Emily Eyefinger and the secret from the sea by Duncan Ball

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Ill. by Craig Smith. Angus and Robertson, 2012. ISBN 9780732293154.
(Ages: 7+) Recommended. Picture book. Adventure. Emily Eyefinger, the hero of 12 previous books is again in the right place at the right time to help solve problems. The first story in this volume of 6, has Emily and her family in Paris. At Notre Dame Cathedral, the family looks at the many things the church has to offer, and Emily is particularly taken by the gargoyles, perched high up on the roof. With her eyefinger she peers around the gargoyle to its face, and spies a small bag in the statue's mouth. Retrieving it she find a several jewels, similar to the ones missing from the treasury below. The Police take the family away, explaining that the jewels have been stolen and no one can work out who stole them. Emily has an idea! and dressed as a gargoyle, she waits up on the top of the church until the robbers come to pick up their loot. A cute story, readers will learn about Paris, gargoyles and the way French people are often portrayed.
The second story has Emily solving the problem of film actress, Wendy Wu, acting in a film called Greenhouse when her problem appears. And in the third story, she disguises herself as a baby elephant to catch a gang of ghosts, while the fourth sees Emily making a meal out of a master criminal, and the last one returns to the title and the secret of the sea.
All stories are quite short, involving and smart as they put Emily's talent to good use, and with Craig Smith's illustrations, much laughter will ensue. Readers who have read the other 12 books will take delight that number eleven has appeared and for those new to the series, then this one will begin their quest for the others on the library shelves. The blurb that came with the book for review gave information about the story of Emily being made into a stage play which will be performed in Sydney before routing nationally in 2013.
Fran Knight