Absolutely everything! by Christopher Lloyd

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This new and expanded 2023 hardback edition of Absolutely Everything! is so packed full of amazing facts that it is quite a heavy book to physically carry. Information shared is from the beginning of the universe - about 13.8 billion years ago, up to the present day. As you can imagine, this book attempts to include as much as possible in an accessible, concise and engaging presentation.

The foreword by author Christpoher Lloyd provides an interesting read as he explains his reason for undertaking such a momentous task to write this factual tome. The sixteen chapters begin with Chapter 1 Nothing to Something where it starts at 13.8 billion years with the Big Bang and ends with Chapter 16 To Be Continued 2002 – present. Each chapter is differentiated by colour and the beginning right hand page has a very useful vertical timeline with a key statement. Throughout the book there are labelled photographs, diagrams and illustrations, as well as quotes and graphic images. In the final pages is a world map with an accompanying map index, plus a very detailed glossary and index. There are also image credits, and further information from the author regarding his research, quote sources and a message of thanks.

This latest edition has been updated with more recent information including the final chapter To Be Continued… where Tupperware (invented in 1948) is mentioned alongside plastic waste, recycling and climate change. There is mention of the recent invasion of Ukraine and the effects of global health outbreaks such as the SARS virus in 2004 and the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019.

This fascinating book provides so much scope for discussion and learning with many unknown facts, milestones and events to be further researched. A worthy addition to a home school or public library.

Themes: Facts, History, Data, Graphic Representation, Research, Photographs, Images.

Kathryn Beilby