Wicked's Way by Anna Fienberg

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Allen and Unwin, 2016. ISBN 9781743319901
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. In Wicked's Way, 9 year old Will lives a carefree life with his mother and even though they are isolated, Will has his mum and his skills walking the tightrope. Will lives in a world of pirates and where young boys stay hidden so they can't be stolen by the pirates. On day, Will's mum disappears and despite being taken in by a caring family, Will is still kidnapped by pirates - sent to get him by the pirate captain after learning of his existence through Will's dying father. Life as a pirate is not fun but Will's rope walking skills make him a valuable asset and he soon becomes the favourite of the captain. His job is to sit in the Crow's Nest, day in and day out - even as storms thrash around them. After kidnapping a new group of boys, Will develops a friendship with one of them and together they plan their escape. Unfortunately, Will is betrayed. What will happen to Will as he accepts pirate life and becomes Wicked the pirate?
Wicked's Way is an easy to read novel set out in 2 parts - the second being 5 years into the story. It is highly recommended for boys aged 9+ as the pirate story and actions will keep them engaged. The chapters are short and descriptive and the author has created an exciting and original world for her readers to escape to.
Kylie Kempster