Wombat wins by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

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Angus & Robertson, 2015. ISBN 9780732299576
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Wombats, Winning, Carrots. The winning combination of French and Whatley has produced another book in the series about wombats. In this one, Mothball goes along to the school sports day. She has yawned, scratched, eaten some grass and noticed, after rummaging through the fridge that the small humans are racing past the window.
The reader can see from their distinctive clothing that they are off to a sporting arena of some sort, but Mothball has only one thought in mind, to beat them getting to the carrots. So begins a marvellous series of pages where Mothball is seemingly competing against the small humans, winning the race by burrowing through the hill, winning the sack race, jumping across the heads of the swimmers to reach the end of the pool and inadvertently taking a gold medal. But she spies a shopping bag out of which is sticking some greenery, so hunts it down and luxuriates in the greens until she falls asleep.
Ah, just another day in the life of a wombat, Mothball. Readers will love reading the story and looking at the wonderful illustrations, reveling in the antics of this creature, wondering just how one comes to be in a household, and marveling at the patience needed to house such a thing. And also contemplate the idea of sports days, winning and aspects of competition.
Fran Knight,