Vanguard Prime: Goldrush by Steven Lochran

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Puffin, 2012. ISBN 978-0-14-330689-4.
(Age: 10+) Sam Lee was an ordinary boy . . . until he discovered his super powers and joins Vanguard Prime the super hero team. As the newbie he must learn play his part and is given special protective clothing and a name 'Goldrush' to make him identifiable as a superhero.
He is the youngest member and must learn how to react to dangerous situations and to control his special powers.
He is put to the test earlier that expected when evil powerful prisoners escape and have to be captured.
This is a high action novel with lots of fighting and good versus evil confrontations. This might especially appeal to children 10+ who enjoy computer games.
The author, Steven Lochran has made two music videos to accompany his book.
Jane Moore