Rory the dinosaur wants a pet by Liz Climo

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Hachette, 2016. ISBN 9780316277297
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Friendship, Companionship. When Rory visits his friends Hank and Vera they have a surprise for him. Hank has a pet and they do lots of things together. Hank shows off his pet, Sheldon, as they play fetch and hide and seek. Sheldon is so much fun and when Rory walks off back home he wants a pet as well.
Rory searches high and low, asking some creatures whether they will be his pet, but they say no. He looks up in the trees, in the jungle, on the beach, all to no avail. When Rory turns to go back home the unexpected happens. A coconut falls from the tree and lands nearby. He takes him back to the tree house and asks his father whether he can keep him. The age old excuse of 'he followed me home' is used with much recognition and humour. Rory names his new pet, George and makes a space for him to sleep. They do lots of things together: playing games, dressing up, fetch and hide and seek.
After searching for a friend, Rory has one that found him.
This seemingly simple tale of companionship will appeal to younger readers as they recognise the urge to have friends, and see that in wanting and seeking them out, they may miss the obvious right under their nose. A charming story of friendship and all that means for younger readers, this book has bright colourful illustrations with lots of little things to watch for, talk about and recognise.
Fran Knight