Sonny says sorry! by Caryl Hart and Zachariah Ohora

cover image

Caryl Hart and Zachariah OHora have collaborated on a vividly coloured board book that will appeal to young children and fans of Salina Yoon. Friends Sonny, Boo and Meemo are playing hide-and-seek when Sonny spots a box. Even though he can read the label that say 'For: Honey' he is intrigued and want to know what is inside. He pokes at the box and sniffs it. When his two friends appear, he shows them the box and then opens it. It contains a beautiful chocolate cake decorated with strawberries and Sonny and Memo cannot resist having a taste. Poor Honey is very upset when she finds that her cake has been eaten, and Sonny knows that he has to say sorry. But Honey keeps crying until Sonny has an idea….

The text flows along beautifully and is a pleasure to read aloud, while the illustrations of the cute little animals are a delight. I was particularly drawn to Meemo the little dog who makes a 'Woof!' to show his displeasure at the actions of Sonny and Boo. Unfortunately, he is ignored, even when he shows them the tag that reads 'For Honey'. Older children who are just beginning to read would enjoy trying Sonny says sorry! as the illustrations complement the text.

This is a book that could be used by caregivers and teachers to discuss with children the importance of not touching things that do not belong to them. Saying sorry if they do something wrong and finding ways to make things right is also emphasised. Activities are available on the author’s website.

Themes: Emotions, Honesty, Problem solving.

Pat Pledger