Willy and the cloud by Anthony Browne

cover image

Walker, 2016. ISBN 9781406366969
(Age 4+) Highly recommended. One of my favourite authors, Anthony Browne, has done it again with another wonderful book starring Willy. This time Willy has a dark cloud that seems to be following him, no matter what he does to try and get rid of it. When he goes to the park, everyone else is sitting in the sun and enjoying themselves but he shivers under the cloud feeling miserable. The cloud follows him home and he is very unhappy. He tries to work out how to make it leave, but nothing works until he comes up with a solution to banish it and he can then be happy.
Browne's signature illustrations are as captivating as ever. The misery on Willy's face will ensure that readers will empathise with Willy as he does his best to overcome his unhappiness. The drama of the moment when Willy shouts at the cloud and makes it go away with resonate with readers, who will be thrilled to find that Willy can be happy in the rain and the sun.
This is sure to be a perfect book to discuss feelings with children at home and in the classroom. It could lead to an understanding that everyone can feel depressed, anxious and lonely and Willy has one solution to make his cloud go away. Children may be able to come up with other ways of combating depression and loneliness.
Willy and the cloud is a keeper.
Pat Pledger