Timeline Science and Technology: A Visual History of Our World by Peter Goes

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Gecko Press, 2020. ISBN: 9781776573004.
(Age: 8+) The author of two previous non-fiction books, Timeline: A Visual History of our World and Rivers: A Visual History from River to Sea, Peter Goes, has continued his theme with his latest book Timeline Science and Technology. This new addition looks at the history of inventions, discoveries and technology that has shaped our world from the Stone Age to the present day. This book is presented as a large format read and has different coloured double pages marking the various periods of time discussed. There is a paragraph synopsis explaining the time under discussion and then a visual timeline that gives consideration to important discoveries, inventions and events. The written information curves around the clever and comical graphic images and while the text is rather small and confusing to follow at times, it presents many interesting and obscure facts. For example in the high middle ages a curfew bell rang in the evening as a signal to put out all hearths and fires, in order to avoid blazes in wooden buildings and in 1974 Art Fry created the first Post-It Note using the low-stick adhesive formulated six years earlier by his colleague.
This is a book to be shared between one or two readers or perused by an individual. There is so much information and knowledge to be discovered and those who love non-fiction facts throughout history will value this very different read. Themes: Timelines, Science, Technology, Entertainment, Medicine, Inventions, Discoveries.
Kathryn Beilby