The wrath of Silver Wolf by Simon Higgins

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Random House, 2009. ISBN 9781741664058. Moonshadow 2.
(Age 11-14) Highly recommended.This is the second in the fantasy series set in Old Japan. It is not reliant on the first. This is a fast moving, exciting novel steeped in the ancient five hundred year old art of Iaido (a style of swordmanship which prizes traditional techniques and medieval samurai etiquette and courtesy p322) and combined with the shinobi culture.
The author himself, a proud student of this art, embroils the reader in the culture while following Moonshadow and Snowhawk as they try to outwit the power hungry warlord, Silver Wolf who wants to return Japan to chaos under his control. Young Ninja Moonshadow belongs to the secretive Grey Light Order and with the guidance of the seer called White Nun and her beautiful bear hunting dog, Motto San are determined to prevent this. He and Snowhawk embark on a dangerous and life threatening quest.
Book three will be eagerly awaited.The Glossary is particularly formative and useful.
Sue Nosworthy