Here comes a kiss by Stacey McCleary and David Cornish

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Little Hare, 2015. ISBN 9781760121228
(Age: Pre-school - Yr 1) Here comes a kiss revolves around a little girl and her younger brother as they go about their day, giving kisses to one another and the little boy's toy. A delightful and tender tale of sibling love and kisses, this story is written in verse and accessible to the very youngest of children, due to the sparse, gentle text and the accompanying simple coloured illustrations. Cornish has used watercolours in his art works so the colours are bright and cheerful but in no way overwhelm the story. Each page is presented on a cream background, instead of stark white, and the baby's stuffed toy dog makes an appearance on every page bar the front cover. As well as the heart pictured on the chest of the toy, hearts are liberally scattered across the backgrounds of every page too.
This title could be used in a Kindergarten or Reception class when introducing rhyming words or looking at family relationships. It could also be an introduction to the names of different parts of the body. At home, I can well imagine parents acting out the story with their young children at bed time as it is quite a delightful tale.
Jo Schenkel