The moon gate by Amanda Geard

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The Moon Gate is an enchanting love story and an enthralling mystery, spanning over 6 decades from WWII to the early 2000’s, set in three evocatively described settings – London, Tasmania and Ireland. A sweeping historical mystery where rich imagery and dynamic characters converge to create a story that’s leaves you wanting to read just one more chapter...

The story begins at the outbreak of WWII, with London teenager Grace, along with Rose, her chaperone, sent to the safety of Tasmania to live with her uncle and aunt in the formidable home, Towerhurst. Grace is timid, lacking in self-belief, brought slowly out of her shell by a blossoming love for Daniel, only for him to be called to war. Unbeknownst at the time, Daniel leaves behind a secret, indelibly linking him to Grace, and one that sends ripples throughout generations to come.

Seamlessly interwoven throughout are two other timelines. It’s 1975 and newlyweds, Willow and Ben, for reasons unknown to them, inherit Towerhurst from an anonymous benefactor. Seeking to discover its previous owners, they begin to unravel a mystery and the secret it holds. In 2004 their daughter, Libby remembers Towerhurst from her childhood and its mysterious presence, when she travels London to continue her father’s search for answers, with unexpected twists and turns.

The Moon Gate is a beautifully written historical fiction. Amanda Geard has an ability to craft characters that linger in the imagination long after the story has ended and creates a rich tapestry of people and places that she weaves together with intrigue that will leave you wanting more.

Themes: History, War, Mystery, Family, Relationships.

Ruth Tipping