Peter Rabbit 2: Bunny trouble

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Penguin, 2020. ISBN: 9780241410875. 32pp.
Peter Rabbit 2: Bunny trouble is a level 2 (progressive reader) book from the Penguin Young Readers series. It is a story based on the new Peter Rabbit movie, where Peter snuggles himself into Thomas's truck and takes a trip to the big city. He comes into some trouble and is very lucky when his friends come and help him.
This particular story/level is designed for readers who are able to use the pictures as clues, can decipher beginning/middle/ending sounds and can make predictions within an in-depth plot (according to the levelling information provided). I am guessing that the Penguin Young Readers series is based on American guided and traditional reading levels, as I was unfamiliar with the information provided for parents and educators at the beginning.
This reader would be great for students who enjoy the Peter Rabbit movies, but are also reluctant readers. This book may assist them by providing a topic that interests them, and is a bit different from the regular classroom reader stories.
It has engaging images taken from the movie, along with fun and bright backgrounds added by the publisher. This may be a bonus for the unenthusiastic reader, and those that rely on the images for clues and engagement.
Overall a reasonable reader or story, with the bonus of being part of the Peter Rabbit empire, which may add to the interest for many children.
Lauren Fountain