Camp Creepy time by Gina Gershon and Dann Gershon

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Random House 2007
(Age 10+) Einstein P. Fleet is at the summer camp from hell. Sent away for 8 weeks by his long suffering parents, Einsten, a 13 year old computer freak and consumer of Twinkies, discovers that the brochure describing its many activities, lake and swimming pool is completely false. The only friends that he makes are a ghost and an alien and he must try and save the campers from conniving camp counsellors.

Readers, especially boys, will enjoy the humour surrounding bodily functions and the scary scenarios. Einstein is an interesting problem child with his penchant for worse case scenarios and his computer empire. The book is an easy read.

Film rights have been commissioned for this wacky story by actress Gina Gershon and her brother Dan and it certainly would lend itself to a funny horror film with its werewolves, vampires and mummies, aliens from outer space and highly exaggerated characters.
Pat Pledger