The last peach by Gus Gordon

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Viking, 2018. ISBN 9780670078912
As summer draws to a close, a delicious golden peach hangs in front of the two bugs, tantalising them with its perfection. But which of them should eat it? Indeed, should it be eaten at all? Should it remain beautiful and perfect or should they satisfy their hunger?
Discussing the problem and examining the pros and cons, the story is told entirely in dialogue and illustrated using mixed media, particularly paper collage, making the pictures as diverse as the bugs' dilemma.
It is ideal for encouraging students how to look at the many sides of a situation because even the simplest set of circumstances can have many perspectives and possible solutions, and perhaps even examining motive and bias. Does the bug that tells them it's probably "all stinky and rotten on the inside" covet it for himself?
This is an intriguing read with a most unexpected outcome that will encourage lots of discussion and debate.
Barbara Braxton