How the queen found the perfect cup of tea by Kate Hosford

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Ill. by Gabi Swiatkowska. Carolrhoda books, 2017. ISBN 9781467739047
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Humour, Tea, Adventure, Quest. When the queen sips her morning cup of tea, she finds something is amiss. It simply does not have the taste she is looking for. Her servant James is puzzled: is there too much milk or not enough sugar. She takes to the skies in a hot air balloon to seek out the perfect cup of tea. She calls in at several places and a child makes her a cup of tea each time. The three are from different cultures and sharp eyed readers will notice the very different ways that their tea is made. Each time it is prepared, the queen becomes more involved, and children will see that her participation in the ritual of making tea is making her happier.
Repetition in the story makes it even funnier, as the same thing happens but with a different outcome each time, until she finally realises that she can make it for herself, and if she can make a cup of tea, then many other things she can do flow on.
This is a funny tale, sure to raise a laugh from the audience, whether read aloud or by themselves. Children will be sure to join in once they see the repetition, and watch out for the many animals that join in the fun along the way. The illustrations too compliment the tale well, adding another level of humour to the story. Readers will be looking to make a cup of tea at the end of their reading.
Fran Knight