My totally awesome story by Pat Flynn and Peter Carnavas

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University of Queensland Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-7022-4947-1.
My Totally Awesome Story was a great book to read. It was like a Diary of a Wimpy Kid because the story lines were very similar and would appeal to the same audience. It is about Duane who plays football and likes motorbike riding. His best friend are Meatbal and Chase who is a cute girl.
The story is about Duane in his English class where he is trying to write a story for the teacher. This is where the title come from: My Totally Awesome Story. The teacher asked Duane to do a writing activity like Homework Journal. Pat Flynn the author has done workshops with the kids all over Australia for the past ten years as material to make up the story. It teaches them how to write their own Totally Awesome story. Pat has slipped truckloads of writing tips and ideas into the book. After playing around with some ideas that were just a bit too polished, he made the decision to switch to drawing with his left hand so it look like it was Duane's age - what a great idea.
Tyson Brown (student)