The bedtime book of impossible questions by Isabel Thomas. Illus. by Aaron Cushley

cover image

The striking cover of The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions is full of colour, floating images plus a few curly questions, and will have young readers hooked before even opening this fascinating book. Right from the very first chapter, ‘Shall I tell you a secret?’ where the author tells the reader that science is about asking questions, it is clear this will become a treasured bedtime or indeed, anytime book. The book explores all sorts of impossible questions which can then lead to even more questions, but it is stressed that not every answer is necessarily correct. Answers are based on evidence and with more discoveries and experimentation over time they could change.

The double spread contents page allows the reader to choose the questions to be discovered or the book can be read in numerical order. Some of the questions that piqued my interest were:

If I were born in a different year, would I still be me?
What is the opposite of a spider?
Does yellow look the same to me as it does to you?
How many trees are there in the whole world?
How heavy is earth?
If you can feel bitter, do other feelings have tastes?

With more than 40 questions, each one is thoughtfully answered, and children will be able to absorb the explanations in their own way. Adults too, will be able to learn and add to the information shared. The illustrations throughout are colourful and engaging and will provide visual clues for the reader.

This book would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for the curious child or children in your life.

Themes: Science, Questions, Curiosity.

Kathryn Beilby