The ABC book of feelings by Helen Martin and Judith Simpson

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Ill. by Cheryl Orsini. HarperCollins, 2017. ISBN 9780733338298
(Age: 3-6) Themes: Emotions, Wellbeing. Toddlers and pre-schoolers can find it difficult knowing how to deal with their emotions in suitable ways. The ABC Book of Feelings helps with the understanding of personal emotions as well as showing youngsters how to appreciate other's feelings too. This easy to share book aids young children by showing a variety of familiar situations and provides talking points for simple conversations. On a rainy day, how do children, a cricket team, car drivers and pedestrians cope with the weather?
There are ways to calm down, seek help when things are overwhelming and importantly kindness, caring for others and saying sorry is emphasized. Having healthy minds and healthy bodies is important by developing understandings about these key concepts helps in family, social and group settings. The authors use gentle rhymes, questions and simple text to explore and explain many different kinds of feelings.
Cheryl Orsini's charming characters drawn in little vignettes and shown in full page scenes, portray the funny, sad, happy, even disgusting situations that the young child can relate to. The ABC Book of Feelings supports the teaching of emotional and social wellbeing in the Early Years, when children begin to develop their own identity and build and maintain relationships. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are key to learning how to participate in their homes and learning communities.
Rhyllis Bignell