Sir Scaly Pants the Dragon Knight by John Kelly

cover image

Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2015. ISBN 9781408856031
(Age 3+) Recommended. Humour. Knights. Dragons. Bullying. When Sir Kindly Heart tripped over a dragon's egg and it cracked open he decided to take it home to Lady Kindly and together they taught the little dragon, named Scaly Pants, not to use his dragon fire and to behave well. He is sent off to Knight School where he has a difficult time from three bullies because he is different, but when a ghastly giant threatens the kingdom it is Sir Scaly Pants and his trusty steed, Guinevere, who ride off to the rescue and save the bullies on the way.
This is a rollicking tale that has enough rhyming words to make it a great read aloud for the younger children and a fun read for children who are just starting to become independent readers. Sir Scaly Pants is a great hero who always tries to do the right thing, even helping out the three knights who had given him such a hard time at school.
However it is the humour of the narrative and the illustrations that make this such an engaging read. The illustrations of a dragon dressed up in a suit of armour, tiny wings protruding from his back are very amusing, and there are quite a few sly allusions that adults will enjoy as well. I loved the determined look on the face of Guinevere, the fat little pony, and her heroics and help with getting rid of the giant were great. And the giant, with his boulder like teeth and habit of picking his nose, comes to a very sticky end with his trousers on fire, much to the delight of any reader.
This is sure to become a favourite to read aloud for bedtime and enjoy at any other times as well!
Pat Pledger