A dinosaur ate Dad's hair by Trent Roberts and Chrissie Krebs

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Omnibus Books, 2019. ISBN: 9781742762678.
(Age: 4-8) Recommended. Themes: Humour, Fathers, Father's Day, Hair. A unique and hilarious look at the reasons that one father comes up with for explaining his hairless head, even though he does have very hairy legs and a beard. First he says that a dinosaur ate his hair, but the child is not convinced by that argument and then he comes up with a number of implausible reasons culminating in the last one: his hair just fell out, the one that his children find the funniest of all.
The reasons that Dad give are very imaginative, especially the Ty-eat-your-hair-us Rex that attacked his hair and the hair rope that was used to rescue a ship's captain. All are accompanied by cartoon like illustrations that still feel really life like. Readers will be sure to identify with them and enjoy thinking of people that they remind them of.
This could be read aloud to younger children who will enjoy the narrative and pictures and emerging readers will have lots of fun with the text and the humour, working out what is true and false and perhaps researching to see why some men are bald. Teachers might take the opportunity to talk about good manners when asking questions about someone's appearance. However it is the humour of the illustrations and narrative that make this a great read aloud and lots of fun.
Pat Pledger