My monkeys my circus: A collection of mindful stories by Toni Adams

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This book has a selection of characters that each have their own negative inner voice that they need to overcome. Princess Perfect learns that she doesn’t have to be perfect; she is still liked anyway. Colonel Conrad learns that it is ok to ask for help, everything does not have to be done his way. There are other ways to get things done and that is ok. Alex the Amazing feels invisible and learns to be seen by your friends; you just need to be heard. Nimble Nikki learns to overcome her fears. You have got this; you just have to start. Madam Gina I’m not good enough, nice enough, brave bold or fun is what the voice in her head keeps telling her, you're just a big fake. True friends see through the disguises and remind her that her brilliance just shines. Red-Nosed Robbie feels that saying no to friends is hard to do, he fears, what if they don’t like you no more. But he realises that it is ok to say no, the sky won't fall, the earth won't shake. True friends will always understand. JB the Juggler learns that sharing your feelings can help with the problems and fears and help draw strength to stand up tall.

Remember when the voice in your head is chitter-chattering and making you feel quite drained you also have the choice to stand up tall, to be real strong and find a brand new voice.

This is a great book that is simple to read with a powerful message for any age.

I highly recommend this book.

Themes: Monkeys, Resilience, Self-esteem, Circuses.

Karen Colliver