Our Gags by Catriona Hoy and Annabelle Josse

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Walker Books, 2011.
(Age: Beginning readers) Recommended.This is a short novel of three stories about a special grandma. It is told in the first person by the little girl in the family.
'Our Gags' is the nickname the family in this story give to their Grandma. The first story, The Gags Machine, begins when the Mum has a new baby and Gags becomes the Gags machine as she helps wherever she can to keep the household running while Mum looks after the baby. In the second story Gags Ahoy, they take the baby for a walk to the park. Gags amuses the little girl by playing a variety of games - billy goats gruff, princesses and pirates amongst the playground equipment. In the last story Gags on Holiday, the family going on holidays and whilst Mum and Dad unpack Gags amuses the girls on the beach until an over excited dog causes a mishap.
This novel is part of the Walker Stories series of which there are around 18 titles. They are an excellent introduction to novel reading for young readers. Recommended reading.
Tracy Glover