Furball Spy cat by Adrian Beck

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The World's GREATEST Spy - Furball, is truly amazing - just ask him! Though, he'd rather be napping, or maybe having a nice snack. After yet another amazing, and rather spectacular, saving of the world, it's back to the office. Along with his spy friends, Jade and Kit, they visit the waterpark on a rare day off, a treat from their boss. BUT, something is fishy - and not the snack bar. One of Furball's worst enemies from the evil organisation, Klaws, is at the waterpark and he's using the waterpark as a secret base! Can Furball and his friends stop the baddies before they destroy the city?

This delightful, light book is highly illustrated and is a great introduction to chapter books from picture books for younger readers. Puns abound throughout the whole book, some of which may go over young readers heads, but any adults assisting in the reading will appreciate. The characters are all a variety of animals, primarily cats, they are the spies and using gadgets and saving the world. Told from the point of view of one of the sidekicks (Kit), the humour and action are consistent throughout. Fans of the series The Bad Guys will enjoy this new series. Can see this taking off as other series in this particular niche have, as it is that right mix of light hearted and action packed.

Themes: Humour, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Cats, Spies, Secret Missions.

Melanie Pages