fuge

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Little Wombat loves to play hide and seek with his friends Koala and Rabbit but he gets distracted when it is his time to count to ten and find his hidden friends. Unfortunately, when the weather changes, he becomes lost in the rain by himself. Feeling sad and alone Little Wombat is happily discovered by his Mum and friends.

This story will appeal to young children who love to play and wander but get concerned when they stray too far from Mum and Dad. Most children have experienced that “getting lost” feeling at some time. Children will enjoy Koala and Rabbit asking Little Wombat to count to ten and he counts “two, ten.”

There are lots of close-up illustrations of Little Wombat as he is at the centre of the story. His feelings are very clearly on display from his wonder at looking at the flowers to his sadness sitting in the rain.

There are several other Little Wombat stories that can be enjoyed.

This is an endearing picture book for pre-schoolers and junior primary students.

Themes: Wombats.

Jane Moore