The Ghost at the Point by Charlotte Calder

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Walker Books, 2012. ISBN 978-1-921977-73-2.
(Age: Upper primary) Highly recommended. Dorrie lives with her beloved grandfather, known as Gah. Everything is going well until Gah falls from a ladder and is hospitalized. Dorrie decides she doesn't want to stay with other relatives or friends and through some story telling manages to stay alone in their semi isolated home near the sea.
This story is set in the 1930's so modern telephones or any outside contact is non-existent.
Plucky 12 year old Dorrie manages to look after the farm and the animals but she can't help thinking about the ghost stories she has heard earlier and some unusual things have been occurring around the house to keep her on edge.
The 'ghost' turns out to be a young shipwreck survivor who becomes important in helping Dorrie with less spectral problems, the suspicious Mr. and Mrs. Crickle who are supposedly researching local history.
Add some buried treasure and an exciting ending with lots of twists and you have a great read.
The plot, the believable characters and the depression years in which it was set captivated me. A great piece of writing and I would highly recommend this book to upper primary students.
Jane Moore