Where did we come from? by Chris Ferrie

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Science writer for children, Chris Ferrie, has written a non-fiction picture book for children that gives a simple introduction and explanation of how we came to be here. This is not an easy concept for children and adults to grasp but this small brightly illustrated book will be a very handy visual resource in explaining or answering questions about the concept of how the universe began and the theory of evolution.

The book uses the words first and then on a number of double page spreads connecting two different concepts. These concepts begin with first the quark and then the particle and end with first the particle and then the quark. In between are the steps of how this process evolved. At the end of the book each of the concepts is explained in more detail which is definitely an added and necessary addition to help support the learning and understanding of this process for young children.

Themes: Scientific Theories, Evolution, Beginning of life, Physics.

Kathryn Beilby