Eyes on flies by Bryan Lessard

cover image

When we think of flies, we think of annoying disease-spreading pests, especially in the Australian summer. Dr Bryan Lessard, aka Bry the Fly Guy, is an award-winning Australian entomologist and science communicator who has written an entertaining and visually stunning book… all about flies! The beautiful bright orange glossy cover, striking photographs, labelled images and diagrams and clearly presented facts, will change your opinion of these much-maligned insects. The double spread contents page shows the information presented in six parts with each part having several chapters beginning with Part One ‘Introducing the Amazing Fly’ and the final section, Part Six, called ‘Fly-ing into the Future’.

One of the most concerning facts for many humans presented early in the book is that without flies there would be no chocolate! The midge fly pollinates the cocoa plant that gives us chocolate. For those fruit lovers, hover flies are one species of fly that pollinates mangoes, blueberries, strawberries and avocadoes. The interesting facts in this book are endless. The blow fly has helped to solve crimes with the maggots providing vital clues for forensic entomologists. The Antarctic midge fly survives for nine moths being frozen solid.

This book is a truly revealing and wondrous read. So much to learn and to ponder over. The diagrams and photos are of a very high quality and complement the text perfectly. An important addition to home, school or public library.  A great read.

Themes: Flies, Humour, Facts, Scientists, Insects.

Kathryn Beilby