At the beach I see by Kamsani Bin Salleh

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Young Art series. Magabala Books, 2017. ISBN 9781925360462
(Age: 0-5) Board book. Sea creatures. Pattern illustrations. This is the second title in the Young Art board book series by young Indigenous Australian artists. The previous release was At the zoo I see.
Here, Salleh's patterned illustrations reflect the natural world. Each page contains a simple white background featuring black line drawings of ocean creatures and birds that can be found around the Australian coastline. The patterned drawings have then been washed with vibrant colours. The text names the creatures and describes their movement: scuttling crabs, dancing jellyfish, waving coral, scattered shells, flying fish, drifting seaweed, crawling sea stars, gliding seabirds. The illustrations give a sense of this movement described within the text, both within the drawing of the individual creatures and the way they flow from page to page. This is an ideal book to share with the very young as it introduces new vocabulary (names of creatures, adjectives) but could also be used with older children as a foray into patterning art.
Nicole Nelson