The silly seabed song by Aura Parker

cover image

The “Rock Oysters” Band love to sing all day and are now performing a song to help all the sea creatures fall asleep. Their “lullaby” is so silly it has the opposite effect and makes everyone laugh.

Jelly flubber! Wobbly gong!
Bong, this is a silly song.
You’d be crazy if you think
This  song helps you sleep, wink, wink.

Everyone is enjoying the song and laughing along with the tune except for young Fred, a turtle hatchling who just wants everything to be quiet.

Children will love the effect of the song on the different sea animals, Hermit Crab laughs off his shell, Pufferfish is overblown and Sea Sponge squirts a tiny wee!

The illustrations are vibrant and appealing and have the same sense of joy experienced by the happy sea creatures. I love the colours and detail and readers are encouraged to search for a list of sea creatures in both endpapers.

Aura Parker is the author, illustrator of Meerkat Splash and Goodnight Glow Worms.

A fun picture book to share with pre-schoolers to year 2 students.

Themes: Sea, Marine life.

Jane Moore