American Monsters by Derek Landy

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The Demon Road Trilogy bk 3. HarperCollins, 2016. ISBN 9780008157081
(Age; 14+) American Monsters by Derek Landy is the third in a fantastic trilogy centred on Amber and her bodyguard-now-friend Milo and their time on the highway of horrors across the U.S as they continue their escape from Amber's flesh and power hungry mother and father. But now, after the events at Desolation Hill and the choices that Amber has had to make in regards to her love life as well as her forced position at Astaroth's side, the hunters have become the hunted as they flee while attempting to persuade Amber to join them and overthrow the almighty Shining Demon, Asaroth. While dealing with murderers, demons, and wretched beings from hell on her way, Amber fights to save the friends and relationships she has made on this terrible and bloody journey. To make matters worse, Amber has life-threatening propositions forced upon her from all sides that are all near impossible for her to complete so that she can finally guarantee her own life and her safety in this evil-tainted world that she has become exposed to. Amber and Milo face a fight against the possibility of death while accompanied by unsuspecting allies and the fact that they are changed because of it, this fight against evil is the last stand and the end of a gruesome and fear-inducing chase.
American Monsters is a fantastic end to the Demon Road Trilogy due to its sheer cleverness and utilisation of plot devices, characters, and relationships from the last two books in the series. The novel itself is written in a way that keeps the story feeling like it's progressing at a realistic pace without feeling rushed. This novel, just like the two before it, is suited to a young adult audience as there are mature themes within the story. It's fair to say that American Monsters exceptionally ties together the trilogy in one final epic read and leaves you wanting for more.
Sarah Filkin