Warrior heroes: The knight's enemies by Benjamin Hulme-Cross

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Bloomsbury, 2014. ISBN 9781472904393
Recommended. (Age: 9+ readers, or as a book suited for struggling readers 13+). Medieval times. Adventure. Quest adventure. The main characters are not identified as being of any age, but one would assume they are young teens based on the skills in archery that they display, but they are always referred to as 'boys'.
In this series of books two boys, Arthur and Finn, are given the opportunity to release haunted warriors from the torment that they faced in their life, at the instruction of the boys' own great-grandfather, who is also a ghost! This essential information is given in a brief introduction to the rest of the narrative.
In The knight's enemies, Arthur and Finn are involved in changing the course of history in medieval times. The quest they are sent on involves rescuing the daughter of the Knight Warrior. He also appears in the story before his untimely passing and we read of Arthur and Finn's bravery as they are involved in fighting off the enemy attack on the castle and then thwarting the attempts of the unlikeable, traitorous young Knight who is ready to 'steal' the Knight Warrior's daughter and has plotted against the Warrior Knight.
This is an exciting and action-filled story suited to boys who enjoy armed conflict adventure stories. Older readers who struggle with reading could also enjoy this series because it is not complex, but is not unlike a John Flanagan quest adventure like The ranger's apprentice and Brotherband series, but much shorter and simpler. Included in the book is some background information (as notes taken by Finn from the Hall of Heroes Museum).
Carolyn Hull