Tropical Trouble by Aleesah Darlison

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Ill. by Serena Geddes. Totally Twins series. New Frontier, 2011. ISBN 978 1 9210 4269 0.
This is the third instalment in the Totally Twins series about identical twins Perse and Portia. Perse is a writer and loves to keep diaries of the adventures that she and her twin sister, Portia have. It is her way of having something personal that is special to just her. In this story Perse is writing a travel diary about their trip to Fiji with their next door neighbour Dillon and their grandma. Their gran is a travel writer and for this assignment she has decided to treat the girls and also give Dillon's parents a break by taking him too. When they arrive in Fiji the girls are quick to learn that their luggage has been lost and although Portia is excited by the prospect of new clothes, Perse is a little concerned about the style of clothes available on a resort. As they all bunk in the one room they are looking forward to the week ahead. While gran is exploring and researching island information for her article Perse, Portia and Dillon go to kid's club. Portia immediately seeks out new friends while Dillon and Perse get acquainted with the format and activities. They play tennis and go sailing although not without incident as Perse tries to encourage Portia to include her in her new cycle of friends and also ensure that Dillon is having a good time. When Portia twists her ankle while playing basketball and is rescued by the resort owner's son, Perse just wishes the holiday would end. However the second half of the week proves to be much more enjoyable and rewarding and Perse eventually makes a new friend and succeeds in enjoying the island hospitality.
Tracy Glover