Sharp Shot by Jack Higgins and Justin Richards

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Harper Collins, 2009. (Series: Danger runs in the family)
(Ages 12+) John Chance on a dangerous mission in Iraq in 1990, sets the scene for an equally danger filled operation today as his two children are kidnapped by an old enemy, blackmailing him to return a statue left in the desert all those years go. The stage is set for a thrilling, fast paced adventure as the twins, Jade and Rich must make some fast and decisive decisions while their father is away.
Escaping a group of highly armed and dangerous killers, Jade and Rich throw in their lot with the stranger who came to their door asking for help. They realise that he is not what he seems when Rich is taken by the pursuers, and Jade, left with McCain, comes to understand that she is being held. Their father, in an effort to free Jade, complies with McCain's requests, and in coming to the desert to swap the statue for the girl, is left with his small party alone and bereft of anything which may save their lives. But in the manner of all good thrillers, they are rescued, and can then fight back.
A credible, page turning adventure, this story, one in a series about the Chance twins, will please high spirited upper primary and lower secondary readers, wanting something closer than World War Two, and complete with descriptions of the weaponry and technology now used in war and peace.
Fran Knight