General knowledge genius by Peter Chrisp et al.

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DK, 2019. ISBN: 9780241336243.
Highly recommended. Themes: General Knowledge; Transport; Science; Natural world; Geography; History; Culture. This is another brilliant DK publication! Written as both a collection of information and also a General knowledge quiz, this will definitely appeal to young readers who enjoying collecting information and finding out about the world and challenging themselves in a general knowledge quiz on each page. (The general knowledge challenge is even levelled with three levels of difficulty.) Information is presented with DK's usual clarity and in very small packages of text of several sentences length, in combination with clear pictures and headings and excellent graphic design presentation that is colourful and visually exciting. With an array of topics covered including Transport, Chemistry, Geology, Living things, Art and History, there is something to learn on each page. I can imagine that this book will appeal to the same readers who love picking up a Guinness World Records book to meander through the snippets of detail. The visual appeal and the limited text will enable reluctant readers to engage and enjoy this book as well. This is a great book for the library shelves or as a gift for a young reader.
Highly recommended.
Carolyn Hull