Bluey: Hammerbarn by Bluey

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This colourful new Bluey board book tells the story of the Heeler family visit to Hammerbarn, a huge hardware store. Next door neighbour Lucky points out his new pizza oven to Bluey and Bingo’s dad Bandit who decides that he just must have one. The whole family travels to the hardware store and the two highly competitive sisters squabble over who gets what as Mum puts items in the trolley. Inevitably an item is broken and Mum must intervene to keep the peace and point out ‘that you can’t have everything.’ At the checkout there is more commotion from Bluey and Bingo when the checkout operator takes items out of the trolley for scanning. The pups are then pacified by being allowed to use the beeper. Dad’s pizza making is not quite up to scratch but he and the family enjoy sharing the pizza.

Themes: Bluey, Shopping, Family.

Kathryn Beilby